Magnate Personality Achievement

  • Magnate Personality



    Build a property empire worth 2,000,000 gold.


    Just like Fable II, when you have the spare money, purchase a house, redecorate it and rent it out. Your money will roll in and you can then buy the more expensive places, which will bring in more money. If done right, you should get this before the end of the 2nd half of the game!

  • Ahhh, now this is good stuff
  • Aren't we going to be king anyway?...
  • You still need to purchase a house in order to collect rent... even as king. When your starting out though I recommend buying stores over houses because they don't have repair costs.
  • Nah just keep doing jobs and start of with the dweller camp and build up from there.
  • This will be fun.
  • Just unlock the demon door in sunset house, get the 1m, invest that wait, do some quests for about an hour then you should have the rest of the money needed to buy 2 mil worth
  • Just buy all the shops in the game, Bowerstone can get you 30k gold every 5 minutes, expand out to Brightwall and such. Then do houses, and then play the game or do a 5 star job and you'll get it in no time :)
  • I finished everything (including Traitor's Keep) and I have tons of gold to spare (50 mil as of this post). Drop me a line if you need the cash. I'll be moving on to another game until then.
  • I got this achievement with only 1/2 million in property.
  • i did this achievement it was hard and fun at the same time
  • They should have an achievement for "owning" everything available.
  • where do u go to tell how much your empire is worth?
  • If you didn't already know, you do not have to visit property to buy it. Just click on the "map" in the Sanctuary. Then zoom in on an area by pressing A. Scroll around to any property you want and click on it to see your options. This should save you a ton of time.

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