Benevolent Leader Achievement

  • Benevolent Leader



    Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement


    This achievement is not as difficult or time consuming as you may think. Check the wiki HERE if you want detailed information on the mechanics behind how happiness is computed and what affects it. See below for the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to pop the achievement.

    What you will need:

    • Player level 20, Charisma level 6, Local Leader perk level 2, and Cap Collector perk level 2
      1 water pump (resources > water > water pump)
      • 1 Concrete
        4 steel
        1 gear
      1 max level Bar (stores > food and drinks > restaurant)
      • 5 wood
        1500 bottlecaps
        3 steel
      1 bed (sleeping bag is the cheapest to build) (furniture > beds > sleeping bag)
      • 3 cloth
      2 turrets (defense > turrets > machinegun turret)
      • 16 steel
        2 circuitry
        4 gear
        4 oil
      15-30 days worth of food units stored in the workshop. note: 1 mutfruit = 1 unit, all other food 2 = 1 unit
      1 person. Can be a settler or a humanoid companion.

    Build your water pump, put the food in the workshop, build the bed indoors, set up your turrets, build the max level Bar (under stores > food and drink) and then assign your person to work the bar.

    With everything except the bar, your single person settlement should reach 80 happiness. With the bar, you add 40/# of settlers to your settlements happiness. Hence, with 1 person, you should reach 100 fairly quickly. The number will rise pretty quickly at first jumping 4 points at a time before it trickles down to single point increases and then reaches 100.

    That's it. From there you can go about your questing and exploring business and the happiness will slowly rise. No need to sit and wait or sleep to wait and remain tied to the settlement. You may want to check back periodically to ensure the arrow is still pointing up on the happiness meter and they still have plenty of food.

    Some people have reported the achievement unlocking without the size bar having changed color to indicate a "large" settlement. If you reach 100 happiness and it hasn't popped; the cheapest way to increase your settlement size is to build several of the wooden crate containers (furniture > containers > wooden crate) for 3 wood each.

    This is certainly not the only way to pop this achievement, but it is the simplest. You should be able to use any settlement for this, however, I do recommend Red Rocket or Starlight Drive-In simply because they don't start with any occupants so you have complete control over what and who is in them without having to do any extra work.

