Remodelling Achievement

  • Remodelling



    Remodel 5 different houses by changing the furniture.


    Redecorating any house you own requires the “Landlord Pack” to be unlocked on the Road to Rule. Simply buy some furniture from the shops and change it for something similar in a house you own.

  • This one is pretty easy. All you need is 5 houses and a handfull of furniture from a shop. Just walk inside each house you own and hit Up on the D-pad for your butler to automatically redecorate the house.
  • You could easily redecorate the cabins in both Silverpines and the Mercenary Camp (after you're able to get the shooting range.), or Silverpines and the cabin on Driftwood if Silverpines doesn't have quite enough (can't remember offhand). I got this one easily b/c I'm always flipping houses like its an HGTV special. :P
  • Didn't even know this was an achievement till I got it. Lol.
  • Easy achivment. just buy a few furniture and walk in to a house you own and hit up with the D-Pad to automatically decorate the house.

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