Kaboom! Achievement

  • Kaboom!



    Score 2000 on the Mourningwood Fort mortar game.


    First off you must score over 2,000 pts on the game for it to unlock.

    You are required to purchase Mourningwood Fort to unlock the Mortar Range mini game. This requires the “Entrepreneur Pack” from the Road to Rule if you are going to play this solo but the best way to get this achievement is through co-op!

    One of you does have to have the "Entrepreneur Pack" so let that person be the host. Then head to Mourningwood and start to play the mini game. Now all you have to do is get a combined score of 2,000 points instead of the full 2,000 solo. Much easier than doing it solo!

  • You have to buy the Mourningwood Fort first (I think it was about 40,000G). I did it after completing the game so I don't know when it becomes available. I had to play the minigame 3 times to get the achievement. Only advice I have is try to hit them when they're clumped together right after spawning and keep moving around the circle between shots.
  • Oh and I got exactly 2000 points on my 2nd try as the clock ran out. It gave me the reward weapon but no achievement. On my 3rd try I had about 2,200 and it gave it to me.
  • I keep getting around 1700-1900 points every time. I guess I just need to keep trying.
  • I found a pretty simple way to get this achievement. Just get a friend to join your game and you can both do this minigame at the same time, making it quite simple to get the achievement. I was suprised it works but can confirm this is how I got the achievement.
  • does this have to be before you become royalty? I have now scored over 2000 5 times and it still hasnt popped. has anyone else had this problem?
  • I beat this twice with a score of 2000 or more and still haven't got it.
  • I have scored 3 times over 2000 points and didn't get the achievement Does anyone has the same problem???
  • I have the same problem :/
  • I had to get over 2000 points 3x before I got the achievement. Just keep at it I guess.
  • I also had to get over 2000 points multiple times (4 times) in order to get this. try to hit them in as big of groups as possible.
  • im having a similar issue so far scored 2000 plus 3 times and haven't got the achievement hopefully they patch this in the dlc on monday fingers crossed
  • i get 2020 and do net get it
  • same problem here!
  • I have the same problem as you guys, I think you have to get 2000+ with around three seconds to spare. In other words you have to get 2000+ and still have enough time for the Achievement to pop up. I'm going to go test this.
  • I played this with a friend and got a total score of like 2300 and I got the achievement but I didn't get the leg weapon. Then I played it later by myself and got over 2000 and then I got the weapon.
  • Easiest and fastest way to do this is with another hero with you.you both can do it at the same time.hope this helped.i got it on accident.lol.
  • anyone want to join my game and help me get this as it works when your playing co-op it is a much easier way to get it than trying on your own?
  • I have scored 2020 and did not unlock, anyone else have this problem?
  • first time i got a score of 2020 and it didnt pop up but i got the leg sword. second time i played it i got 2000 when the time ran up and set off and got an extra 10 points with a late bomb, got the achievement
  • i got over 2000 2 times on solo, no achievement but when i tried it on co-op, we got around 2300 combined and achievement to us both straight away...
  • i got 2100 alone.. my friend got 2600...how the fuck he did that?...
  • I got 2220 alone after watching this video. IT SEEMS the spawns were the same everytime. Maybe this will help some people who are stuck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTibX0owYaM
  • If anyone wants to do this just add or message me and I will be happy to play this with you
  • dint know you can buy the fort il have to go and have a look
  • @ Ezra and anyone else confused - You buy the fort the same way you do any other piece of property - the sign by the front door or via the map.
  • I had the same problem with scoring over 2000 but no acheivement. Good advice on the multiplayer option!
  • I got about 2100 on first try. (After finished game, not when the fort was at war against Hollow Men!)
  • this is easy but i got the gun and i wanted the sword :(
  • If you have a friend or other XBL player do this together and both of the scores will be added together so as long as each have about 1000 you should be alright.
  • i do it when i try it 10 time ..
  • Good achievement. Once you have gotten the ability to buy places on the road to rule, buy mournign wood fort. Go to the top where the ghost is and play. It's a lot easier to do with some one else but you can't use two controllers. If you play alone may take a few trys (took me 5). ALSO IF YOU GET EXACTLY 2000 THE ACHIEVEMENT WON'T POP UP. IT HAPPENED TO ME.
