Spellweaver Achievement

  • Spellweaver



    Combine two gauntlets to cast a "woven" spell.


    Spellweaving is unlocked on the Road to Rule. Once you've unlocked it, go to your Sanctuary, combine 2 different spells together, exit and then just press .

  • You can't do this until you unlock spellweaving on the Road to Rule. Make sure you've purchased another gauntlet on the Road to Rule besides fire. Then just equip the gauntlets in the Sanctuary, go back to the world and press B.
  • Does anyone know if this achievment is glitched becuase I've woven every spell and it still hasn't awarded me the achievment
  • Just try it again using every combo one by one, you might have missed one
  • fire and shock = win
  • The chest for weaving spells in in the 5th section on the Road to Rule
  • seems you may have to use the spells for this chevo to pop

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