Lute Hero Tour Achievement

  • Lute Hero Tour



    Play in each town as a 5 star lute player.


    You'll need to unlock “Level 5 Lute Hero” on the Road to Rule and perform in Brightwall, Bowerstone Market, Dweller Camp and City of Aurora.

    For this to count you need to successfully complete a round. Getting a note wrong while you play will not count as playing in the city and you must do it in one game sitting. So quitting out of your game or turning off your Xbox will make the counter reset, making you play in all cities again!

  • self explanitory
  • Towns to play as 5 star lute player as as follows: Brightwall Village, Bowerstone Market, Dweller Camp, and the City of Aurora. Just need to play one string of notes in each village to unlock.
  • this has to be done in one sitting. so if you exit the game before getting all four, you have to go to each one again.
  • wheres it at in aurora
  • easiest achievement well that and holding hands
  • Lute Hero locations Dweller Camp: By the Caravan of Lore Brightwall Village: By Frou Frou Frocks Clothing (near brightwall Academy) Bowerstone Market: two locations 1)Town square tower 2) Iron Hoof Weapons City of Aurora: By Delectable Delights Food shop. Its in the center by the temple
  • thanks for the help!
  • Thanks for the detailed locations PyrathasResrctd. And thanks to everyone else for their help too!
  • oh and btw it doesn't have to be done in one sitting shipkey1586. i did half yesterday and half today and it popped.
  • so those two lute jobs right next to eachother in bowerstone market, both count toward the lute hero achievement?
  • @10 No you just need to play one in each of the four locations mentioned in post 2
  • Wow, I feel very stupid. Was going around each town trying to get this and I didn't even realize that i didn't have level 5 Lute playing... Haha
  • Amatsukani one word... nicenicenicenicenicnicenicenicneiceinnicenicenicenicenicenice thats what we want to see...thank you :)
  • Madhatter43 is right. I did one location in first sitting, another in second,& last two in third. Achievement popped no problem.
  • I did two towns in one sitting and two in another and still got it.
  • Yeah, this achievement can be done in more than one sitting. Must of patched the achievement so it saves the progress.
  • You only have to play 1 successful bar of notes in each city to get this achievement. Obviously a spoof off Guitar Hero.
  • i havent done this one yet but i really should it is hard tho !
  • dammit, wish aurora was accessible from the very beginning, hate being patient.
  • thanks amatsukami got it
  • just got it thx
  • Awesome Achievement
  • I didn't have to do this in one sitting
  • I'm relatively new to playing this game, and based off what I'd read my initial impression was that if one performs well enough at "lute player", and makes no mistakes, beyond the point that they reach a certain level they'll upgrade to a new difficulty setting, though apparently the only means to play as a "five-star player" is by purchasing that setting on the Road To Rule? I'm somewhat doubtful anyone will get back to me acknowledging how long it's been since anyone has posted here, though verification would be appreciated.
  • ImbecilicSage, it doesn't matter how well you play. The achievement is linked to unlocking the Level 5 Lute Player Chest in the Road To Rule. Once you unlock that chest, you need to the go to the 4 town location listed above and play one successful string of notes. Really easy, you just have to wait until you can get to that chest in the Road to Rule.
  • when can i travel fast to aurora. ive just turned myself into king and still cant travel. help please!

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