Tough Love Achievement

  • Tough Love



    Save the maximum amount of Albion citizens.


    This is a missable achievement.

    Once you've become King and decided Logan’s fate you'll be told about the Treasury in your castle. You'll start out with 400,000 Gold.

    Over the Rulings section of the story (the whole second half of the game) you have to decide what to do with all the promise's you made! Making the good choices will take money away from your Treasury but help Albion and make people like you even more and making the bad choices will give you more money back but make Albion hate you even more. All this effects the outcome of what happens near the end of the game and the citizens of Albion.

    To get this achievement you'll need to save up 6.5 million worth of gold before the final ruling mission! The final ruling mission happens when there are 121 days left. If you choose “Good”, you can always transfer money from your pocket into the Treasury and try and build it back up but it'll take a long time if your funds are low!

    Hint - The money glitch helps here. This may be patched now so don't rely on using it until you have verified that it still works.

  • The best way to do this is to pretty much buy as many properties as you can, and put the prices to highest. Then when you enter the second half of the game, do whatever is going to profit you the most. If you choose otherwise, you will have to play the game a second time for a measly 10g. (like i am)
  • What profits you the most? Doesn't the achievement say you need to save the Citizens so you need to do things which help them? But how can you save them, what exactly does it mean?
  • @ Bl4ckSh33p It has to do with the story more specifically the decisions you make when you become king;If you don't know about it you haven't gotten that far in the game yet so i don't want to spoil anything,basically you you need money to protect the citizens.
  • Ok, thanks. Just got the game today and started about 2 hours ago. :) But do you know if you have to be a "good" player/ruler to get this one or can you get it even if you are bad but select the right things to save the people?
  • Morality doesn't matter for this one. It's all about money. If you want to get this one without affecting your choices as king then just stall before you complete one of the mandatory quests as king (like the diamond or statue quests). Time will freeze entirely. Even if you sleep only the time of day will change, not how many days you have left. So all you need to do is expand your property ownership and let the rent money come in. Then just transfer all the money you need to the kingdom's treasury. Just be warned that after the statue quest you don't get another chance to stall so make sure you have more than enough money by then if you want to make good choices.
  • Thank you for the hint. But do you know how much money you need for all "good" choices?
  • you need more then 7 million dollars to do all the good choices which isnt so bad since you need 5 million to get one of the gold keys in the sancutary
  • Easiest way: Purchase all properties possible, shops, taverns etc. Just leave your game running, until you have sufficient funds. Which is about 8.5 - 9 Million gold. Choose all the good choices when you are king (good choices deduct money from your treasury, but its how to get the achievement). After the good choices are done, you will have enough gold (6.5M) for the invasion, and will get the achievement no problem. **Tip** There is a demon door at Sunset House, with a chest inside containing 1 Million gold. You should visit this straight after becoming king. Use that to help with your property purchaces etc.
  • You do not need to choose all the 'good' choices for this cheevo! You simply need to have sufficient funds so that, when the time comes, the estimated civilian losses is at zero. The cheevo is called 'tough love' because, on the surface, the easiest way to ensure zero civilian losses is to make decisions that make life a little harder for the civilians, but ensures their safety. To reiterate. You can get this cheevo by choosing all the 'evil' options, choosing all the 'good' options, or any combination of the two. It goes only by the number of civilian casualties when the time comes.
  • I almost missed this achievement because the days decline rather quickly. :( But right at the last second I happened to be able to transfer the rest of my personal gold into the treasury XD
  • is this achievement also possible if you are in another world(from a friend while he is getting it)? , because i let every body die in my world.
  • Im confused i just beat the game and it popped up saying congradulations you beat the game with virtually no losses blah blah blah and i had well over 13 million dollars in the treausry and i didnt get the achievement and everyime the days went down it sayed 0 projected casualties and i did all the moral choices
  • Wait nvm i got it
  • Money is no problem. I have about 18.000.000 right now and just became King of Albion. :)
  • What mission does the time speed up coz ive just come out of getting my last person for the war and dont knw weather to leave coz a still need a few million more to do this????
