Diary Of A Sad Man Achievement

  • Diary Of A Sad Man



    Find all of Professor Faraday's diaries.


    All of these are found at Clockwork Island:

    Faraday’s Diary I
    After finding the alternative route jump down ONCE and you will see the book lying on top of the crate.

    Faraday’s Diary II
    As soon as you have defeated the first squad of robodogs and survived the  'ambush' inside the building go to the far-left corner and you will find the book on the ground behind a piece of a wall.

    Faraday’s Diary III
    You will find this book on top of a crate on a roof with an electrical ‘structure’ with a lever and a crane. Don’t forget to pull the lever as you will need it later!

    Faraday’s Diary IV
    You will find this one quite quickly after the last one. Go inside the building, defeat the enemies and continue outside up a ramp to find this book on a crate BEFORE going up the stairs.

    Faraday’s Diary V
    You need to pull 3 levers:

    1. You will find the 1st lever before the boss fight, on the same roof as Faraday's Diary III
    2. The 2nd lever is in the same area as the boss fight, behind an iron door next to the chest.
    3. The 3rd lever can only be found after completing the main quest. Jump down the alternative route and just follow the road till you see a broken robot. Walk past the robot and take the 2nd right (not through the door, but through the alley). Then go left as soon as you can and just follow the path to find the last lever.

    After pulling all the levers go the place where you fought your first squad of robodogs, but instead of going left you need to go right. Head up the stairs and through the open door to find the book on the table.

  • Might the achievement name be a slight reference to ''Diary of a Madman''?
  • Uh, yeah!
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Albion, more collectibles!!!!
  • I can only find diaries 1-4 and the only place I can think that the 5th one would be is in the locked office looking area that requires you to shut off generators, problem is I can only find 2 of the generators. The one where you fight the island boss and the one on top of a building pretty much right before you would get to the boss area when you first play through. Anyone know where the third generator is and how the heck I get to it?
  • you cant get to the 3rd one till you start the I, Robot. You, Idiot achievement qu est.
  • Cool, thanks man.
  • I can only find 4 too. Soooo frustrating
  • to everyone struggling, a book is behind the gate that requires u pull 3 levers to open, along with the book is 2 pieces of huxleys "invention"
  • ive found a door in a cave just of the water,it says cant b opened yet has any1 opened it?
  • @9 I have no idea how to open it, Maybe part of the next dlc? you need to put something on the stone pillers on each side to open it... hmmmm
  • @10 ive looked round 4stuff cant find anyfink i tried usin elec lik u use fire at other points of the game but still wont open,could b more dlc but they dont normaly carrie on from each other
  • can u do these diary achievements after their respective missions or do u have to do them while on the mission??
  • If you start collecting the diaries, don't exit your game or join an online game. It'll glitch the diaries so you can't get the achievement.
  • Can someone list all the books? I have the one behind the electric door but I'm still missing one. Thanks! x)
  • has any1 open the door in the cave just of the water?
  • Farady book# 5 This diary is in a locked room. However, you must first pull three switches. - The first switch is on top of the roof by the crane shortly before you fight Faraday. - The second switch is on the roof where you fought Faraday, behind a gate to the left of where you first entered. - The third switch is not available until you have the Reconstruction quest. It is in an alley that only becomes accessible once you've defeated General Turner, it's blocked by boxes before then. There is a sparking robot on the ground in a little alley off of part of the Canal, go to the back right corner for access to the new area and a switch. - Once you have pulled all three switches, go to the area where you fought the robotic dogs for the first time in the canal - Enter the door on the
  • - Enter the door on the right. - Go up the stairs here to find the room with the diary in the centre.
  • when u fast travel 2the island jump in the water and swim around and u will find a cave with a door in it has any1 opened it?please let me no
  • Can't find number three. I've been going over the place for a couple of hours now and stille nothing.
  • @#14: Thats not necessarily true...I picked up one diary, quit my game, returned and finished off the other missions then went back and collected the rest of the diaries. The achievement still worked for me
  • I have the last three books, just got them. The first two aren't there meaning I got them another time, yet it still says 3/5. So I guess I'm screwed.
  • this is glitched, i have every single diary i have all the switches i alrdy beat the game everything just the achievement wont show, dont even bother
  • You'd think they'd fix the glitch by now. Ugh I hate glitched achievements.
  • I had the same problem as the 2 guys above me, i have all of the diarys and nothing, i hope they bring out a patch but i cant wait until then, i am going to try get it on another character and i will let you guys know if it works
  • Yes, i colected the books on a second playthrough and it worked!
  • thanks for the help!
  • I hate this fucking game.
  • @Travis2310 Don't say so! I really love this game. It's very easy, nice and like a fable. If you don't like to do some achievements than don't.
  • Does anyone knows where diary#2 is.
  • i meant diary#3 not #2
  • I found all of these diaries and the achievement never popped...am i missing something???
  • i dont kno where diary 1 or 5 is cn someone help
  • Collected all the diaries but it still says I have 3/5. The game definitely glitches if you collect them during the first initial quest, and then go back during a different quest to collect them. I would recommend not collecting any of the diaries until you can do it in one swoop after you get the reconstruction quest. I have to make a new character to go back for this achievement.
  • This quest glitched for me. Probably best to wait till you fix Hurley.

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