Gunning For Glory Achievement

  • Gunning For Glory



    Kill 500 enemies using firearms.


    See “Wizard's Revenge”.

  • Just Simply kill 500 enemies with your ranged weapon.
  • Anyone know where the best place to do this is?
  • Shoot hollomen with the bonesmasher its easy
  • This one did not unlock for me
  • Easiest/Funnest acheivement for me.. I use the guns more than anything
  • Yeah, I'm sitting at 507 and it didn't unlock. Not sure if it has to do with killing the Shadows or not as I was cleaning up on those.
  • Okay, just had it unlock at 542 kills. Not sure if it didn't count the shadow kills or what.
  • I don't know if everyone's description changes after they get the achievement or it's just mine? Mine now says after getting this achievement: "Gunning For Glory Few have ever put the trigger to such bloody use".

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