My Weapon's Better Than Yours Achievement

  • My Weapon's Better Than Yours



    Complete 3 unique upgrades on one of the legendary weapons found around Albion.


    Each Legendary Weapon has 3 challenges for you to unlock in order to increase the weapons abilities. Simply view the weapons info in the Sanctuary to see what they are. Some are easier than others and it's up to you which one you will choose to upgrade.

    For all the upgrades please use the Legendary Weapons - Upgrades Requirements Thread.

  • What's the easiest weapon to do this with? jw
  • The Barnumificator has the philanthropist augment, can you continually give to one player or must it be 20 different players? @ABearWithABanjo - I don't have nearly all the weapons but I'm having a pretty easy time with Casanova for melee and the Barnumificator for Ranged
  • how do i even do this?
  • The Bonesmasher you get it just before you meet the Swift Brigade basically you hold Y until it starts to zoom and kill people doing that, kill 200/300 Hollowmen and kill 300 enemies in the day. For doing the enemies in the day and the flourish kill all the Hobbes in a group except the spellcaster one he'll then spawn 4 enemies that can be one-shotted with a mildly charged flourish.
  • I've gotten all 3 upgrades on a weapon (Simmons's Shotgun) but I've not received this achievement. Doh..
  • The special limted pre order weapons will also work for this achievement.
  • I just got this with the Moneyshot which I won from the mercenary camp shooting range (from the dlc) and it was SUPER easy. Just make money from jobs, spend money, and make some villagers love you. It's not the best weapon (pretty weak actually since all the upgrades do is give you money for hits) but really easy up to upgrade. I don't know if it's a glitch and it's not actually a legendary weapon because it's not listed in their thread, but it unlocked for me.
  • i feel like getting a GOOD weapon upgraded for this achievement does anyone know the BEST weapon to upgrade? p.s. both melee and ranged
  • I've nearly done it all with Aurora's shield (or whatever) I only need to escort 5 or 6 criminals to jail, which is easy.
  • @#5: Have you actually used it after it was completely upgraded? Had the same problem with a sword and was about to start all over with a different weapon. Then I used the sword first time in a battle after it was upgraded and the achievement unlocked.
  • The shrieking pilgrim was wicked easy. Transer some money to the treasury, kill some hollowmen, and make people love you
  • The easiest one i found was aurora's shield for melee. everything needed to upgrade is found in and around aurora
  • As for powerful weapons, Ice Maiden is a great pistol. The Ladykiller upgrade was a grind (sleep with men 15 times) but the others are not too difficult. I still haven't gotten the Sledger upgrade (shotgun blast), but even without it, most things are one shot kills.
  • The easiest weapon i found to do this was The cassanova, It does have the make 30 friends augment which is kindof annoying but i did it along with the "Popularity Contest" achievement. 2 in 1
  • I'm upgrading Chickenbane for this one. Bought it in Aurora. 3 simple upgrades: kick 100 chickens (I just kicked around the same 3 for a while. It'll upgrade the moment you use it in a fight), dig up 30 items, and complete 30 quests. Just buy it as early as you can, and you'll get those last 2 upgrades without even trying. Kicking chickens is fun, and it amuses the locals! :)
  • It's really easy to do this with the Full Monty.
  • @11 I agree, the Shrieking Pilgrim (rifle) was my choice also. To the general public, don't forget to take out the weapon you've fully upgraded and use it - then you should receive the achievement.
  • @#9 ... Where do you get Aurora's shield?
  • @#18 You can buy it in the blacksmith shop in Bowerstone Market if I'm not mistaken If it isn't there well then I'm daft, it should be at Brightwall blacksmith!
  • I found it easiest with the Cassanova sword, which you can buy from the blacksmith in Brightwall. It requires you to kill 200 ugly enemies (Hobbes, Hollow Men and Balverines count, so if you get it early on like I did, you can unlock the first upgrade during your first trips to The Hole and Mourningwood), have 30 friends and 5 lovers. These are counted retroactively so even if you lose a friend or lover, it still counts. I achieved this upgrade after (spoiler!) winning the support of the Dweller Camp, because then everyone in the village automatically became my friend.
  • Hmf. How do you pick which one? lol (not that it matters,i know)
  • all he choices of wepons which one would be the fastest one to do ?
  • Ol' Malice took me under an hour
  • is auroras shield a legendary weapon
  • @11 Shrieking Pilgrim all the way. If you complete the game with good morality and save the maximum people you'll be pretty close to getting it already.

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