Set Them Free! Achievement

  • Set Them Free!



    Open all Demon Doors.


    Some have reported that this achievement is glitchy for them while many others report having no problems at all. If you're concerned about possibly having to do a second playthrough it is recommened that you do not open any of the doors in the main story until AFTER you have opened the one in the DLC. 

    To view the main story Demon Door guide see Demon Door Guide.

    Standing in front of the entrance to the Keep go to the right down some stairs. After that go left and through a hole in the wall. Then go forward down a hill and to the left you will see the Demon Door.

    To open the new Demon Door you will have to obtain the Prisoner's Outfit and wear it. And your reward will be the Prison Guard Outfit.

    The Prisoner's Outfit is found at Ravenscar Keep and is neccesary for the "Set Them Free!" achievement:

    Prisoner's Shackles
    Exit the keep and go right, down some stairs. After that go left and go through a hole in the wall. After that go to the right and look over the cliffs to see the chest.

    Prisoner's Boots
    Standing in front of the entrance to the Keep go straight forward and down some stairs and hills till you see some gallows. A piece of the fence behind the gallows is broken so walk over it and open the chest to get the boots.

    Prisoner's Trousers
    You need to defeat Faraday first and then accept the Undeath Sentence quest. After defeating the last group of hollow men you will be standing next to the chest.

    Prisoner's Top
    After completing the main quests. Enter the Keep and go through the 2nd door on the left and then check the 2nd cell on the left for the chest.

    Prisoner's Bandana
    Standing outside of the Keep go to right down the hill. You will see some farms and rocks on the right. Go to the rocks and then find the wheelbarrow, the chest is just behind it.

