Adopt Or Die Achievement

  • Adopt Or Die



    Adopt a child.


    Head to the Orphanage in Bowerstone Industrial to adopt a child. This requires the “Family Pack” from the Road to Rule.

  • This is the best achievement ever invented.
  • how exactly do you get it?
  • And the worst is to have a baby - not possible if your Char is not attracted by the opposite sex. ;P
  • gay = OK! :P
  • @triggerm8, if you go to Bowerstone Industrial you'll find three rugs with unwanted kids standing on them lol.
  • Where in Bowerstone Industrial are these three rugs with the adoptable kids?
  • I Found that in Bowerstone Industrial if you travel fast to the quest where you have to find the criminals and they should just be right behind you. If you cant find this just go to Bowerstone Industrial and walk around looking for anyome named "##### The Orphan" Hope it helpd.
  • but ok there not there i think it is because i built an orphanage where is this orphanage can any one help.
  • I know this sounds horrible, but can you kill the adopted child afterwards, or do you have to deal with them for the rest of the game?
  • LOL @MrFancypants009!!!!!
  • You can not kill any children in the game. A game would never make it to a mass market with the ability for the player to kill a child in the game, it is borderline (if not explicitly) illegal. Hence why it okay to get shot as a child, but you may not shoot a child in fable 2, also why you cannot harm any children in Fallout 2, to name just two examples.
  • Rofl The idea is intriguing but yes the game would not make it with that ability.
  • Ok, If You Go For This Achievement Before You Become Ruler Of Albion the children will be in a building, you know that building for the homeless where the quest 'kidnapped' is, the one where you rescue Elise/Elliot, enter thru the double doors and then take the second left into a room with like 8 children, pick one. If You Go For This Achievement After You Become Ruler And You Choose To Help The Orphanage or w/e then it's the same again, if you make it into a Brothel then It Will Be on The 3 Mats, Real Close To That Building, beside the river(ish). And Yeh it Sucks You Can't Kill the children but i think you can move a partner in with the kid then kill the partner and they get sent to the orphanage, that might work.
  • Thanks. It's good to know that I don't have to wait for the orphanage for this one!
  • Just found as king, thanks
  • @TheWoodeyy: It must take you a long time to type anything if you capitalize the first letter of random words...
  • @MrFancyPants009 If you adopt the child and put him/her into a house with a nanny you can then fire the nanny and the kid gets sent back to the orphanage.
  • Just found as king...thank you
  • adopt child real easy
  • @monkeyporter198 Actually there are 2 games that I know of that made it to mass marketing that you can kill children fallout 1 and fallout 2 on the pc... Even have a trait called child killer.
  • Im adopting every kid lol. i feel bad for making th orphanage into a whore house.
  • I was married with a kid before becomig ruler, and when I made the decision to upgrade the orphanage (playing a good guy first time through), my wife (who was in the crowd in the throne room, even) apparently spontaneously died and my kid wound up in the orphanage. After realizing it was a good thing in that sense that I had just made the orphanage a nicer place to live, I went there and adopted my own kid and got the achievement. That works, I guess. Now the game stats think I have 2 kids. Got some mirth out of it anyway.
  • You can also kill infants on dante's inferno and theres even an achievement for killing so many. The game then got sued by a nanny firm.
  • Dude I am king and cannot find ANY orphans.
  • where is the orphanage I looked everywhere and cant find it?
  • So when I'm a Kig of Albion I'm still able to adopt a child ?
  • I am in the same boat as (comment#25). This is a bit aggravating.
  • if you enter Bowerstone industrial by coming from Bowerstone Market to get to the orphanage, head the opposite direction from Bowerstone market and stay on the side you were originally placed on. Travel until you reach the second that actually crosses the river (not including the one that keeps you on the same side of the river.) When you cross the second bridge, on your upper left corner you will see a viney hedgy looking fence line. The building surrounded by this "green" fence is the orphanage. If you made it an orphanage to begin with. Hope this helps...
  • If you can find it -Fast Travel to Bowerstone Industrial - walk over the bridge on the left - go right, walk through two gates with "RR" on it. - walk past a big pile of crates and its right there -(saved orphanage) On the left. you'll see a bush type fence with a gaurd where the opening is -(brothel) they'll be on the corner of the building and bush fence. where the poster of "behave or behead" I hope this helps who ever cant find it. =)
  • Seems simple enough..
  • damn i change this in a whore house now i cant adopt a shild and have 5 std's thank alot reaver
  • @ #23 (Batmanbiggins69) - The "babies" in Dante's Inferno were unbaptized hellpspawn, with blades for hands hell bent on ripping you apart; it's not like they were some random child that you could kill.
  • I found the orphanage but theres no child to adopt.. =/
  • The orphanage is in that place where you spoke to the man that had his wife kidnanpped and take to the Cesspools by Nigel Ferret. The orphans are in the farthest back room in the house. The building is also the biggest in Industrial I believe.
  • its the one tht looks like a big house.
  • @28: Thank you! Directions helped very much!
  • Found a women with 3 kids.. All 3 orphan so you can adopt one.. They are standing on the street somewhere near the water.
  • If you don't want to deal with a kid afterwards, can't you just save your game beforehand, adopt a child, get the achievement and quickly exit to dashboard and reload the game?
  • @Comment # 1: Why?
  • So i will get this achievement if i die?
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