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    As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses.


    This will have to be done in the 2nd half of the game when you're finally ruler of Albion.

    After completing a “Friend Relationship” quest, continue to interact with the NPC and they will ask you to complete a task for them. Complete this and they will fall in love with you. Just make sure they're straight and of the opposite sex or gay and of the same sex, as you cannot marry a straight member of the same sex.

    This will require the “Family Pack” from the Road to Rule. Any marriages and deaths before this point will not count towards the achievement. Also to note that Co-op marriages don’t count either whatever stage you're at in the story!

  • Hah... British humor I love it!
  • I had 6 wives, killed 2.. payed fines. Got nothing, but I wasn't officially ruler yet. Guess I'll have to get more after I'm officially ruler.
  • does anyone know if marriages to other players over xbox live count towards this?
  • I've done this 4 times and it hasn't popped for me :( yet another broken achievement on this broken game :(
  • Ok got it to work, only marriages after you become king count, e.g. If you married Elsie before then you need another 6 after you are ruler :)
  • Where can you go to see you CURRENT ACTIVE MARRIAGES? All I can find is my total throughout the entire game.
  • You may be interested to know that you can marry any number of times above 6 and kill two of them to get the achievement. I married 7 by mistake and killed the last two but got the achievement.
  • i married 6 and killed 2 and didnt get it , but then i married anator 1 and pop, got the achivment O-o
  • ULCER 9MM is absolutely correct, I had married Elise before becoming King so I needed 6 additional marriages and out of those 6 kill 2, although I killed them all because I only wanted Elise haha. Also was going for the 15,000 Bounty achievement but you can't do that as King/Queen, at least not in your own world.
  • Ive married well over 6 people after becoming the ruler, and really i just killed all of them but still no achievement, was i supposed to just divorce them or do i just keep going and hope it pops up?
  • I'm still shocked at the number of people who ask if marriages pre-becoming King count for this. It does say... as ruler of Albion. You are not King till you have dethroned your brother.
  • I know it sounds stupid but how do you kill your spouse? I draw my weapon, press down on the D pad ( so i can attack civilians) and range, melee and magic attack my husband and he doesn't die
  • married 6 ppl and killed 2 nothing.. i guess i will try one more it seems everyones haveing the same problem
  • The amount of people that can't comprehend what they read is frighting. "As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses." Keywords: As Ruler...I just wanted to confirm that people didn't have problems getting it. Cheers...
  • Yep, married 6, went and killled off two (in creative gruesome fashion)...nothing happened. Married one more, didn't kill her or anything, and it popped.
  • finally did it, i actually married 6, but i killed the first 3 :S so no idea what happened there. as soon as i got married to my 6th i think it was it popped up.
  • really should have kept track, i just wanted to do the achievement today, i realised that i was married to that veronica woman from the wedding of inconvenience quest, i killed her, married another woman, killed her, married another woman, killed her. then married 3 more and never killed them and i got the achievement on the last married :D so now im just going about killing my last 3 wifes because i dont want them draining my income :P
  • Another glitched achievement. I only had 4 marriges after I became ruler and got the achievement! I had married two poeple before becoming ruler though :/
  • @18 thats well fucked up lol supposedly marriages before becoming king dont count :Sdid u kill any of ur wives?
  • this is just a story but i remember accedently married a person who was like some irl person i know and hated( a girl) and i was playing coop wit my friend and told him to kill her and was was laughing the hole time
  • Do I have to be married to all 6 at the same time or 6 in total? I mean, can I kill my first 2 wives and then marry another 4 and then get the achievement?
  • I was trying to get another husband for my character, we were on a date and then he was killed by this werewolf-kind-of-character. 5 minutes gone to waste:D
  • It is confirmed that you don't have to be married to all 6 spouses at once. Just after once you've become king (you don't have to completely finish the game, just right after or before you judge logan you can do this) you have to get married a total of 6 times, and murder two of your spouses.
  • Just doing this achievement now and wondering. What happpens if two of your wifes see eachother? Do they divorce you straight away? Thanks, Josh.
  • Married one before becoming ruler. Then after I married and immediately killed 2, then married another 2, then the achievement popped. ...besides I thought Henry VIII got divorced twice too?
  • I think you actually have to divorce 4 of them, because i killed like 8 and it never popped :P
  • i think its crap. after i became ruler, i married 6 times. then killed 2 of them. no achievement. married a few more, killed a few more. still nothing. married a few more, killed a few more. STILL nothing. i am thinking you have to be married to all 6 at the same time before any of them divorce you because they keep arguing and yelling at each other then blaming you.
  • Fun and enjoyable to you, achievments like this make a game worth playing!