  • @ BonBon1602 Once you become King, you get 365 days to come up with the money. These aren't real/game days, however. The only thing that advances the countdown days is completing the main quests. You can go off and put a hold on that for as long as you like to go do other things like getting more money or guild seals. Then when you are ready, you can go back to the main quests.
  • I;m too nice :( And therefore people died. Lesson learned. Be an asshole, for the GREATER GOOD! xD
  • I did this on my first run and keept all my promises, just bought all you can and had normal price on it. Its not that hard if you are patient.
  • If you buy as much property as you can along the way, and play the game to its fullest (by which i mean, all the quest) you should easily have around 9 mil by royalty time, which means you'll easily save everyone, and maybe even have some left to be a good ruler
  • i truly fucked this up... i did the last quest and then started putting money in the tresury lol. not worth replaying for 10g though.
  • I found that even if you're trying to maintain a high moral standing, building the brothel was a good move. Add the 1 and a quarter mill from that to the 1 mill you get from the Demon door nets you a third of the necessary funds! Buying pawnbrokers and the houses in Millfields also helps, especially if you boost the prices :)
  • What #8 said, I had my game on "Low" rents for the longest time to boost my morality, then when I figured out I was gonna need a lot more money before I progressed further, I just kept putting my money into more properties, I just rebuilt Aurora? I think that's how it's spelled. Anyways, I have every property available and I'm making in 100k+ every 5 minutes. To start to I had a 1 million deficit. Just leave your game running move your joystick every few minutes if your using wireless, and if you have wired just forget it. Easy money, never have to worry about not getting this cheeb or making decisions you don't want to for 10g. ^^
  • Oh I forgot to mention, when I got my morality pretty much maxed out on good I just set the rents to "normal", I was mainly doing it to effortlessly boost up my morality, since I did the Dark temple quest, few assassination quests, and murdered 2 of my wives for another cheeb. :D
  • @#22: Whether your rent is on "low" or "high" has no effect on your morality. All my houses and shops are on "highest" and I'm still almost a Paragon.
  • when u are king/queen u should make choices that help increase the money in ur treasury or just make u lose money and if you manage to make it to 6,500,000 gold by the time the darkness comes then u should get the achievment
  • Do taxes affect this cheevo
  • Whats the money glitch in the achievement description?
  • the money glitch has been pathched but what you can do is leave your game on overnight. If you have a wirless controller then this wont work because it will just disconnect so you have to wrap an elastic band around the joystick and make it so you are walking into a corner (this will stop you controller disconnecting). BUT if you have a wired controller it doesnt matter :)You will get income every 5 mins and even even if its quite low, say 50,000 you will get lots of money so dont worry.
  • This achievement is pretty hard
  • when i played it every one died i had to marry the girl from the beginning to bring most of them back
  • Thx @ #28
  • I had 6.5 million when the darkness came... no achievement
  • When there is 121 days left make sure there is 7 million in the treasury if you are making good decisions otherwise you will drop below 6.5 million. I unluckily didn't account that you do 2 judgments at once and was off 50,000.
  • Protip: Once you are royal get the 1m gold from the demon door at sunset house, then buy all the property you can with the money, raise rent to highest, keep buying as you get rent money, eventually you should be making 150k per 5 mins From here, do sidequests or go for Auroran flowers/Keys/Gnomes, you'll pass the time quickly like this and have way more money than you need before you know it, I did the auroran flowers and went from 100k to 3m without realizing it, 20 gnomes and keys later and I had 7m or so and finished the game and got the achievement whilst keeping promises and etc. The statue mission is the last one of the story, do not complete until you have enough money in the treasury
  • Just thought I would add that you CAN get this in another heroes world. I missed my achievement much like #32 and #33 did. Luckily my friend was at the Aurora part of the game, so I figured that even if I ended up not getting it I could still get the "We Could Be Heroes" achievement. Well it turned out you can in fact get achievement in your friends world, saving me 10+ hours. Odd enough you can't get Adoption one online though.
  • When does the 'countdown' begin? I just became ruler of Albion, but I did not go into the Throne Room, because I did not have a lot of money. So right now I am collecting keys, while I wait to have enough money to make all the moral decisions. But I do not have access to Aurora, and other areas towards south. So I wonder if I could enter the Throne Room and do some quests (and get access to Aurora), without starting the 365-day timer?
  • The Countdown is really ridiculous. It goes something like 365 days, 292, 242, 151, Day of Attack. The very last thing you can judge on is whether or not to keep the promise with Sabine. After that you don't have any more time to make money, you go instantly into the battle.
