Digger Achievement

  • Digger



    Dig up 50 items.


    This should come naturally as you play through the game. As you go from area to area your dog will sniff out little dirt piles that you can dig up. Simply follow your little friend to the spot and dig the spot he finds for you.

    Dig 50 spots and the achievement is yours!

  • Apparently it's possible to get through the game w/o getting this, but you'd have to essentially avoid making friends (who all want you to dig crap up) and never follow fido to any dig spots. If you're trying to get the friendship achievement, you're bound to get this.
  • This achievement may be time-consuming, but it's also an easy one. You can dig up a lot of spots in your first playthrough and may not get it at first, but if you start a game with a new hero, that achievement will still go on, it won't start over, so just keep on finding spots for your dog to dig at and eventually, you'll get the achievement!
  • You easily get this over playing the game. You might have to kepp playing the game after beating it to get this achievement.
  • I like digging crap up. If I don't need it, I sell it. :)
  • The best thing to do is to dig it up and become "close freinds" to "married" with the pawnbroker in Brightwall, an additional +30% for haggling and dowing afew freindship quests OR get married to him and then its +50% to all sales
  • This is the third achievement in a row that I've met the requirements for but just not been awarded the achievement. This games is useless.

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