Super Hero Achievement

  • Super Hero



    Fully upgrade your Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities on the Road to Rule.


    You'll need to unlock the "Level 5" Melee, Ranged and Magic Chests on the Road to Rule.

    Please note that this cannot be unlocked until near the end of the story. Please see the Road to Rule Guide for more info.

  • GS=Guid Seals the amount of GS needed to get this achievement is 900 GS. Level 1. 20 GS Per Chest Level 2. 40 GS Per Chest Level 3. 60 GS Per Chest Level 4. 80 GS Per Chest Level 5. 100 GS Per Chest
  • just a tip, it is much easier to earn the seals by doing a short expression to villagers (dont hold it down till release). just hold right trigger while you walk around an unexplored area, anyone with the symbol above their head(people you havent interacted with before) will give you 1 guild seal
  • if your really hardcore into playing side quests you can probably get this before beating the main storyline, or at least be very close.
  • You really can't get this unless you spend next to no seals on anything but skill upgrades. I bough two gauntlets and a couple other really cheap things, that's it.
  • what i did was after i became king and beat the game. i went around walking trew all the towns and they gave me seals with out me doing anything. so i did tht and i did what #2 just said hold down right trigger and look for people u havent interacted with. u dont have to hold the A botton down just tap it and u will get a seal
  • This is easy if you do a heap of side quests to get Seals before completing the main questline.
  • Keep replaying Reapers mansion quest. Easy 40 seals.
  • For this do as many as the demon doors as you can you seem to get a few guild seals for each and for one of them you get at least 40, and the golden door behind the castle in the tomb thing, you get about 50 or 40. I need like 10 more for this and the other chest achievment
  • Can you complete sidequests after you beat the game or is there a point of no return?

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