Flower Power Achievement

  • Flower Power



    Collect all 30 Auroran flowers.


    First you must accept the quest "Temple's Treasure" in Aurora and then you can start to look for the flowers.

    These flowers are only found in Aurora - The 3D Map does not tell you how many there are in each region.

    Aurora Flowers Collectables Guide

  • does anyone know wear to find these?
  • only in aurora, and they are in groups of 5 i believe. so some will be in a dry desert area, while another group will only be found by wet dark damp areas.
  • you have to really search around alot in corners of the desert
  • u can find them by starting some aurora mission and then ur dog will find it as a treasure
  • does anyone has a decent guide for this?
  • be careful if you build the fortress. one of the orange ones will glitch and not appear
  • CAUTION!!! please save it regularly, dont make the same mistake i did. i started with only 5, looked at a guide and got all of them and in exicitment i turned the xbox off, most of you probably will not make this mistake but just a pionter. :D
  • #7 is confirmed... I can't get the 5th Orange Flower and I've doubled checked guides
  • I didn't find this to be difficult at all. Since they're all in Aurora, they aren't very spread out, they're pretty easy to spot, and your dog will bark when you're close. Heck of a lot easier than the gnomes, books, keys, etc.
  • This wasn't too bad, a good trick to remembering how much of what you have is to turn what colors you've finished in to the lady in the temple. that way you can check what colors you have completed and know what colors your still looking for. that's how i did it anyway.
  • does anyone know specifically where they are? i have been looking all day and the only ones i have finished finding are the blue and orange one. i have 25 flowers already the last ones ore just fucking me over
  • im missing 3 flowers...
  • If you build the fortress and the orange flower glitches... is there still anyway to get it?
  • Hey - just found this site on IGN - check it out-http://guides.ign.com/guides/14328887/page_4.html - its got all the locations for all the collectors achievements! Happy Hunting!
  • this is really hard thanks for everything and the help
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw3GFwjAXF8 this is the best help, I feel.
  • its super kool when you find them all.....
  • This friggin quest is glitched for me. I got 30 flowers and the achievement, but the priestess won't take the flowers and now I can't do anything else in the City of Aurora.. -_-
  • I need one more blue flower. Is there a guide by colour not area? Please help :(
  • @#14 I built the fortress and just got all the orange flowers, no problem
  • How do you turn in the flowers to the lady? She doesn't talk when I approach her
  • easy enough to get, found them all without using a guide. gotta like the fact that, once in a while, a collecting quest can be done without using guides/strategies.^^ same goes for gnomes, now at 45
  • Im missin one purple one and ive triple checked with the guide. HELP ME
  • Actually not that bad. You dont even have to start the quest in order to collect them, You can simply collect the flowers. Start doing it after you become king and when you have to do the quest for that hidden Diamond in Aurora. The best way to find them is through a series of videos this guy did on youtube, It got me to the achievement in about an 45 mins. Here is the first video (other videos found on his channel) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ-NeD9nLlo
  • No glitch. I'd finished the entire story and built the fort before I got around to finishing this, I got the cheevo no problem. The orange flower in the desert outside the fort was a pain to find, but just a pain. This description got it for me: After passing under the arch from the Aurora side, past the fort, look for a jagged slanted rock jutting out of a sand dune, with another small rock next to it. They should be directly in front of you from the arch. The flower is next to the smaller rock.
  • Thanks flynnie, found it with no problem. Just go straight through the fort and keep going until you come to the rock formation.

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