  • I assume this will be retroactive unless they added more.
  • as there will be new areas, i hope there will be new demon doors!
  • Already opened all demon doors, unless they've put more in for the new areas this should just unlock
  • i have got one more. got to get fat and dress like a women..
  • @4 I'm the same as your but I can't open it as for some reason my characer is always too sexy even when he clearly is not...
  • @5 : wear the pyjama and give every part of it a diffrent color. i'm in the same boat as you guys, any idea how to get fat the fastest?
  • eat alot of pies or drink beer
  • I put the pajamas on and ate lots of mutton til the fat meter was at the green end instead of the red end :P worked for me!
  • @8 Thanks :)
  • Yeah ta :)
  • AHHHHHHH new achievements i just got them all!!! and for my last demon door i need to get fat! i dont want to be fat in a game too....
  • notice how this is the second time they have added this achievement in late for their games? fable 2 u had to wait until dlc came out until u got an achievement for opening demon doors too :S
  • I wish the DD rewards didn't suck so much. I only opened the ones that had weapons.
  • "Any idea how to get fat the fattest?" "Eat a lot of pies and drink beer." LOL at this exchange :) Only in the world of Fable would this be a constructive conversation. Pies and beer... sounds like a kick-ass time! :D
  • @11 Unlike in fable 2 you hardly see your character got fat plus it's just as easy to get skinny again as it is to get fat in the first place. Hope this DLC takes longer to complete than Understone, the fable 2 dlc's where some of the best I've downloaded so my expectations are pretty high.
  • bah, i still need to open the demon door that involves getting married or whatever...could use another hero...
  • @LeeJ2512 don't worry about staying fat in Fable 3. Just run around a bit and you'll have your thin look back in no time. In Fable 2 if you wanted to be fat you didn't have to do anything to stay fat. In this game you have to constantly eat or you get skinny again :( It's so annoying. Understone was a letdown. I'm hoping Traitor's Keep will be better but I'm yet to be overly impressed with Fable 3 and all the glitches. They need a mute button for Jasper :P
  • They don't need a mute button for Jasper. Mine has disappeared ages ago. How about a button to bring him back! Stupid glitchy game.
  • @18 They did do that. It was resolved in a patch.
  • I can't open the demon door that requires being fat and ugly, I can't even buy pies anymore D:
  • Playing the DLC now, there are new demon doors to unlock.
  • Demon Door at Ravenscar Keep requires the full Prison Suit set
  • How many extra doors are there? I am looking forward to the door quests
  • So i'm guessing its old demon doors + new ones so just getting the new ones while missing a few old ones would not get the achievement correct?
  • It's only one new door, and unlocking it.. well.. I didn't get the chievo! This game needs a patch!!! I have all other doors from before! My gf got it tho, guess I just got really unlucky! :(
  • I installed the DLC and entered the game, and it popped up with "Set Them Free! 3/7" So it includes old ones. Up to 4 now. I think one needs to be opened by marriage, so I might need help with that one, unless you can do it with a local player.
  • I got all 7/7 i got the achievement but the "set them free! 7/7" is stuck at the side... Needs patching.
  • They added a single demon door and it requires a full prisoner suit, the pieces of which are mostly in chests around the island so far from what I've played.
  • @27 same problem here. @20 just wait a couple days for the pies to respawn on the stalls :/
  • @29 I've tried it so many times that and lowering the prices and sleeping for weeks but they never spawn
  • @ #27 Same here =/
  • This achievement isn't working for me, I've opened all 7 Demon Doors and nothing. When I got the DLC I had 4 Demon Doors open, So after I completed the DLC's Demon Door I went back to get the last 2. Now nothing shows up. I've entered all 7 Demon doors again Just to make sure. I'm confused.
  • MAN I hate doing demon doors
  • Didn't they add a demon door achievement in the vanilla game after having added it with DLC in Fable II? Or do these only concern a set of new demon doors only available in Traitor's Keep? Whichever it is, I got RRoD right after 100% my first playthrough back at release, so I'll have to open them all again. So it makes no difference to me, I'll get the achievement in the end. :P
  • okay i have 6/7 demon doors, is there a new demon door in the a DLC?, if so where do you find it?
  • @#27 same problem good thing im not on a plasma and have to worry about burn in
  • 6/7 and ive open all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • just minor problem with this achievement. i had opened before this dlc all 6 demon doors, played new dlc trought and opened last door on traitors keep dlc. funniest thing that i didnt get this achievement. i have checked all doors 3 times. waitin for a patch...
  • I used a local second player to open the Hero Door in Mistpeak Valley, and my Demon Door counter went back to 1. I've revisited each door in hopes that it would recount it if I went into them, but it didn't. Be careful.
  • i got all the doors but the one at the prison it tells me i need a full prison suit i think im missing the hood which i cant find any place anyone know where it might be ?
  • i looked every place and opend all chests from what i can find also
  • It's funny how you need to collect a prisoner outfit to get a prison guard outfit.
  • GLITCH! Random players (including myself) have had this achievement glitch. The list gets set back to 1/7 doors opening, and no matter what you do the achievement doesnt pop. Lots of people having same problem. They better fix it soon.
  • lol i cant even find every part of the prison outfit to get the door open i looked everywhere i think im just missing the hood
