A Revolutionary Idea Achievement

  • A Revolutionary Idea



    Find all of General Turner's diaries.


    All of these are found at Ravenscar Keep:

    General Turners Diary I
    As soon as you enter the Keep turn right to enter the kitchen, go to the door on the right and then go up the stairs to find this book on the left table in the guard area.

    General Turners Diary II
    As soon as you enter the Keep turn right to enter the kitchen, you will find the book on the first table on the left of it.

    General Turners Diary III
    After entering the Keep take the 2nd door on the right and then the 2nd door on the left. Then take the first door on the left to enter the office in the Keep. As soon as you are there head down the stairs behind the big chair and you'll end up in a room with crates and a chest to your left. The book will be on top of a crate right in front of you. You can only get this book after defeating Mary and when you start to hunt Turner.

    General Turners Diary IV
    Standing in front of the entrance to the Keep go straight forward and down some stairs and hills till you see some gallows. The book is one of the coffins.

    General Turners Diary V
    Near the ship is a rusty iron gate. Open it and walk towards a few crates nearby, you will the book on one of the crates.

  • picked up one of these and it said 1/5 so it looks like you need to find 5 for the achievement.
  • There is 5 for each of the three villains you are after.
  • Last one is behind a locked gate - need to find out how to get it open!
  • Hi everyone,I have found 4 of General Turner's diaries,but cannot find the 5th.Can anyone please list the locations of all 5 diaries.I have searched high and low for the 5th,but cannot find it anywhere.
  • The locked gates become unlocked when you do other quests on the island.
  • @3 and @4 = next to the ship is an iron gate, u get the key to open this when u accept the quest for the new lieutenant, u have to do two quests for him then u unlock the quest to look for 5 more books, when u accept this u get a key that opens everything on the island, including the gate at the dock. behind the gate at the dock is the last book im assuming u guys need lol
  • @6,I have the 1 behind the locked gate at the dock.
  • where can i find the 3th volume of the books?
  • does any one know where I can find book #2. Also where can I find the prison shoes?
  • @ piratexzombiex the second book is in the kitchen, when you go in the main entrance, the first door on the right, it should be on a table in there!
  • @ piratexzombiex I also seem to be missing the 2nd one but it doesn't seem to be in the kitchen. It seems that that one is the third one.
  • (Book locations, not in numerical order) #One is located behind the Iron gate near the ship, on a box. (Key from quest required) #One is located near the Gallow's area which becomes unlocked during the escaped prisoner quest. #One is in the kitchen, if you enter the keep through the front door, it is the passage to your right. The book is on the table directly infront of you. #One is from the direction you entered the kitchen, take a right down the passage go up the stairs, to a room, the book is located on the table to your left. #I believe one is located down the stairs behind the archieve room which unlocks during the 'third prisoner' part of the quest. *For the person who asked about Prisoner shoes > They're located in a chest that is through a gap in the fence behind
  • does anyone know why i can't get this or the Diary of a Madman achievement or the other collectable achievements? i have all books. strangely though, the Lab Notes achievement did pop up.
  • Same here. It says 3/5 for Diary Of A Sad Man and 4/5 for this one whe I've got all of them. I'll try doing it again later without collecting any diaries until I complete DLC.
  • Diary I When you first enter the Keep turn right to get to the kitchen, through the right side door you will follow a set of stairs which leads to a guards room with tables - the book is on the left table. General Turners Diary II As soon as you enter the Keep turn right to enter the kitchen, its on the first kitchen table you see. You should probably just grab this one on your way to get the first diary. General Turners Diary III Go through the office and down the stairs directly behind the chair. There will be a room with crates, the diary is on the sml left crate you will see rigth when you walk in. There is another less direct way to and from this room as well but its fastes through the Office. General Turners Diary IV When you leave the front door of the keep - follow th
  • General Turners Diary IV When you leave the front door of the keep - follow the path that leads straight down towards the execution area - the diary is on the coffins on the right. General Turners Diary V Where the ship is, instead of going straight up the stairs, turn left and you will find a gate that you probably would not have noticed without getting close, as it blends in with the iron fence well, go through it and the diary is on the crates.
  • Hi! I picked up the diary that is near the beach before doing any of the story. The achievement has now glitched as I have all 5. Is there any known way round this? Is there any hope that if I see another hero do this I will get the achievement?
  • Anybody else found a glitch with general turners diaries? Both myself and my girlfriend have the diaries but neither of us seem to have the achievement? I've seen alot of people seem to have this issue but has anybody figured out a fix? My girlfriend has also opened all the demon doors but as she opened the 7th new door it said she has 1 of 7?
  • so i collected all the books and the achievement didn't unlock WTF????
  • Wonderful.. Both this one and the one for Witchcraft Mary's diaries have glitched for me! Not sure if it's got anything to do with it, but I didn't get them all in one playthrough (but I didn't for Faraday's either). Also, I joined a game with my boyfriend before collecting them all, and he hasn't even got to the DLC yet, I suppose that could have something to do with it? Other achievements unlocked just fine, except these..
  • i collected all the books too the others unlocked but no this one annoying !!!!says im missing the one in the kitchen i remember picking that one up though :-/ i been to every location again but ive deffinatley picked them all up seem to be a lot of glitches on this dlc which is annoying just hope the demon doors doesnt do it for me either or i will be gutted !!!!

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