He's a Woman. She's a Man Achievement

  • He's a Woman. She's a Man



    Wear a full set of clothing intended for the opposite sex.


    This will unlock during the main story with a Female Hero. For the a Male Hero you need to complete the following:

    Quest: Missing Play
    Worth: 20 Guild Seals
    Location: Brightwall
    How to Complete: During the quest you have to don 3 different costumes - A Woman’s outfit, a Man’s outfit and the Chicken suit.

    Or simply wear a full set of clothes intended for the opposite sex. You will need an item for each of the categories below:

    • Hat
    • Upper Body
    • Hands
    • Lower Body
    • Feet
  • My fiancee got this achievement just by doing that *spoiler* quest where u dress up as a bandit person, u have to be a woman by the way lol
  • If you're playing the game as a male you can get this achievement simply through helping Lambert and Pinch with their play.
  • Free dlc gives you a female highlander set so I just used that :)
  • lolololololololololol
  • You can get as a women when you have to dress up as a mercenary before going to the merc camp. As a man the mission where you have to get the play for the guys there is one part you get to dres as a women.
  • night gowns for both genders are easily found around a house
  • Definitely my most shamefull achievement...
  • This is the dumbest achievement ever. I think some of the programmers at Lion head are gay.
  • I started as a woman and it unlocked after getting the mercenaries clothes at the pub.
  • ps it has to be in the gameplay not in real life to get the achievement :P

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