Unnatural Laws Achievement

  • Unnatural Laws



    Defeat Witchcraft Mary.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

  • Disco Hobbes! :D
  • rofl @1
  • Just found a scenery glitch in the Hollow man room after Disco Hobbes ! As you enter the room in the top left corner there is a mound of earth with a vinetree on it, dont get too close or you will get caught in a scenery glitch and wont be able to get out. To identify the corner, the wall to the left has three chimney vats stood against it. It was late so I decided to call it a day, and out of habit saved the game and left, only to find next time I came to play it put me back into the scenery glith [email protected] Half an hour later after signing a second controller in and interacting with my glitched player doing Pat A Cake n sh!t did I eventually get out, otherwise I would have lost over 100 hours of game save.
  • Was disappointed with this fight. I though she was going to turn into a hobbe/balvorine/hollowmen hybrid lol
  • um i was doing this mission and i was travelling to the island then the quest dissapeared so i teleported back to the prison and the quest was still gone and then i dashboarded and went back in the game and the quest is back and it wont let me travel to the withcs house or anywhere and now im stuck on the prison island

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