Dye Hippie, Dye Achievement

  • Dye Hippie, Dye



    Dye each part of an outfit you're wearing a different colour and have long hair.


    As with the cross dressing achievement this will require a full set of clothes, they can be legs from one suit, hat from another etc. Long hair styles can be purchased from Barber Shops and Dyes are unlocked in the Road to Rule.

  • where do i find the long hair? havent come across it yet
  • I found long hair in the first Town (Bright....) in the barber shop but it does not seem to work.
  • what exactly needs to be changed?
  • ^ your hair, and all ur cloths. just dye each part of ur clothing a diffrent dye color.
  • This worked for me after using 9 different colors. I had a piece of clothing for each possible position, then starting changing each one, from the top, to a different color. I didn't even get to the pants.
  • Can't get this to work at all. I've tried every combination
  • I've got it now - you do need to select every part of the clothing from different costume set and dye it in different color, but you MUST select a long hair for your genre!
  • I think you mean gender...
  • Is there anywhere else where you can get the longhair from other then Bright? It's not there for me.
  • i just died my pyjamas red and left the trim white and that did it for me!
  • where is the long hair, i got the one in brightwall but it did jack sh*t for me
  • *rage* did every combo and it still didnt work!!!!
  • Do I have to be a male??
  • Alright, here's the trick. It does not matter what gender you are, all you have to do is wear different colours for every clothing piece and use the long hair. To get the long hair you can either buy it from Brightwall (don't panic it wasn't there for me either) or you can just dig it up from behind "Timmins Towers" in the chicken coops next to the pet-supplies shop. I think the second solution does require a certain level of dog training though, so don't panic if you're dog can't find it. Remember to just be patient, get the items needed and go get your achievement. I hope this answers all your questions.
  • Sorry forgot a lil' bit. You must also make sure you using the actual "Long hair" and not something like "Long thick hair" etc. Sorry for missing that bit out.
  • Cool,Thank you.
  • i had the long bun style and i dyed every part of my outfit a different color i dont get y it isnt working
  • I just used Long Thick Hair as a female, and then started changing colors of my clothes. Only changing the main colors it popped when I changed my pants.
  • the long thick hair from brightwall worked...i just wore the pyjamas and a random pair of gloves :3
  • I just used the long thick hair which I purchased in Brightwall, and died every part of the clothing set I had on and my hair a different colour and it popped up right away.
  • I just died head, hair base, upper body main, hands, lower body main and feet different colours and got the achievement. (i had long thick hair)
  • Dye your clothing different colors for each part and wear long hair.
  • I used Long Thick Hair And Just Changed The Color Of My Clothes (Chicken Suit Looks Awesome Green)
  • This can be done very quick and easy. Long hair from brightwall , then wear the mens pjs as they do not have many parts on them that need to be dyed!
  • You do NOT need the "Long Hairstyle" hairstyle for this achievement. The "Long Thick Hairstyle" hairstyle, that is sold in Brightwall Village, will work as well. I put on the "Highlander Women's Suit" and the gloves from the "Men's Mercenary Suit" and then dyed each piece of clothing a different color. I also dyed my "Hair Base" and "Hair Highlights" two different colors as well. You need 9 dyes, so you will need two or three of the "Dye Packs" unlocked.
  • Dye each of the following a different color and you should unlock the achievement; (all of these are available to dye with the "Highlander Women's Suit" except for the hands. Head Hair Base Hair Highlight Upper Body Main Upper Body Trim Hands (gloves from "Men's Mercenary Suit") Lower Body Main Lower Body Trim Feet And remember to wear the "Long Thick Hairstyle" or the "Long Hairstyle"
  • Refer to my last two messages. Tip: Make sure you revert everything to original color before attempting this. And I did this as a female. If it it doesn't work as a male, I am sorry.
  • This popped for me (as a female) when I adorned the long, thick hair from Brightwall and dyed each main part and trim of my pyjamas a different colour.
  • I did this one while going for the Demon Door in Millfields.
  • Do you need to dye your hair? Or just outfit?
  • where can i get the long hair for male cant find long hair
  • use pajammas and dont forget to add gloves to that outfit and then dye everything a different color that it gives u an option for. thats how i got it.
  • I used #32's suggestion as it was the easiest! Equip pajamas--dye every piece a different color. Take off the hat, equip long hair (can be bought in Brightwall). Unlocked, no problem. Also, no need to dye the hair.
  • Don't forget the hair.. Like I did.. For about 25 minutes.. Fail..

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