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    Find all of Witchcraft Mary's diaries.


    All of these are found at The Godwin Estate:

    Mary Godwin’s Diary I
    As soon as you enter the garden you will find this book on a bench to the left. Its right next to the Topiary Swan

    Mary Godwin’s Diary II
    After finding the closed gate follow the golden trail but stop a bit before the graveyard. This book is lying on the hedge next to the Combustible Northern Monkeys.

    Mary Godwin’s Diary III
    When you have to protect the generator look to your right to see some crates with a torch. Check behind these crates to find the book on top of a smaller crate

    Mary Godwin’s Diary IV
    After defeating the hobbes and entering the 'indoor graveyard' you will find this book at the end of the room on a table to the left of the red structure.

    Mary Godwin’s Diary V
    After defeating the second group of hobbes you will go down some stairs and see some weird gold/green/red containers. The book is on the right next to the 2nd container.

  • Fable 3 must be setting some kind of record for the most collectible achivements in one game wit this DLC there's like 7 WTF
  • I know- books, keys, gnomes, flowers, weapons, clothes, 3x diaries. Madness!
  • i give took me months to get all keys and books and more.....
  • Agreed! Someone needs to point out to developers that collection achievements just suck.
  • I kinda like collectibles achievements. They give me a reason to go exploring. Granted, they can be tedious and time-consuming, but I still like em. :)
  • @#5. Two words. Assassin's Creed. literally like 600 flags. No, just no.
  • I went on a flag-hunting marathon to get those King Richard Flags. Tedious? Yes. Boring? A little towrads the end. But seeing that achievement pop when I was done made the whole experience worthwhile :)
  • I won't start this dlc till I can start it with 100% collectibles guide so I don't miss a thing.
  • @#6 there aren't 600 flags and in Brotherhood the maps tells u where they are. Fable 3's collectibles are far worse because the weapons and some of the clothes can only can attained by trading online! Fable 3 is definitely one of the worst games for collectibles.
  • yeah there is more like 420 flags 100 in damascus 100 in acre 100 in jeruselam 100 in kindom and 20 in masyaf. and yeah this game has way to many collectibles. But only the guns were the annoying ones because you have to find people willing to trade blah!!!. These dlc achievements dont look to hard though so its not that big of a deal unless there are alot of diaries.
  • I love collectibles for games like Fable.. I usually don't explore nearly enough as I should otherwise.
  • I agree with Blue Thunder28 but I do feel that Fable II had better collectible quests and they tried to hard to fit in more collectibles into Fable III
  • Come on people its only 5 books for each achievement ive done all but this one i need one more book.
  • All new Dlc compleated!
  • thank christ there are only 5 books to collect per person, i was expectin 3 achievements requirin u to find 30 books each :S my last book i completely walked past it was on the bench just as u get into the garden, turn left and its on the bench
  • Could someone please tell me where to find book 3?
  • is there any collectable that you can't pick up after you beat all the quests? i mean is there any you need to pick up while doing the quests? would be nice to know so,that you can actually enjoy the dlc the first time you run through it. thx
  • Do you need to do this acheivement during the storyline, just I have the options are as follows: a bowerstone old quarter x clockwork Island y Godwin Estate My problem is I cann access both bowerstone and clockwork but when I click Y nothing happens? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • i have all of this books nothing popt up fuck this achivement
  • Same here fuck this
  • these diary achievements arent popping up for a lot of people, to begin with the 3rd diary isnt even where its supposed to be :s
  • I gott the same problem as 19
  • @#19 and #23: I was having the same problem bros. However, it is easily remedied by going to the world map in the Sanctuary and simply getting to the island via fast travel. Hope that helps your collecting woes.
  • The achievements came though straight away for me, you have to put the books in the stands in the keep to get it.
  • Is this DLC achievements that have popped up in my game? I don't have the stupid DLC :/
  • @26 I can't even begin to understand what you're saying. But classic 5am grammar.
  • Can anyone give me 100 msp points or so to buy the DLC? GT: CornerPureEagle
  • Ive found a locked door and behind it is a chest in front of a big silver tree. This is the only place ive not searched so I reckon Diary 3 is behind there... The only trouble is, how the hell do i get behind there...
  • lol, kinda agree and disagree on the collection stuff, i like it like the gnomes and such, but not to many, and then i thought of assassins creed, fetch them flags, yuck, they can put some (like max 2) in a game with not toooo much of searching, otherwise it just, well it just suckz
  • @1 (Shikamaru FTW). What's your problem, it's not so hard? Only 5 books per achievement in the DLC ! It's a lot easier than shooting 50 gnomes. You just have to look around while doing missions in this DLC and sometimes think :-)
  • these aren't too bad for collectible achievements. 5 books at 30G a piece? I'll take it. plus it gives me something to do when I'm bored with other games and I've nearly cleaned out this one.
  • Does anyone here knows where i can found diary#2 for this achievement.
  • This achievement glitched on me! :( I found four books in one playthrough, then when I came back to the game and found the last one I needed, the counter reset to 1/5.. Has anyone else had this happen? So far no other achievements have glitched, and I was surprised that this one did because I haven't seen anyone else say it has..
  • Either get all the books during the quest or after! Glitched on me when I did it separate times same as diary of a sad man! So many effin Glitches.

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