Pull! Achievement

  • Pull!



    Send an enemy flying into the air and kill him while he's airborne.


    This may come naturally as you play but if you're having trouble cast the Vortex surround spell and use your gun to kill and enemy while they're spinning in the air.

  • I just did this with a pistol. I did a flourish shot on a Hobbe and then shot again quick before he landed. I don't think it's too difficult because I got it on accident.
  • Me too, i got mine shooting a wolf, you just need to be quick.
  • Mine was an accident as well but I got it by pulling my gun in an area where bandits or whatever you want to call them jump out of a tree, I didnt think I would ever get this one but I shot as soon as the guy started jump out the tree and it must have been a headshot cause I immediately got this achievement, luck is a great thing (:
  • I got mine with a wolf to, shot him when he jumped midair to attack
  • Got mine really early on in the Reliquary (however you spell it) just casual sword swing then rifled the hollow man
  • If you equip vortex and a powerful ranged weapon on a light enemy (hobbe, wolf ETC) when they fly with the vortex shoot them quickly, this is how i got the cheevo :D
  • I got this unintentionally at the Mourningwood Fort mortar game when I first arrived. Apparently, cannonballs send hollow men airbourne. I just kept firing away, and then this just popped alluva sudden. Sweet :D
  • This achievement was easy to obtain. I did this on the weaker Hobbes as he was flying in the air and I shot him with my ranged weapon, killing him. Seconds later, the achievement popped on my screen and there you go. It's a simple achievement, really!
  • I got this on the mission you have to save the little girl from chilbreath caverns because after you get the girl there will be 2 wolves that jump down and i shot one and i got it.
  • easiest with weaker hobbes by rapid firing your gun
  • Yeah I got this too by accident without even trying. I remember reading this and wondered how to go about doing this, thinking I'll need the Vortex spell but I ended up fighting either wolves or Hobbes (can't remember now which one) and the next I know this achievement pops up. Cool. :)

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