  • Definitely glitched. Had 5 opened pre-DLC. Since installing it I opened the one in Millfields and the new one and was only credited with having 2/7. Cleared the cache but this had no effect.
  • Wow, nice job Lionhead. I'm definitely not doing double the amount of work for the same Achievement.
  • Somehow i managed to open the mistspeak demon door in local multiplayer, but later when itried to open it with my other character i tdidn't work.
  • The trick to unlocking this achievement is to open all previous demon doors (6) before opening the last one in the DLC. That way, your counter should go to 7 instead of back to 1. I unlocked it playing through my second evil file, that already had 3 doors open when I continued playing. I completed the DLC, got the prisoner's outfit and went back to open the other 3 doors. Then I returned to the DLC demon door and opened it, and voila.
  • I opened all the doors and did not get the achievement. I opened a few long before the DLC came out and the rest within the last few days. The last status message I saw indicated 4/7 open and I did go back to each door and confirmed that they are indeed open. I submitted a bug report at and hope that others do the same. Maybe we'll get the issue resolved someday.
  • I hate it when there are glitches but the dlc is this time a REAL dlc. I hope there comes a patch soon.
  • to get the achivement i had to make a brand new character to open all 7 demon doors
  • all i need for the dd on the keep is the shoes for the prison outfit but i cant find them any idea on how to get them?
  • I am another victim of the demon door glitch...woo......Crossing my fingers for a patch soon!
  • Good thing I read these. Now I know to open the rest before the one on Ravenscar Keep. >_< but anyone know what the full prisoner uniform inculde?
  • you have to open the demons doors first in the game then open the last demon door on the DLC,,if you opened any of the door's before the DLC you have to go back and start the game again to get this one...
  • Look for future reference post information about the achievement on pages like this, not your personal feelings on the achievements mainly because i look on pages like this for information not random crap.
  • wow i cant get the araura door open and i have full morality can someone please help?
  • Waiting for patch...heh =/
  • where is that patch? Comon, fix this!
  • ive literally just unlocked this....nothing goes wrong if you open the albion doors 1st before the DLC door
  • i had all the original doors open before i opened the dlc door and it glitched says i only have 2 open!!!!!
  • You've got to be kidding me. I lost my first character 32 hours in and now I can't open the last Demon Door because of another glitch? PLEASE tell me someone's found a way around this one...
  • this had to be one of the glitchiest games going...
  • before I get the DLC, has anyone actually got this achievement?
  • Can you only eat during battle?? I hope not....
  • @17 I don't know, I run all over the place and don't eat food, and when I check my status I'm in the lowest red on weight o.0 That's fat, right? lol
  • I am having a problem with this, if anyone could help me, I would be thankful. Ok, heres the problem: When I open two demon doors, it is not saying achievement progress, It just says Set Them Free :2/7 with a white writing style. Then when I open third demon door, it says : Achievement Progress! Set Them Free: 1/7 with a orange writing style. Saying shorter: It resets back to 1! PLEASE HELP ME!
  • What if you open them all before the dlc?
  • I had all the doors open and the dlc put me back to one. This sucks.
  • Is this still bugged :s? So it's just luck, cause there are people who have the achievement. Right?
  • I had 5 of them before the DLC. Downloaded the DLC, got the sixth one and then got the one in the DLC. Only bug I encountered was the notice on the side saying I got them all stayed there for a while. It went away once I quit though.
  • I had 6/7 doors open, all the doors except dlc door and when I opened the dlc door it reset my counter to 1/7 doors. Thanks stupid developers.
  • i havent done all this yet but i want to do it
  • where the hell is sunset house :s?
  • I opened 5 of them by last week, then I opened the last 2. Last thing it said about it was Set Them Free! 2/7 @76 Right as you enter the area go though the woods on your left side, you should find it quite easily.
  • Thanks Jav :) x
  • Not sure if this has been patched, but just bought the DLC and this achievement popped up for me. although now the set them free counter (7-7) will not go away.
  • Forget this..
  • ugh, the achievement didn't unlock when i got the new demon door.... i have all the others, what the hell... oh well...
  • Ok guyz and galz, try this;- dont open any of the demon doors until after the credits have rolled. It worked fine for my boyfriend so it should work fine. I'm going to try it on mine and I'll confirm it later if it works for me.
  • Confirmed worked for me too we both left the ravenscar keep door for last but I dont think theres a specific order you have to do them in as long as you dont open any before you have watched the credits. So if your still set on getting this chievo now you know how x
  • I got the DLC in the sale and when i loaded Fable up for the first time after downloading it, a counter popped up on the right going 1/7 , 2/7, 3/7, 4/7, 5/7. Then stopped. then when i got the other two doors, the achievement unlocked.
  • I think this is bugged for me... I opened all of the Demon Doors apart from this one and the Millfields door. I opened this one FIRST and it said Set Them Free 6/7 and went away just like normally, but then I opened the Millfields Demon door after and I didn't get the achievement and it didn't say Set Them Free 7/7.
  • Can anyone give me 100 msp points or so to buy the DLC? GT: CornerPureEagle
  • @85 exact same thing happened here, but when I opened millifields door it said 2/ looks like the game reset my stats. this was RIGHT after someone had helped me get all the weapons, so I don't know if it has anything to do with it...but it really blows. I've also noticed that it reset the number of friends I had made