  • had like 40s left when it popped :p took me 3 tries though
  • Maybe someone could do a new explanation for this achievement that is a little better than "lolol just use 2 people then you only need 1000 each"
  • After playing about 10 rounds and getting the weapon I figured out. The achievement only apears if you kill the 200th skeleton while the clock still ticking. As soon as as I killed the 200th skeleton the achievement poped out!
  • Got this last night. Not as difficult as one first perceives it to be, just keep at it and it'll pop. I got 2000 smack on, got the weapon but not the achievement. Tried again and it popped on 2040 for me. Hazzah
  • Took me about 5 tries, then finally got like 2300.
  • Yeah, it's like you have to reach 2000 points, and then continue to blast zomb... er, I mean hollow men. Haha, I still have Dead Rising on my brain :)
  • I just CAN'T do this for the life of me...
  • #39 me too i tried like 20 times i keep getting like 1700 pts wanna team up and try together?
  • I think this is just another example of lazy Lionhead developers, because I've score between 2000 and 2200 several times and I've yet to get the achievement.
  • I got 2010 an I got it
  • i had 2040 with 3 sec left on solo and i didn't popt :l
  • anybody wanna help me with this chieve? gamertag: Mellow Tha Pro
  • I need help with this one too... I'm only averaging like 1300.
  • Tried several times and couldn't get more than 1850. If any1 wants to help, just send me a message. gamertag= naab1984
  • For me the achievement popped at 1950, but I didn't get the legendary weapon. :(
  • I got the achievement at my second try. First try i got 1980 points :S My strategy: Shoot on groups of Hollowmen dont take all the single ones (only when no groups are there) then you should get it easily. Got 2250 at second try.
  • On my first try I got 2000, the rank of General and the nifty hammer, but no achievement. It is a fun mini game though so I'll just keep on trying till it pops. That's if I can stop my dog walking in a tight circle on the battlefield!
  • Got 2010 on solo easy but no achievement ? :(
  • crazy-hard chievo, till i decided to try and listen to the ghost pal^^ telling me "to the left!! to the left!! to the right!! to the right!!" and nailed it then and there. i didnt really bothered with lone zombies, just made sure to hit where the ghost pointed, waiting for em to spring from the ground, then using 1 or 2 shots on the group, then move on quickly to the next. before, the best i did was around 1850, but when i tried said method, scored 2200. not the greatest score, but enough to get the chievo.
  • This achievement is a pain just because it seems like you need over 2100 in order to get it. I got 2010 first try and nothing then it took me forever to get over 2000 but with 8 seconds left I hit 2070 and the achievement finally unlocked, so if you hit over 2000 the first time and didn't get it know your not alone and just keep trying. It is a good way to rack up seals to so I didn't mind it very much.
  • Is anyone willing to help me with this gamertag is jmille13
  • If anyone still needs this just message my GT xD4rkCobrax and we can get it together :)
  • Bewbs
  • Still looking for this achievement...Hit me up and I'm sure it'll be a cinch.
  • i managed to get this one after a few tries. just aim for the big groups, like when they spawn in try hit them then as you tend to hit more rathe than when they separate. just keep trying and eventually you will get the idea and keep getting better. also if you wanna do co-op you have to do it over xbox live i believe. trying to do it with two controllers does not work as the second player doesn't even appear. good luck guys! :)
  • need this one if you can help just send me a msg or a game inv. GT=AvO Elite
  • I need help too! Lawdog1037
  • Gamer Tag - Zarr0ch I managed to get 1990! I was not impressed. I hear that this is easy to get if you do a co-op game. Can anyone assist me?
  • Is it possible for both players to get this achievement if both of them do this mini-game together? Or does only the host get the achievement?
  • comment on post above: yes you both get the achievement when you co-op this part of the game. if you need help for this achievement let me know. username = gamertag (ps can be possible a friend borrow the game but i can get it back quick :) )
  • add me if you can help me with this gt: graveRAPTOR
  • I am looking to boost this achievement. GT: eddengalf
  • Looking to get this done, along with the other co-op achievements! GT: xXacidhavocXx
  • Looking to get this achievement, along with the co-op achievements and opening the Demon Door that requires a friend. GT - SentientCupid02

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