  • This might be hard to get. A lot of people, including myself are experiencing a glitch that is effecting settlements. Happiness drops. Beds not registering and defense food and water dropping to zero or close.
  • thanks i was scratching my head at why my peeps were so unhappy. i thought they just needed more paintings or something. lol
  • Yeah cant figure this one out Everything was going good I had Sanctuary up to 86% then all of a sudden it said I had 0 food even though I literally had 20 Mutfruit Trees but if I tried to select them they wouldn't even highlight so I planted 20 more and they never grew fruit My happiness went all the way down to 54% and seems to be stuck there
  • - Sanctuary is a large settlement, so do it there. - Have 20+ beds inside buildings, 20+ water, 20+ food, 140+ defense, 20+ surgery centers (tier 3 clinics). The key is to build the large tier 3 clinics. Each one costs 1800 bottle caps, but they provied the most happiness. It won't work with tier 1/2 shops, they will get you stuck at 94 happiness or so.
  • Can't get this achievement. Stuck at 60 but it's rising up. Anybody care to make a tutorial? This is my last achievement to get.
  • Note that the settlements are known to be glitchy. Sometimes when you've been gone for too long or something, the resources drop to 0 and so the happiness will crash. I also encountered a weird glitch with Red Rocket suddenly showing 41 settlers - clearly something that cannot really happen since the limit is 10 + your charisma + 1. This, too, dropped the happines down to nothing as the resources weren't enough and obviously the settlers didn't have jobs. Some people say they've been unable to get this without idling in the settlement until the happiness has gotten from high 80s all the way to 100. If they leave, the rating will go down, so be prepared to spend some time watching TV or something while getting this achievement.
  • I have 15/20 settlers in the Hangman's Alley settlement. its such a tiny area that I had to build UP!! Sunshine Tidings Co-Op has about 20 also but its a huge settlement. I have all my companions at Sanctuary Hills so I'll try to get the achievement there. Wish I could get other settlers at SH besides the depressed husband & the bitchy wife... lol
  • Watch out for if you use a bell sometimes settlers get unassigned
  • I made a video guide on how to get this achievement, and all you need are 6 settlers and 5 shops at the Red Rocket truck stop! Much easier and faster than the 20 people, 15+ shops method! Happy achievement hunting! :)
  • How do i get more settlers to join my settlements? So far I have 14 max at Sanctuary but nobody else will join up. I have like 40+ beds 40 def 69 water 51 food a trade & a top tier clinic so what do i need to get and/or do to have more people to join?
  • #10 you need more charisma. I think the total settlers you can have is your charisma +10. Wearing certain types of clothes can help boost that.
  • Sleeping does work. Ive had my 10+ clinics for a while and kept getting stuck at around 80-85. Just settled in for some grinding and it takes a while but it unlocked on nothing but sleep.
  • I managed to get to a 100 happiness in sanctuary and the achievement still has not dropped. I'm currently stuck at 980 as this is the last one I needed. All that grinding for nothing.
  • It seems like this achievement must be glitched. I see everyone talking about how you need to build a ton of stores/clinics. Surely Bethesda didn't intend for you to have to build 20 stores for an achievement. That being said, in my 2 settlements I'm trying this in (Sanctuary, Castle), I each have 17 people, 20+ food, water and beds, 100+ defense, 5+ stores, tons of random decorations and somehow my happiness is going down. Got as high as 88 in Sanctuary. I don't understand why I'm not getting more settlers either, I have 9 Charisma plus I wear glasses for +1 and the pompadour wig for +2.
  • Got mine with vinexnike comment #9 solution I did it slightly diffrent I slept 48 hours as it made wait time drop to about 3 mins for happiness to go up sleep every time it gose up also I got some more of those fruit trees ready and 2 extra clincs things incase it started to go down or stop which it did at 98 so just transferred 3 more people got them on clinic and one on food went to down arrow slept went green then just wait sleep till 100 toke me about 50mins in total can't recommend it enuf just be ready for the game to be a dick
  • Can this be obtained with the Castle?
  • @MickManIV I'd like to know as well. I have happiness stuck on 85 and I should have enough resources, but I'm out of building space. I guess I just wasted space by fixing the walls.
  • The 6 settler strategy posted by #9 worked wonders for me.
  • Just got mine from the 1 settler method. Just a quick heads up or hint for those that are on to the waiting stage. Don't simply go off for a day and leave your console on, will waste alot of time. I found that if you sleep/wait untill you get your first bump in hapiness level you can then sleep for around 36 hours and then wait for about 5-10 minutes and it almost always ticks up in the time frame. Simply sleep for about 36 hours every time you get a bump untill you get your 100. Seems alot of people are a bit iffy on times and still people suggesting leaving your console on for days so just throwing in something that for me worked 100% of the time all the way to 100. Best of luck to any going for it.
  • Most of you guys are silly, totally use the 1 settler method. I used a settlement that had nothing in it, and the happiness was already set at 80. So I made the bar, 2 sleeping bags, and put plenty of food in the workshop. Then I just waited and stood around while I did this and that around my apartment. Unlocked in like half an hour.
  • I have done this twice and the achievement has not popped yet, once at Red Rocket using the one settler trick and Starlight Drive-in using 20. This is one of the biggest bullshit achievements ever. After working all day and you want to relax and play a game do you want to wait all night and do stupid things like put 16 shops in a settlement just to get an achievement? Who's bright idea was this? I'm at 980 and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Takes all the fun you spent countless hours out of it.