  • Ok I opened some doors before beating the game (thus before seeing the credits), and my Demon Door count didnt reset until I went online. Is there a way to fix this? I still have 1 more door to open (the DLC one), so will I get the cheevo when I open that one? My clothing collection count resetted too....
  • I just opened up the last Demon door with another Hero online and the achievement glitched.. Has it done that to anyone else? Im angry :(
  • Best way to get this is to have a character save AFTER the Traitors Keep DLC is downloaded. (In my experience it prevents some of the common glitches.) Open the Ravenscar Keep DD first then go back and open the other ones in no particular order. I read that some may glitch and the achievement might not unlock while others got the "set them free 7/7" stuck on their screen permanently but the achievement will still unlock. I got the achievement but it really just depends on luck :/
  • okay awesome! Thanks Blood! :D i have to start over anyways to get some other achieves hahaha
  • Ok, my counter reset on my first playthrough, so I had to start over. I finally got the achievement, so I'll put what I did so no one else will have to start over like me. I DID THE DLC DOOR FIRST. I think that's the door that reset my counter last time. I did that one first, and did the Mistpeak Door (reqiuring another Hero) last, since my problem started when I was involved in those two doors. So, to get the achievement, I did the DLC DOOR FIRST, the MISTPEAK DOOR LAST, and the other doors in between in any order. Achievement popped up perfectly with no lasting 7/7 on the side. p.s. I opened the Mistpeak door on offline co-op with a second controller. Didn't want to risk online play screwing up the achievement.
  • I can't open all the doors anyway, and I am 100% I will not be spending mone yf oany expansions for the fable games. -_-
  • You see it's stupid crap like this that makes me hate Lionhead Studios. It's full of a bunch of lazy-ass developers that don't give a shit. We should have to dink around like this to get an achievement that we've already fufilled the requirements for. It's bull! Lionhead can go to hell.
  • Will someone help me open the MISTPEAK door? one of the few i need to do still. My gamertags is GRCasscan2 or u can msg me on here. I hope to hear from someone soon!
  • Hey not sure if this is fixed but ill just put down what I did to get it to work. opened all normal 6 doors before I bought the dlc, when I went to the island they counted slowly up to 6 and then when I finished the island quests I opened the 7th door. A lot of people recommem using a local co-op character on the mistpeak door ad not a xbox live player, I also did it that way.
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  • What sucks the most about this is thing being glitched is that you cant transfer the prisoner outfit to another characterm, so now I not only have to get all the quests done again I have to find the outfit.
  • Need help with the Mitspeak demon door......add me or message me if you're willing to help
  • It's not glitched I had all 6 unlocked and I went and did the new door and got te achievement
  • Did this twice and it glitched on me twice. I don't know if I have the patience to do a 3rd playthrough. On both times my counter got resetted on future advice do it in one session.
  • can anybody who got this achievement please clarify for me exactly how you pulled it off? i seem to be reading alot of contradicting answers. i've just finished my 2nd playthrough, which i started after downloading traitor's keep, credits just finished rolling, i haven't opened any demon doors at all. so what should i know before proceding? how do i make sure the achievement pops? do i open the demon door in traitor's keep first, then go do the other doors in the game? or do i have to make sure all the doors in the game are opened and then do the traitor's keep door last?? all i know for sure is that this cheevo is really hit or miss... AAARRRGGG. just want to know im not setting myself up for frustration by doing them in the order or something stupid like that... MAN,,, doesn't lionhead
  • ...test this stuff before selling it?
  • @102 same here, it's f*cked up you have play this game a second time just for one achievement. Hoping someone can answer your question. Let us you know how you did it.
  • I'm not sure if this helps but I'd opened 4 demon doors when I started playing Traitor's Keep, finished the DLC, then set about opening the remaining doors in any order that I wanted. I go the achievement no problem.
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  • At least these arent nearly as bad as the ones for Fable 2...nor as many of them
  • Anyone that wants to work on all these achievements, send me a message!
  • thank lord you can get fatt and slim fast in this game
  • Well this sucks. When I was opening my 5th demon door after getting back to work on this achievement, it said I opened 3? I did the dlc one last like people are saying and it says I'm only on 5...I defiinitely don't wanna do some second playthrough just for this because it's not worth it...what is up with this glitch?? :S
  • Aaaand did it! My second playthrough was quite fun actually, and I just got everything prepared so I could quickly get all the doors in one sitting. That way the counter wouldn't glitch...and it worked! I did the normal doors just in a random order and left the dlc one till the end. This is my 9th 100% :) While I'm at it I should get back to completing Fable 2. Those last 3 achievements have been sitting there uncompleted for quite a few months now...
  • When I did the co op door all my stats got reset, so even though all the doors are open, I did not get the achievement. Not looking forward to starting the game again.
  • did this glitch for anyone else?