  • There are two ways you can get this chieve. Be evil and break all promises and this should pop. Or if you don't want to be a tyrant, from early on in the game you should buy and rent out houses and buy stores. you can keep prices at normal to ensure that you stay good and not go evil, or you can set prices to very high, and then low once you get enough money. you will need 6.5 million gold by time of the attack. 8.5 million as soon as you become king will allow you to keep all your promises and still have enough for this cheive.
  • Buying property is the way to go. Don't wait, either. Start out by buying all the cheap houses and stalls that you can. Work some jobs, sell some trinkets, do what you need to raise funds. The money will trickle in at first, but keep at it and you should eventually get a nice steady stream of income. You can set the rents to "highest" if you want, but I didn't; I wanted people to like me :)
  • I finished everything (including Traitor's Keep) and I have tons of gold to spare (50 mil as of this post). Drop me a line if you need the cash. I'll be moving on to another game until then.
  • I'm just going to do everything evil as i think it works out at like 7 million gold..
  • First play through I most definitely did not get this. about properties tho, setting your prices doesn't affect your morality, but it WILL make people like you less overtime, all you have to do tho is lower the prices after you complete the game.
  • If you happen to screw up and not have enough money, ALREADY beat the darkness, and have purchased houses and stores, (everyone dead by this point) transfer all your money, chicken suit, etc. to another account. Restart your game and play through until you can trade back. This will take care of the coronation and the no-knockout achievement if you missed them. Now you start you with a fat stack of cash to invest in estate and another attempt at the missables. Hope this helps.
  • the only problem i have with this one is delaying time to get the gold to save every one takes forever
  • Playing the story a second time isn't all too bad. You get more legendary weapons. ;) What I did was play it through the first time like normal, then get like 7.5m. Then I started a new story for my weapons, and i just played normal again, became good, and transferred all the money i needed to my second hero. (Easy way to transfer 1m at a time instead of 100k, join another hero on system co-op, business partnership, let them transfer 1m at a time to the treasury and then end the partnership. They should then withdraw the money, then have them sign out. You start the game and load your second hero and they will rejoin you, after signing back in. Form another partnership and just transfer the money 1m at a time into YOUR treasury and end the partnership.)
  • Well shit, looks like I won't get this since I was already -a couple hundred thousand and broke a promise to get positive for the time being since the butler said everyone would die if the tresuery remained empty, and only getting 10-20k per 5 minutes. Oh well.
  • My mate killed a few people in my world, will that effect the achievement?
  • Is there a money glitch that still works....need money really badly, my treasury balance is -1mil cuz I kept all my promise..Lol
  • I only took the unpopulary choises.. I still didn't get the achievement and I really don't understand why. It's worth 10GS so it should be easy right? Have created a new hero now and hoping for more luck!
  • could use cash
  • @48 Try reading the comments and you would see its been patched out sometime ago.
  • meh ill get this on my 2nd play through bc 2 many ppl died bc i didnt hav enough money this games pretty realistic theres hardly any1 in my world now lol
  • when you make the choices do you always have to choose the one that costs you the most? Cause I know I didn't do that with a few but just kept the money as it was.
  • Another very helpful tip is when you earn about 100,000 every 5 mins, just play for an hour and you will earn 1 million gold.
  • And also try to buy most of bowerstone, brightwall, dweller camp and aurora and put all the prices on higgest. They say that the people of albion will hate you for putting prices on high but its easy to restore all prices on low and people will love you again. When i did this it had no effect on the people. If you make ba choices than that will impact on how people like you. What I don't like about rent houses is u have to repair them or else the tenants dont pay. They mad Fable 3 tooo complicated. Fable 2 is easier but than again fable 3 has a map where u can buy nd rent houses quickly. To be honest I like Fable 3 better. Anyways good luck.
  • And hhaha sorry i keep addin on... in fable 2 u dont have to play nd wait 5 mins for money to come...if ur offline and like own most of albion u earn like 1 mil everytime u get online. I wush they had that on fable 3
  • I am up to 121 days until the Darkness arrives and I needed to deposit another 700,000 gold into my Treasury but now the door to it is locked. Is there anyway around this?
  • Wow, I am stupid. Tried to get into the wrong door haha
  • I used my main hero (Ive played and completed 4 times) he has 16 mil, so i went to my friends world and sent him 9mil then i loaded my new hero and she rejected the gifts, making them go to the person i loaded, along with some weps and clothing etc... It's not exactly cheating, because i earned the moneh :3
