Keeping It Real Achievement

  • Keeping It Real



    Decide the future of the Keep.


    After completing the main quest and the two side quests: Manhunt and Undeath Sentence you can start the Prison Management for Beginners side quest, which you need to complete for this achievement. And to complete it you need to collect the following books from Ravenscar Keep:

    Penologist's Handbook, Volume I
    Exit the office and take the 2nd cell on the right. The book will be on the table.

    Penologist's Handbook, Volume II
    As soon as you enter the Keep turn to the right to enter the kitchen, go to the right and up the stairs and then take the left door. Now enter the 3rd cell on the right and go to the back. Go right again and dive down the prisoners escape route. Now follow the path untill you come to a place with a chest on the left and a path to the right. Go right and open the door to pick up the book.

    Penologist's Handbook, Volume III
    From the office go down the stairs and then go right to end up in what seems like a boiler room. Open the door on your left to find the book.

    Penologist's Handbook, Volume IV
    Standing outside the keep head down towards the gallow, but turn left to the beach. Open the rusty gate and enter the cave, you will the book on a bed at the end of the cave.

    Penologist's Handbook, Volume V
    From the docks, head towards the Keep, once you reach the big stone stair case, turn right and follow the dirt path to the crypts, you will eventually encounter a gate at the bottom of a path that splits off. Behind the gate, inside the crypt you will find the book on the table.
    As soon as you've collected all the books return them to Lt. Hadley and then make the choice to complete the quest and unlock this achievement.

  • u get this by collecting EVEN MORE books....there are 5 books on the prison island
  • book 1 is in Turner's cell book 2 is in though a tunnel in the back of one of the inmates cells book 3 I have but cannot remmeber (if you can edit comments I'll change this if I remember) book 4 I can't find right now, so if anyone knows... book 5 is in the cemetary
  • book 3 is in the boiler room under the facility
  • book 4 is found in a cave by the wrecked pier (you go there during the side-quests for killing prisoners)
  • You'll know your in the right tunnel as it is the one with the letters from the escaping prisoners.
  • if you have the key go to general turners cell and press A then it will open..
  • Book 3: If you go from the office go down the stairs & go to the right to end up in a boiler room. Open the door & the book is on your left. Book 5: Head out from the docks & go towards the keep, once you reach the big stone stairs turn right & follow the dirt path to the crypts you will eventually come to a gate at the bottom of a path & go through the gate & inside the crypt you will find the book.
  • How do you start this quest ?
  • Thanks for the book locations. Btw I don't think this is a quest. It's more like a collectible.
  • This DLC is so annoying, the places look great but theres so little to do.
  • Quest is called Prison Management for Beginners.
  • After you complete the DLC main, go back to the keep Island to the office. There will be a guard in there with the quest icon, who gives you the quest, "Prison Management for Beginners" as well as the key that gives you access to the majority of locked doors with the keep.
  • Did I understand it wright - 2 achievements for Turners books ? The second is called "A Revolutionary Idea"
  • Yes 2 chivos
  • Can anyone explain to me how to get back to the office from the main entrance?

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