Chest Grandmaster Achievement

  • Chest Grandmaster



    Unlock all of the chests on the Road To Rule.


    You can unlock this during the "Weight of the World" portion of the story if you're extremely thorough! Otherwise you'll need to invest extra time after the game for those extra Guild Seals.

    To pretty much complete the whole of the Road to Rule you'll need to complete most, if not all optional quest. Get additional Seals by interacting with people, befriending them and performing expressions!

    Do not shy away from combat as you can earn your fair share of Seals from fighting alone!

    For a full layout of the Road to Rule please see the Road to Rule Guide.

  • If you're like me, you'll be working on this long after you've beaten the game. Just keep doing quests. Make sure to open the Millfields demon door for 40 extra guild seals (by getting fat and dressing ugly--I used multicolored women's pajamas and ate meat pies).
  • easiest way to get the guild seals is just by doing short expressions to the villagers. if you hold right trigger to see which people you have already interracted with, this should be a quick easy way to run thru the towns and rack up seals. i had all the chests unlocked for the road as i went along, so when darkness came i had 300 for the three chests :D. if you do this while you finishing quests it should be no problem.
  • i have done all the quests and deamon doors but i still dont have enough. dose anybody know a quick way to get guild seals?
  • silent thunder look up
  • that millfields door is gonna help big time!
  • Roughly the to open every chest it will be about 1551 guild seals (dont know for sure
  • A way is also: -the milfield's demon door (Full fat and multicoloured clothes) -the brightwall village demon door (take your child to the door) -reavor's manor 'wheel of misfortune' gets you 40 giuld seals when you beat your prevois score -all gnomes -all books (some important one's can bag you 10 each time) hope this helps!!
  • On youtube you can find a glitch that allows you to earn 50 seals per minute! RINSE & REPEAT! I currently have 1500 seals! :D
  • Is there really a quick way of getting guild seals instead of just grinding by combat, completing quests, or expressions with people? I would really love to have everything in one fell swoop.
  • just complete the quests
  • Quests are easiest way to do it, if you have the traitors keep DLC as well its even easier to get this as earn about 300 seals there.
  • In addition to the tips above, there's a gold door in the Catacombs (you can get there through the back of Bowerstone Castle). You'll need to find one of the gold keys to unlock it. Inside you'll find another chest with a bunch of guilds seals (30 or 40 if I recall correctly).
  • Hey If I open a chest further on the road for example Lute level 4 before level 3, game wise, it opens level 3 as well, but does it count in the achievement too?

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