  • you have to be married to 6 people at the same time. You can however marry 2 then kill them and then marry 4 more to get the achievement. I tested it and if you get divorced you have to marry another to replace them.
  • I'm confirming comment #29. First off, I got married twice and killed them both after the wedding, then I got married 4 straight times (all of my marriages were beggars lol)
  • this is so funny. i got carried away and killed them all though..
  • This is a fun and SUPER easy one- just remember ONLINE marriages do NOT count.
  • To do this you have to 1. Be King 2. The wives you kill must be your first and second 3.Dont marry a second and third wife until the first wife and second are killed
  • what happens if the first wife "accidentally" dies, this happened to me today she got killed by that werewolf thingy
  • Ahh.. thank you (jOwdie) - Didn't realize I had to do it in this order. Thanks!
  • I got the achievement after getting married 7 times. (First one was before I finished the main story) Before I married the 7th I killed two of my wives and when I married the 7th I got the achievement.
  • @#33 .... YOU SAID: "Dont marry a second and third wife until the first wife and second are killed." Dude that doesn't even make sense! How can I kill my second wife without marrying her?
  • My only issue with this is that marriages before becoming ruler don't seem to count. Maybe I just shouldn't have gotten married so often. ^^;
  • Married once before I became Queen then married 6 and killed two. Cheap weddings and balverines and hobbes did them in... "Henry the VIII, I am!!!!"
  • Confirmed. You have to marry at least one afer killing other two. I guess you could just kill any if not all of first five and then marry the sixth one.
  • I did all of this before becoming king expecting an achievement... guess you gotta read the fine print.
  • does anyone know if you have to have to be married to each of them at the same time
  • You do NOT have to be married to them at the same time as long as you get married AFTER you have become ruler of Albion. I know this because my wives started to divorce me after I was cheating on them. Also I killed wife no. 4 & 5 and then got married the 6th and final time and the achievement popped. Hope this helps :)
  • damn i just love those relationship date quest. p.s. not really.... every time its always to mistpeak lookout point but lookout point is always infested with balverines and i cant kill them fast enough to save her from getting killed *sigh ill never get this achievement
  • Haha I did that too. I married all of them before I went to overthrow Logan. The sad part is I knew I had to wait til afterwards, but forgot. >_
  • You do not have to marry two, kill two, and marry 4 more. I got the achievement from killing the first one, divorcing the next 3, killing the fifth, and marrying the 6th. Still didn't get it so I married the 7th as the 6th one was still alive and married to me also. And it popped after lucky number 7. I say don't fret if you haven't gotten it yet, just keep getting married, and you should get it eventually.
  • Also should point out that historically Henry had wife #2 and #5 executed. So the achievement requiring the first two to die would just be silly.
  • You can do this by being a queen aswell
  • ***(MINOR SPOILERS)*** This hilarious achievement, popped after my SEVENTH marrige, dunno why. I beg you, ENJOY this achievement, don't just rush it. Take your time..seduce a young beauty. Lead her through a dark and dismal graveyard infested with Hallow Men, and Hobbes..Only to sacrifice her in a human sized barbeque pit at the Dark Sanctuary..
  • can confirm that you do not need to be married to 6 wifes at once. so marry,kill,marry,kill and then marry until it pops. also if your a nice king most ladys at the castle will already be friends so you can take them on a date right and propose away.
  • Okay I have a BIG issue! After doing the side mission where I have to break up a mirage, I was becoming evil this this time around so I choose to kill the guy and merry what's her face then proceed to kill her shortly after the weeding. Now after that I've tried to buy weeding rings from the place in brightwall and I lets me buy it but every fucking time I go back to propose to Elise it says I need to get a weeding ring to propose! Can someone please help me!!! =(
  • where do you buy wedding rings?
  • You can buy wedding rings in Brightwall Village.
  • Within those six marriages you must kill two of your spouses, so you're not supposed to get married eight times.
  • My question is, do I need to remain married to ALL 6 and THEN kill 2 or can I kill the first 2 immediately and then marry 4 others?
  • This achievement was easy I didn't get any bugs or anything must of been an update
  • This and "All hail, Tekken incarnate!" {TTT2} are my favorite achievements. :D GT: TheLostRedfield
  • For those with trouble going on dates and having your love interest die, there's a few safe areas. Every town's dating area is directly tied with another town/place. For instance, Brightwall locals dates are in the Mistpeak which as a King means Balvarine country. Industrial is the easiest as the friend and dates are both in safe areas (Market and Old Quarter). I believe the Old Quarter is safe for dates as well as it's in the Market. (The Market dates are in Millsfield, I think, so Balvarines/Mercs may kill your potential lover). So date ppl from a safe area, marry and move them wherever. (I'd avoid Millsfield and Silverpines as Balvarines, Trolls and Mercs can kill them. Millsfield is straight up awful. I'd lost two or three wives there.) I had over 6 married at once and killed two an
  • hmm... do few people play as queen's here? XD
  • no bugs for me i married like 10 times 4 before being queen and 6 after that killed the first 2 than married 4 worked well for me :)

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