A Slow Day At The Office Achievement

  • A Slow Day At The Office



    Survive an assassination attempt.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

  • How do you even get to attempt these last 9 achevements, except the deamon doors? Do you have to be evil?
  • @1 They are all releated to the story in the new DLC.
  • this achievement is right at the start, SPOILERS kill the assassin when he enters ur throne room, hes a tough fucker and ur guards will help kill him but they're useless apart from using them as a distraction :/
  • @3 I think the only reason it takes so long to kill him is cos he has a hell of a lot of dialogue :D
  • LOL Yeah,he does waffle on.
  • im gonna buy this wednesday
  • Yeah, this guy takes a surprisingly long time to kill. O.o
  • yup! it took me several potions to kill this fcker.
  • how much does the dlc cost?
  • it cost 280 microsoft points to get the DLC now
  • Surprisingly he turned out to be somewhat of a nuisance to kill
  • I attached the wrong gamertag to my account how can i change it -.-?
  • when in the game does this happen?? Is it after you beat the game or what??
  • @#13 You have to download the Traitor's Keep DLC

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