Archmage Achievement

  • Archmage



    Cast all 15 possible spell combinations.


    There are a total of 6 Spells - Fireball, Vortex, Ice, Force Push, Blades and Shock.

    Spell Combination List

    • Fireball + Vortex
    • Fireball + Ice
    • Fireball + Force Push
    • Fireball + Blades
    • Fireball + Shock
    • Vortex + Ice
    • Vortex + Force Push
    • Vortex + Blades
    • Vortex + Shock
    • Ice + Force Push
    • Ice + Blades
    • Ice + Shock
    • Force Push + Blades
    • Force Push + Shock
    • Blades + Shock
  • Can som1 plz tell me how many different gauntlets there are
  • Fireball + Shock Fireball + Ice Storm Fireball + Vortex Fireball + Force push Fireball + Swords Shock + Ice Storm Shock + Vortex Shock + Force push Shock + Swords Ice Storm + Vortex Ice Storm + Force push Ice Storm + Swords Vortex + Force push Vortex + Swords Force push + Swords
  • I believe that there are only 6
  • Do you have to kill something with each combo or just cast it?
  • @ Melanopterus I was going to ask the same question...
  • just press b other wordds...yeh you have to cast it only..
  • Sweet that actually makes it decently easy ^_^
  • Ok, this achievement is do-able. @3 Wich 6 then?
  • I am having problem with this. I follow the spell list above. After the first 10, the game stops register the new spell combos.
  • You have to go down the line of gauntlets, starting with fire, and cast whatever combos are listed under each one. Not all combos are given with every glove, ie you have to go to the Vortex gauntlet to get Vortex + Fire, but you can't select the same combo from the Fire gauntlet. It's stupid, just be patient with it and you'll have it in under 5 mins. (Once you unlock all gauntlets, of course.)
  • easy to get
  • well that was an easy list to find. lol
  • Easy to get, just remember to write down what combinations you have already done, as forgetting one and not knowing which one is left is rather annoying.
  • how do you unlock the swords spell?
  • anyone know where to get the blades spell gauntlet?
  • the section of road to rule right in front of the gate
  • #8 there are more than 6. Follow the first list of all the possible combinations and you will get the achievement.
  • He was saying there are six primary spells. 15 secondary when using the dual cast gauntlets
  • Magic holds no secrets for you. If it did, you'd probably cast a "make magic talk" spell on it. LOL :-D
  • I found this easier to only start weaving spells when i had all of them, then just go through and match all of them, that way you dont need to worry about what ones youve already done

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