Cast Party Achievement in Fable Heroes

  • Cast Party



    Unlock all the playable characters. This also unlocks a tile on the Inner Board.

  • How to unlock Cast Party

    There are 6 total player to unlock:

    • Hero unlocks Lucien
    • Hammer unlocks Scythe
    • Reaver unlocks Ben Finn
    • Garth unlocks Maze
    • Jack of Blades > Complete Dark Albion Credits level
    • Sir Walter > Complete Albion Credits level
    • Gabriel & Theresa > Play Fable: The Journey (Not necessary)

    You must purchase 4 of the characters on the ability board, by landing on the green tile on the top of the board and purchasing them using 15,000 gold, with each puppet.

    Note: It is not necessary for you to buy Fable: The Journey for this achievement, contrary to speculation.

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  • From what I read in the RipTen review, 2 characters are locked and can only be opened through Fable: The Journey. I REALLY hope those are included in this achievement, otherwise they'll have officially broken the game for me. Not buying FTJ.
  • i believe this achievement doesnt require the fable the journey charcters to unlock there already 4-5 people that have it on from review copies. unless they all have Fable the journey as well its obtainable when you unlock the 6 locked characters.
  • It defiantly doesn't need fable journey characters it just popped right now 4 me without them
  • How do you unlock jack of blades
  • You get Jack of Blades after completing The Dark Albion Credits level
  • Thank you
  • Hero unlocks Lucien Garth unlocks Maze Hammer unlocks Scythe Reaver unlocks Ben Finn Completing all default levels unlocks Sir Walter Completing all dark levels unlocks Jack of Blades
  • This can be easily unlocked if you play offline with 3 bots. When the bots land on the puppet tile just buy the character (15.000 Gold) this unlocked them for you.
  • anyone wanna play this online add me Arrivedmetal

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