Barrel of Laughs Achievement

  • Barrel of Laughs



    Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels.


    Throughout your journey and your quests you'll come across these explosive barrels. If you're in the thick of the battle these are very useful because of the area spread of the explosion. Simply try and line up the enemy(ies) with any barrels you see and launch a bullet or ranged magic attack at it to make them explode and hopefully kill said enemy(ies).

    With a bit of luck, by the end of the “Cable Car and Hobbes” main story quest you might unlock this.

  • Hi, I have completed the main game and I was wondering if anyone could give me a good location that would be easy to get this achievement, I got several throughout the game, just not quite enough. Thanks.
  • ^ wanna know too
  • Same here. I should have taken the time in the bandit camp but I didn't :(
  • I completed the game and only got about 25. Can't find another place, hope I don't need to play through the game again to get this.
  • I made a save file on my offline account and did coop, probably would have been easier if I had my bro help me but he was at school, and I was tired of waiting haha, mercenary camp is nice, also I am not to it yet but there in a cave with hobbes and barrels later too I believe, just make another account and go as far as the mercenary camp for a bunch of them and then coop with yourself, or have someone else control one of them I suppose, but what fun is that? I needed like 7 or 8 and got them all in the mercenary camp with more to spare. Good luck (:
  • Not to keep alive a dead post, BUT....What if the Mercenary's in the camp won't attack me
  • You can turn the safety off, (If you don't mind committing a crime) and shoot the barrels then. If you don't turn off the safety it will not count.
  • If you didnt get it by time you beat the game, then the Merc camp is the best place i can think of to do this chieve.
  • yeah the merc camp is where i got mine from yesterday. its a bit of a pain but i got it. Remember to turn the saftey off.
  • At least with me, I got a few more at the Merc camp but it took forever for them to respawn and I still need a few more. Same thing with the Hobbes in Pepperpot Cave. A little bit annoying as an achievement if you didn't get it in the main story.
  • Depending on how randomly you shoot, you should get this accidentally during the story
  • Pretty cool achievement to pop up, especially when you don't know you're actually completing it. I managed to get it without realising it was an achievement; just did it for fun.
  • 25/30.....looks as if I will be going back through the mercenaries camp.
  • I havent seen any since i completed the game
  • I went to the merc camp and turned the safety come it won't count?
  • I dont know what ive done but when i went to the mercenary camp there were not a single person there :O what is the problem ?
  • At the last mission when you got to defeat The Darkness you can get it very easy. When you are at the beginning of the mission look around for barrels. They are alot of barrels. Just pull enemys towards them and shoot the barrel.
  • How do you see how many kills by barrels you have and how many are left?
  • First off, there are four main areas to get this achievement: 1. The mercenary camp. 2. Cablecars and Hobbes (use a rifle for better accu) 3. Taking over the castle 4. The final battle for Bowerstone (Not many barrels but get them lined up, and that's how I got this one)
  • This f-in blows... The barrels takes FOR-EV-ER!
  • respawn!

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