Better When Shared Achievement in Fable Heroes

  • Better When Shared



    Complete a level as part of a four-player team. This also unlocks a tile on the Inner Board.

  • How to unlock Better When Shared

    This can be done using 4 total controllers in an offline game. Choose FAMILY DIFFICULTY, and connect all 4 controllers (most instruments work as well), and then choose a character for all controllers. Now just select any of the quick mini-games, such as chicken bomb, and let the controllers sit. Once the level ends, you will get the achievement.

    Alternatively, you can do this with a few players online. Please view the Achievement Trading Thread for players.

    Note: All players must be signed in from the beginning to the end of the level.

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  • Does anyone want to get this started.. I am going to be getting this when it comes out. I need three other team members to run through the game with. Add me GT:EziosBladeZ
  • count me in. woodster 86. will be getting it on release date
  • im in as well. ill be on around 1pm PST on the day of release and ill play as much as possible in a day
  • If anyone needs another player, add me GT: Becky Starzz
  • Needing this as well hit me up. X jacks colon x
  • I need this one as well, add me
  • need this one too add me Bremia85
  • i also need this.
  • ADD GREENMACHINE818 i need this also
  • Available today. Still, add me.
  • Did this using two wireless pads and two guitar hero guitars lol
  • This won't pop for me, I've completed 3 levels from start to finish online with 3 other players and nothing... GT: BettaWithToast
  • Lol, #11. Thanks for the idea. I did the same. Online play w three other gamers wasn't popping cheevo for me for some reason.
  • Does anyone want to help me with this?
  • Ei violabusa I want! Add me on Xbox Live. If you have a second controller we can do it. I have a second one too
  • If anyone wants to do this leave you GT
  • iRstampede
  • could really do with this to get the game done, but not that many people r playing any more, could do with some help!! please. ( goodsephiroth1 )
  • looking for some ppl to get this done with.
  • Looking for some people to do this achievement with, also looking for someone to help me with the mine cart achievement.
  • Btw my gamertag is AceofSpades93
  • I have all achievements bar Fast & Furious and World Champion, but am willing to help others get any online achievements they need. GT= TLA Tohig
  • --GAMERTAG: The Seeker 315-- HELP! Been trying to get this for a few days, it's harder than it looks to get 4 players together in a game, will send some of you guys requests..
  • I'm looking for people to complete this with, I have 2 controllers. Just send me a message! GT: Nightcirk
  • I want to work o this, send me an invite or friend request
  • PST TheRealJoeSchmo via XBL.
  • i Need help GT: WolderWald
  • I Need Help Please GT: busterbob42
  • Looking to do this real quick: Matthew K Ellis
  • Im looking to do the ac as well look me up GT: RaringEagle2158
  • hey anyone wanna help me out my tag is Arrivedmetal
  • Looking to boost this. I have two controllers. If interested just message me. GT: StoneofSilver00
  • Looking to get this one done, I have 2 controllers. Shoot me a PM on here, I don't always check my XBL messages. GT: JukkaKhan

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