  • Does Charisma cause happiness to go up? The reason I ask is because I was stuck on 99% for ages and there was no arrow indicating an increase or decrease. I had 19 people on the tier 3 shops (clinic; restaurant; and clothing). As I was doing this with Bunker Hill there were lots of named characters who I couldn't control and assign to tasks. I was already on 28 people; and my food was actually below the number of people so I figured this might have been the issue (I think I only had 3 people to spare on farming including Kessler). So I equipped clothing which boosted Charisma in the hope I might get an extra person join who I could task to farming. Moments after I boosted my charisma (to 15), the green arrow appeared again and all I had to do was wait and sleep. All of the other stat
  • Was trying this one with starlight drive in with 20 people, max charisma, no companion, plenty of food, water, beds, 3 tier clinics and decorations but happiness kept stalling at around 92 and wouldn't go up. So i tried sending people away so i was down to 6 settlers, 5 at clinics and 1 working the mutfruits. After that happiness was shooting up fast after following the above posting sleeping method and hit 100 within 15 minutes. If anyone's having problems raising their happiness then try getting rid of settlers til down to 6 and then you can reset the settlement (with an earlier save) after the achievement pops.
  • #9s comment is working for me so far. i got the happiness level up to 83 and its still going :)
  • got it! you can add more stuff if you want but just follow #9's solution and youll get it :) 100% completion for me
  • see this post for a much easier way with allot less caps required.
  • this is so stupid, it makes me hate the game more then it deserves. i tried everything and i'm stuck with 89%. the arrow is green until 89 and then i get a red arrow until 88 then it turns green again until it reaches 89 again.....%(&%&%$=)&(&?=/%&$))%& -.-
  • I reached 90 after i sent a yunkyard dog to the settlement wich also produces happiness and now the green arrow is gone again...
  • Have tried all these walkthroughs and countless hours trying to get this as it is my last achieve and still no luck.
  • Hopefully the wasteland workshop will make this easier, I'm having troubles with all methods
  • The Wasteland Workshop makes this easier! Capturing cats produces happiness. So, my 15 cats has gotten me to 100% happiness.
  • with the updates now I experienced zero glitches doing this achievement using this method: -Start a settlement at Red Rocket -Get a recruitment beacon setup -Set up a defense perimeter with 100+ defense -plant 11 mutfruits, at 1 food per plant, it provides more efficient worker use than other food. -make sure there's more than enough beds so the settlers can choose, I used 14 with this method -11 people is all you need- put two people on the mutfruit and the others on level 3 surgery stations. -DECORATE the settlement with decorations until the the meter is yellow- this is VERY important as without this, your settlement wont be classified as a large settlement and you wont get the achievement Build a trap to catch a cat- cats provide extra happiness to the settlers
  • I got this achievement on spectacle island, with no settlers, one sentry bot, dog meat and three cats, all I did was kept building, wasn't even trying to get it
  • The best way I got it. Use Vault 88 From the beginning, after you turn on the radio, 3 people will enter. Before you do anything else turn the radio off. Than, finish all the quests from the "story: mode of the Vault. Once done, build more rooms and set up the basics. Than, then turn the radio back on, and wait (in game) for more to show up. When one does quickly assign them to a task. Continue until you have 10 people. Turn off radio. After that, build things that can improve happiness like bars, some workout machines, and even some stores can help. Last build as much and different decorations as possible. Some key notes: Unlike settlements, your defense does not have to be more than your resources.
  • Edit from above: For some reason, my post got cut off *Before you do anything turn the radio off. *Once done, build more rooms, and setup the basics. *When one does come, quickly assign them to a task. *After that build things that can improve you happiness, things like bars, some workout machines, and even some stores can help.
  • I don't know why everyone insists you need lots of people. I had literally two people and I got it. And I got it before all the things like workout machines were added. I went to a settlement with two people, made two stores, places loads of water pumps, and then shoved lots of food into the workshop. Then I proceeded to fill the entire settlement with random statues, plants, and rugs until it was max size. I shoved a guard dog in there and just kept waiting around the settlement. It took me a while, but required minimum effort and worked like a charm.
  • Be aware guys, placing food or beds doesn't mean they actually improve the situation. If your settlers don't sleep or farm, it doesn't count for anything. Make sure your beds can be reached. Otherwise your settlers will stay up all damn night and then complain to YOU about it like it's your fault they didn't feel like sleeping. Lowers happiness.
  • how i did it: 2 people at red rocket truck stop. 2 beds. 3 food (3 carrots and a bushel of razorgrain). 1 water pump (equals 3 water). 1 person was in charge of the food. i put in 2 stores; 1 bar and one clinic (clinic was unmanned). put the other person in charge of the bar. 2 bench press stations and a pommel horse. then i trapped 4 cats and had 2 junkyard dogs. gave each cat its own food dish. put in a fountain, put up some posters, added a bench (for me to wait on) and one gun turrent for security. took a bit of waiting but my happiness steadily rose... never went down. it finally unlocked.
  • i did it with one person at longfellows cabin, settlement linked to supply route. i moved longfellow to another settlement. built a tier 2 food and drink stand. built 2 heavy machine turrets (prob couldve used just one) built a wood-> prefab-> floor and roof. built sleeping bag in said floor and roof. moved a settler to longfellows cabin assigned them to the bed i built, and the bar. i hung around for a while to make sure happiness was going up, got bored sitting around, so i left when it was at 80% and ended up doing some quests, about 2-3 hours later the achievement popped while i was back in boston. i started building a bunch of vault 88 hampers (2wood) to increase the size of the settlement, but i only got the bar ~30% full and quit doing it. i also built a weight benc
  • Thanks for the guide! Followed it exactly and my Red Rocket settlement went from 0 to 100 in a few hours.
  • Still have yet to complete this achievement so I'm going to give the guides a try and cross my fingers. Thanks for the info!

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