Gnome Invasion Achievement

  • Gnome Invasion



    Destroy all 50 gnomes.


    First you must complete "Gnomes are Great" quest then accept "Gnomes are Evil" in Brightwall so that you can then start collecting the Gnomes.

    Much like the Gargoyles from Fable II, these Gnomes are scattered all over Albion - The 3D Map in the Sanctuary states how many are in each region.

    Gnome Collectables Guide

  • Ok.. I have killed Staker or whatever his name is.. but Brian is NOT showing up down where all the gnomes are at. Where do I first find him, or run across him. I've been working on this for 4 hours now with no luck
  • Is Anyone Else having issues with NPC Showing (Brian) that gives you the quest so you can go start hunting the gnomes for the achievement. I've stood there through all hours of the day and he has yet to appear. I just finishing Morning Wood's mortar attack quest. Any suggestions or help here?
  • yay
  • I don't remember when exactly in the storyline he appears, but once he does he'll be there all day and night. Just look for the quest to appear on the map of Brightwall in the sanctuary as you progress the main storyline. I found these guys to be a bit harder to spot than the gargoyles of Fable 2 but they seem to have a larger yelling radius so it sort of balances out.
  • Their eyes don't glow like the Gargoyles' did, and they definitely tend to blend in to the scenery... Better insults than the Gargoyles, though.
  • Has anyone not had the chevo pop for this after going to the end and not seeing brian but hear him talking and shooting the last gnome?
  • the quest did take a little longer to become available when i beat the game second time thru. in my opinion these are much easier than gargs, because of the colors, they stick out and are in simular spots. just scan the area and listen to the change in their volume of voice. usually i find it within the minute of hearing them. gl tho
  • i haven't seen one............................
  • I got a Mayor problem! Please help! I restored the sunset house to its original state with the chesty quest. And now the Gnome location is gone! I cant find it anywhere at the locations the youtube movies are showing me! ** at the right side of the house between the rocks near the little pool.
  • I restored the sunset house and the gnome was still there.? The youtube videos helped enormously too..
  • Gnomes hurt my feelings :( Glad I killed em all >:)
  • Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but gnomes will always hurt me :'(
  • knomes are so darn funny :)
  • Thanks for the tips
  • i finally got them all a few days ago and i actully miss shootin them now!!!!!
  • my gnome wont show up in bowerstone old quarter
  • So glad to be rid of these little nuisances
  • The gnome in chillbreath caverns (entrance over the bridge) isnt showing up for me :(
  • Woot!! Happy for a guide to this *jiggadance*
  • I think I'm just going to have to youtube the specific areas, I'm at the going to aurora stage and only have 10 of the feckers
  • best quest ever!!!!XD i love it when yur walking around, minding yur own business, when all of a sudden, u hear something barking insults at u and yur dog...XD great job, lionhead!! best quest, ever!!
  • Starting this today. I hate gnomes :|
  • theres some that i just cant find! :/
  • Has anyone made a list of all the quotes they say. Back when I did this like 6 months ago I remember some priceless lines, but not can't think of them for the life of me.
  • Gnomes are fun to find, if only they kept their mouths shut I wouldn't know where to shoot. And for DSeel23, I think I'll have to make a list of quotes now! I can remember off the top of my head some like "Nice doggy, if you like skinny little ugly runts!" and "I like winter, when it snows and when most people die!", and "I could sense you were coming. WHAT DID YOU EAT?!" xD;
  • I don't get this quest. I have shot all 50 gnomes according to the map, but no achievement? When I shot the final gnome the game said 49/50, but I have all of them. I've double checked all the places and I'm certain I have 50/50. Any ideas?
  • It's alright, I found the missing gnome in Sunset House, so all is good :)
  • Great achievement! So funny. Love the insult about being able to please yourself with your mouth, HAHA. I found them all without a guide. Just exploring is a good way to find them.
  • is there a list or where all the gnomes are am missing 3

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