  • * Her
  • im doing bad with gold right now...can anyone send me some gold to help me out my gt is MercilessGrim
  • IF you miss this first time around, is this possible to do it with a friend on local play? so im in her world as she achieves tough love.... im just thinking as ive helped achieved that would that work? when ive tried this way im update on here.
  • Is anyone willing to donate me money? ALOT of money, so I can speed this up faster. If so message on xbox, please and thank you!
  • It's not that hard, use the money from treasury (400k) transfer them to yourself, buy everything you can (hoping you were already doing that during the game) then just wait for 45 minutes.. leave the game on and spend some time on the forums and you're done :)
  • at #63, I can transfer you money, I just want to see if I can get it with you as well, because I didn't think the last set of days was at 121. Would have been nice to know that.
  • Oh and #63 my gt is Sports Fans
  • @64 There is no way with 400k and 45mins game time you made enough. I own basically every property and have all set to high and im only bringing in 150k every 5mins. Anyway after leaving it on for 5-6hrs and spending around 1.5-2mill on properties I have 10mill sitting in the treasury, hopefully thats enough to play the ending i want.
  • So, just so I understand this as I'm letting money compile every 5 minutes - I don't have to make good decisions the entire time to get this cheevo, right? Like, I kept my promise to Page about building the school, but I chose not to rebuild the destroyed district at the moment in order to save money faster - which was in Reaver's favor and not Page's. Did I mess it up or no?
  • just do all the bad decisions as king and you get enough to save every body
  • @#68 No, not messed up, you just have to save everyone; not keep them happy
  • I missed this achievement because the time thing snuck up on me and i just wanna confirm someone else's comment (cba to find who or #). Doing it on a friends game DOES work and can save you a LOT of time. Also, if you are doing the waiting game and sitting comfy, or overnight, or X360A whoring, make sure your game isn't public because when people leave your game, they will leave you in the Sanctuary and leave you wasting your time trying to get money. Controller in (moving for wireless, elastic band trick OR wired controller), game set to private or un-joinable and some sort of income coming in.
  • would anyone be willing to donate some gold for this achievement please :(
  • this is easy. just buy all the properties you can and fix them up and rent them out. you get the Magnate Personality and you can get this achievement also. i make close to 650000 in rent and stores when i get paid and put 20 million in the treasury when i became King
  • Buy property to earn the money. But be careful about the "jump" at 150 days.
  • i had to play the story line once more ,4th time just for this achievement , which was the last , now (at last) i have the full points for this game , i enjoyed it a lot , i hated a few things about it , but in the end it is a real big game , notice that to get this achievement you only need 6.5 million gold in the treasury ,
  • I missed this achievement am I able to get this science ment if I'm in another's person world?
  • I lost this one. Thought I would have time, but this 100+ days jump completely lost me. At least its just 10G.
  • You can still get it in another person's world!
  • On the last day, Theresa will call you into the Road to Rule. Once there, you can still hit Start and go to the Sanctuary. From there, you can still transfer money into the treasury. As long as there is enough money in the treasury to save everyone before you exit the Road to Rule, you will get the achievement once you leave the portal.
  • Can someone donate me some money? I can help you with any achievement in any other game gt: SyKoTiiKxTACO
  • If you make every single good decision as ruler, you'll need a total of 3.6 million gold (not including the 6.5 million you need to save everyone) to afford it. Since the treasury already has 400K in it, you'll need to add 3.2 million gold for all the good decisions plus 6.5 million to save everyone, so I'd recommend making sure you have AT LEAST 9.5 million to donate to the treasury if you want to guarantee that you'll get this achievement. If you buy as much property as possible before this point, you'll be fine - I've bought almost everything I can and I'm getting 80K in profits every couple of minutes. Do that and you'll be fine. Also you can get $$ from silver key chests and demon doors too.
  • @69 No you dont. Otherwise there wouldnt be 70+ comments about this achievement if it was that simple. I tried that method on my second playthough, didn't work. Now I'm on my fourth playthrough because I thought I needed 6 mil. Not 6.5 mil.
  • Please someone help me get this! I missed it :( Please! GT: Xe Lithium
  • I got it just now.. Keep your castles treasury full til 1 year passes and once final mission and that begins.. Make goos choices or bad... You can donate to the castle from your sanctuary too.. Civil casualties must be at flat zero til this point then you get the achievement... Truat me it works

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