Definitely Not On Rails Achievement in Fable Anniversary

  • Definitely Not On Rails



    Visit every region (excluding Demon Doors), or increase your waistline so that you don't have to.

    How to unlock Definitely Not On Rails

    This achievement can be earned by either visiting every area in Albion (besides Demon Doors) or by getting fat.

    There are 81 regions total that you will need to visit. You will visit almost all of the locations in the game by naturally exploring the world of Albion, but the cellar at The Grey House location can be missed if you do not take the proper steps regarding the Lady Grey quests. If you would like to unlock the achievement this way without getting fat, please refer to the roadmap for information on the Lady Grey quests to make sure you visit every location in the game. If you would like to check how close you are to visiting each region, there is a progress counter on the achievement page in the game.

    If you want to get this achievement by being fat, this will unlock while you are eating 25 apple pies when opening Demon Door #5. Please see the “Open Saysmemiddlefinger” for more information on the Demon Door.

    This achievement name is a reference to Fable: The Journey.

  • Please tell me the achievement name is based on the Fable: The Journey controversy...
  • Haha! Definitely a 'Fable Journey' reference.
  • Love it!!!
  • this game has some glitchy achievements. i was at the demon door where he wants you to be fat to enter, so i hate a ton of red meat and this achievement popped
  • wait. i retract that statement
  • lol i thought the same thing but then i realized i was just FAT lol
  • Easy way to get this is to buy 25-30 Red Meat, put it on the hotbar, and chow down. Takes about 10secs of eating (make a save beforehand if you would prefer to retain your original size).
  • @4 Well, the second part of this achievement requires you to be fat, so...
  • I bought 25 red meats and ate them all back to back, the achievement popped.
  • Is it possible to miss any area for this achievement? I was not able to go into the grey house cellar, will I need it for the achievement?
  • Save game, Buy pies, EAT Pies, Get Fat, Unlock Achievement, Load Save this way you can still get the achievement and not have to worry about staying fat. I've been working around manual saves to get what i want and not go broke.

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