  • @113 Yes, this just glitched for me yesterday. I had already completed 3 demon doors when I downloaded the dlc. And it reset my counter apparently because when I got the very last one (with the prison suit) it now says I only have 4/7. Very disappointed to have to play through the entire game again, but at least now I have a male character to steal his royal outfit from.
  • @112 That sucks and thats the only Demon Door i got left to do too.
  • For this achievemnet you can't open any other demon doors until you talk to the one in Traitors Keep! It won't work if you already opened them all!
  • Need someone to open the door with another of the Live with co-op.
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  • I need help opening the demon door in mistpeak valley... This is my 3rd go round and I'm making sure it doesn't glitch on me again. Add my gt if you can assist me!!! :)
  • I opened all original demon doors and they still rest and i only have 5/7 now. This achievement is just a huge fail. Just don't even worry about it until Lionhead fixes it.
  • is this the dlc you have to buy or the one for free?
  • You have to buy it. to get this demon door. Someone with the DLC have prisoner clothing i can borrow to open this demon door? I have it on one file but i got locked in reavors room with the wheel. So i need someone to help me transfer it to my new file or lend me theres plz
  • ok can anyone help me i opened them all an everything i dnt have the DLC i havent got the achievment yet is there more in the DLC?
  • Where is the seventh door exactly? Ive looked all over traitors keep and cannot find it.
  • @123 how on earth you want to get the achievement from the dlc without having a dlc? and yes, there is one more in the dlc. @124 check the forum man. there is a great guide for location of demon doors and what they want from you to open.
  • need a partner for mistpeak valley
  • All mine are open and no achievement hours wasted , now I am fucking pissed off!
  • I need help opening the demon door in mistpeak valley... Pleas msg me GT: M4kroi
  • Had all the demon doors open, just got the DLC. Opened the last demon door... And nothing WTF -.-
  • Had to start over but got it.
  • Need help in mistpeak. Add me GT: Dr Bakken
  • need help and will help with any, hit me up Gt: shadowbeast11
  • I opened all doors a year achievement. Nothing has changed. Take your copy of Fable 4 and shove it u..............
  • The achievement popped before the DLC was released. After its launching day I downloaded it and the achievement was locked again. So I opened DLC DD and nothing happened. I've started the new game yesterday to "Set them free" once and for all.
  • Just confirming this achievement is STILL broken.
  • I have opened all the demon doors, and for some reason I did not get this achievement. Are there demon doors in the traitors keep quest pack and understone quest back that I still need to buy for the game, or what?? Why can I not get this achievement??
  • Wow this achievement has a major glitch!!! I unlocked all the doors but the Mistpeak one, but when I finally unlocked that it reset my counter to 1/7 doors unlocked........WTF
  • @xboxsupport asked me to tell anybody with this issue to contact them and they will sort it out.
  • @138, as an ambassador I decided to make this a stink to them and basically any one and every one who has had or having this problem please contact xbox support and let them know you are having the issue and we can hopefully get them to contact Lionhead and get a forced patch fix in.
  • I need to get married to open one of the demon doors. please add me Dremin555 Thanks XD
  • @139, EnemyBritBomber, good luck, they feel no need to fix this patch. they only did it for the pc version and coninued making the other fables. People are just going to have to learn and do it in a particular order after "finishing the game" I would know because I tried contacting the several tmes and now I'm just stck having to do another playthrough.
  • wow still broken
  • I just got the achievement now. Must have been extremely lucky. Got the DLC installed after I opened 1 Demon Door outside Sunset House then went through them all today unlocking them, leaving the Ravenscar Keep one until last. Kept track of the counter at all times, go to dashboard if the counter goes wrong.
  • Can this be done in co-op? The achievement glitched out for me and I'm currently helping a friend with the game
  • Need the Mitspeak door if anyone can help. GT: Aerdo
  • add me if you can help gt: graveRAPTOR
  • Got the achievement today. (Waited almost a year after the game was free to pick up the DLC hahaha) Anyways, I played without opening the main story doors. First door was the DLC one, afterwards I went through the Demon Door Guide and opened in that order. Or alphabetically. Unlocked with no problems.
  • Hey I've completed all doors but two, and one of them I need a female character to help me open. If anyone could plz take five minutes to join in as there girl character and just help me open the door it would be much appreciated and I'll help in anyway I can with the game or any others I might have. My gamertags: K1NG B4NGAR4NG. on all the time
  • This is achievement is complete bs! After putting over 2 days into my game, completing every single thing I could do and finishing their other failed multiplayer achievements I get screwed with have to do another play through on my final endeavor. I had every demon door opened prior to downloading the dlc, watched the counter slowly go up to six( acknowledging my previous doors), and found the worthless prisoner outfit to open this door only to receive a Hot Carl and watch it say my count was back at one. Don't worry though, I'm going to play through again, torture every possible citizen, be as evil as possible, only to pop my final achievement and burn this game. Don't worry lionsgate, I will never purchase another game of your again. Scumbags.
  • PS. I hate you.
  • if anyone can help my gt is ZombieEwe73112
  • looking to get all multiplayer achievements GT:FusingXx smd xx
  • looking for multiplay cheevos GT: MUIMags

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