Brightwall Book Club Achievement

  • Brightwall Book Club



    Collect all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy.


    First you must to complete the "Pen is Mightier" quest in Brightwall and then you can start to look for the books.

    After Collecting 5 books and returning them to the Library in Brightwall, you will be sent on a quest for a special 'Rare' book.

    In total there are 25 books around Albion and 5 'Rare' books.

    The books are scattered all over Albion - The 3D Map does not tell you how many there are in each region.

    Brightwall Books Collectables Guide

  • **** this achievement i have like 5 books and cant find any damn more
  • I'm missing 1 book. I still have the 30th to get, but i need the 29th in order to get the 30th. I don't know which book? i'm missing though. When standing in the library as you enter the door (facing the guy who gives you the quest) its the one on your left. The first one on the left of the doorway (your left facing the guy) Does anyone know where that book's location is? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • I believe this is your missing book Mistpeak Valley - Near the monorail entrance is a ticket booth; proceed inside to find "How to Be a Crack Shot" on the counter by the cash register.
  • BTW fuck this achievement.....
  • lol im on the same page as gator. these books seem harder to find than the keys and gnomes. if someone could post some locations that would be awesome :D
  • There is a list of the locations in the forums. Very helpful. That is how I got all of mine.
  • This Should Help People Pinpoint Which Books They Are Missing. Clockwise From Door 01. How To Be A Crack Shot 02. How To Be A Master Swordsman 03. The Amazing Exploits of Baron Barnaby Beadle 04. Alchemy and Immortality 05. Adventure Quest: A select Your Own Endeavour book 06. Famous Kings of History: King Cedric 07. Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald 08. Famous Kings of History: Markus Ivy 09. The Mibbs-Spagno Theory of Gluttony 10. The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron von Orfen 11. Attack of the Killer Puffins 12. Liver of Darkness 13. Dangerous Things: Lightning 14. Dangerous Things: Stargazing in Remote Areas 15. Dangerous Things: Ladders 16. Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery 17. Dangerous Things: Gunpowder 18. The Very Unsafe Book for Boys Vol. 1: Hang
  • 19. The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol 2: Ovens 20. The Very Unsafe Book for Boys Vol. 3: Boxing 21. Famous Killers: Xavier Smedley 22. Famous Killers: Terence Posture 23. Famous Killers: Carl Tendency 24. A Tyranny of Tyrants 25. Grasping Avarice of Kings and Their Lackeys Extremely Rare Books 1. A Book of Mysteries 2. The Pangs of Sunset 3. The Book of Doom 4. Reaver on Reaver 5. The Invocation of the Watchers
  • anybody know where to get a map for the book locations?
  • Google is your friend folks:- -- great text only guide but has videos for the ones those ones your REALLY stuck at
  • Oh, forgot to mention, if you get stuck at 28/30 -- Go here-> -- for that all important #29
  • most annoying achievement ever. as boring as it gets!
  • go onto youtube and watch a walkthrough on it it is a pain in the ass but ull get it easily if u follow a good walkthrough.
  • What I hate most about this particular achievement is that many of the books are in locations that need to be unlocked through quests :-( I did side quests while playing in my gf's game so I didn't bother in mine but now I'm coming to realize this was a mistake.
  • the book i am missing is in the cesspool in bowerstone but i cant get the door open.. and i tried going on a friends game and playing him and its not there does that mean its glitched for me?
  • mine glitched, i shot the switch twice, and the statues didn't come to life in the invocation of the watchers.
  • just got this achievement....i honestly dont see why your all whining it was quite easy
  • @DJrattlesnake00 You have to have completed the kidnapped quest prior to becoming the ruler of Albion, if you didn't do it then I don't think you can get into the Cesspool.
  • Im up to my 28th book and ive done the "An acient key" quest but i still cant get the 29th book? can anyone help me? :(
  • I found this is the hardest collectable achievement to progress on!Just found this site on IGN - check it out- - its got all the locations for all the collectors achievements! Happy Hunting!
  • i have 6 books but cant find anymore (sad face)
  • I need help looking for these books Send me a message on my xboxlive account ASAP.
  • Stupid collection item achievements, I swear -_-
  • yeah I hate this kind of achievements too, Fable 2 also had a bunch of them and when I played trough the game I dont want to be looking around for hours with nothing else to do than look for collectables :(
  • still need the liver of darkness book, but cant seem to get it :s
  • I was wondering if anyone else has this glitch. I decided to do all the achivements and created a new character in order to start fresh. I specificaly was targeting the brightwall book club achievement as it was the hardest one to find, everywhere I went I checked every possible corner and shelf. After getting 22 of the books and spending a couple of days going back over places I had been to (and yes I have done all of the side quests in the game) and not finding any more I decided to break down and look for the guide on youtube. To my horror I discovered the books where not in the locations they where supposed to be in. wasted so much time!
  • Okay iv got a total of 26 books nd i need 3 more here are they as listed if anyone knows were i cn find them plz tell me .-the mibbs spagno the cry of gluttony,-the very unsafe book vol.1,-the book of boom
  • Or email me ? [email protected]
  • I already got the gnomes and keys now its the books Add me and Message me if you wanna work together and get this achievement. - 14 & up. - Mics only. - Cooperative. - Mature GT-FranciscoDGAF
  • How are you people struggling so much to find these? There's plenty of easy to follow walkthroughs out there and imo this was one of the less annoying collectable achievements to do. Not to mention that the glowing trail does most of the work for you when searching for the rare books... This would have been my last achievement, but alas my demon doors glitched and it's saying I have 5 instead of to start a second playthrough *sigh* Here's hoping I can get it done in the next few days!
  • This is probably a really dumb question, but where do I go to give the books to Samuel? He's not anywhere in the academy and I can't find him in Brightwall. :(
  • if anyone have problem to collect the book im glad to help anyone
  • This is totally the worst collectible achievement in the game, the legendary weapons are easy *sarcasm* I enjoyed this one, the little excerpts that get read are hilarious especially in the Mastery books "To be a good archer just hit your target, yes"
  • frustrating, anyone want to help me with this one..... gamertag ciaqman
  • I have found 27/30 books. I need to find 29/30 to get the last book, but I can't find them. I never got the chane to do the quest for the famous killers:carl tendency book.. For some of these books, you need to collect 10, then 20, 29 to get the quest to find them, and dig them up. hope that helps
  • If anyone has these locations memorized, and wouldnt mind giving me a tour around for these, I'm missing about 20. Lost my old gamer tag that had em , so I've been too lazy to do the collection quests until now. Also would like to borrow a chefs hat and any legendary weapons. GT: TheLostRedfield
  • cant get the book in the cesspool because the door is shut is there no way of opening it don't know what to do don't want to have to start again please help my gt is eecom crawford
  • Does anyone know where to get the ancient key quest?? i need to do that quest to get my 29th book but the quest is glitched and wont show up on my quest list. Any suggestions??
  • This is some bull**** I have all weapons, clothes, gnomes, keys, flowers and the last book I need is in the Cesspool. I join another friends game who has it unlocked and he had the book as well but no book there for me and I'm 100% sure this is my last book and I really don't want to start another profile. If someone could help, like you have the Cesspool's open but haven't collected the book please message me! GT:RandomMikael
  • I'm stuck at 28!!! I never got the sidequest to look for this book "the pangs of the sunset" and with out it I can't get the side quest for the "book of the doom". Can somebody help me with this, what do I have to do now?
  • The penis mighter haha...SNL reference

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