Who Are You? Achievement

  • Who Are You?



    Defeat General Turner.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

  • No one messes with my dog... and Hobson.
  • @1 fuck hobson but NOBODY TOUCHES MY DOG
  • I was so upset by this. Man, I loved Milton. He was awesome. I kept thinking, "It's nice to have a good soldier by my side again. You know, after Walter DIED. This eases the pain." And then he had to turn out to be a traitor. Why couldn't it have been Hobson? WHY?
  • poor doggy but an easy fight non the less just keep rolling around when you're low on health
  • @2 agreed hobson is just irritating, was kinda hoping for his demise
  • I had to go all LOL on this one. Poor Milton had to get a sex change and be evil to be me. I was the benevolent female ruler. I did all the good things for the place and he says I was bad. Fork him with a ruler all the way to Ravenscar and back!
  • Comment #7, I was thinking of the same thing since I used a benevolent female ruler as well.

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