New Kid Achievement

  • New Kid



    Reach 10th level.

    Reach level 10 and the achievement will unlock. See The Boss for more information.

  • pumped for this game to come
  • Love how the Tiles are more cartoony this time round. Also i agree with #1 already pre ordered my collecters edition game and guide, and took of of work for a week. Goodbye. friends/family!
  • Glad to see difrent types of achievments got really tired of the repetition of completeing a quest get an acheichvment and repete and again and then 20 quests later get one for being evil and getting to level 14 or watever and then repeting that for the other karma levels
  • cant wait to get this game the achievements are way different this time around sweet
  • cant wait to get this game the achievements are way different this time around sweet
  • i love this game so much
  • Gabe Gonzalez Mrs. Rebholz English 10 20 March 2011    The secret life of bees essay Anger is one of the 7 deadly sins and is not a very pleasant emotion to feel. This emotion can cause lots of suffering and pain. In this novel anger is one of the main feelings that almost every character experienced for some reson. Happyness is a emtion that is favored to anger, but life is crul and unfair. People just have to learn how to deal with it and move on. The main character of the novel, lily experiences anger when she finds out that her mom stayed at the same house she was staying at. She expresses her anger by throwing jars of honey at the wall. It escapes many people why she would be mad. People would generally feel more comfortable if their mon stayed at the same house. But lily
  • But lily is different and that's her way of dealing with her anger. Zach is a young African in his youth and he get in trouble with the law with his friends. When may finds out that Zachary is in jail she soon kills herself. When Zach is back home from the little time he spend in jail he finds out that may killed herself. He get angry and starts cry and blaming himself for her death. He is a man and does not take out his anger in a phisical manner. This is something rare to c even more rare in a teen. T-ray (lilys) father is a man that is always angrey and if he isn't it is ver simple to make him angry again. He soon discovers that her daughter and his servant ran away from the home and peach farm. He then is able to track them down and he finds them. When he is talking to his daught
  • When he is talking to his daughter he yells and screams at her and tries to take her back home. But she is resistant and doesn't want to go back. As you can see he expresses his anger toward her with yelling and screaming. This common in young adults males. The differentos of people and how they release their emotion is shown in different ways. And it is surprising to find out that anger was so common in this novel. It is a powerful emotion that can be fueled very easily. It is good that no one was hurt Sent from my iPod
  • Post number 5....
  • Love this game so far.

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