The Boss Achievement

  • The Boss



    Reach 30th level.

    Getting to level 30 is more a test of patience than anything difficult. Unlike Fallout 3, FO:NV does not fully scale monsters in the wastes to your level. So for example, the area around Goodsprings will always have Geckos and not much else. This means that you are going to either want to farm an easy yet relatively high experience enemy (such as Fiends) or do many quests. I suggest doing quests, as once you have explored the majority of the map many can be completed in 15 minutes or less and yield a hefty experience reward. Do not forget the Here and Now Perk, which automatically levels you if you take it; save it for later levels when it takes more experience to level.

    There are multiple places within the game where you can power level-up. Some of these glitches may have been patched, but can still be done your system's cache is cleared. Play offline, and it should work perfectly. Check out That Lucky Old Sun for the superior method.

  • Once again, completely cheating but there's the glitch on "That Lucky Old Sun" for the people who don't want to actually PLAY this game. You know who you are.
  • if you want to reach level 30 quickly, enter vault 11, find the sacrificial chamber in the overseers office and after killing all the robots walk over to the vault 11 mainframe and select the 3rd option but DO NOT back out keep clicking the 3rd option and you will get 500XP every time the 3rd option is clicked. when XP stops popping up in the corner back out and you will keep levelling up until level 30.
  • Without cheating this takes a long, long time. The best method for geting this is to complete all the sidequests you can, (some conflict with each other) and make sure you walk everywhere. Kill everything in between and hack as many terminals and pick as many locks that you can even if you dont need to enter a room, pick the lock. Try to complete Challenges too, as they give Exp bonuses.
  • In addition to what Dangerous Brian said, get some ownable houses and sleep in them to be Well Rested, which gets you extra XP whenever you gain some. It only lasts 12 in-game hours, so get houses all over the map (to sleep closest to where you plan to go), and make the most of your time.
  • Just play the game to the full experience and reaching level 30 will seem to come faster if you just have fun playing the game. Isn't that why we buy games in the first place?
  • Complete that lucky old sun then go to the scientiest and keep saying you redirected the paenls you will get experience and stimpacks and that speech never runs out so just keep saying it
  • If you're level 29, save, and go to the dam to complete the game as there should be enough to kill at the dam/camp to hit level 30. It might be possible to be level 28 and get to level 30 by finishing the game. There are a lot of units to kill and if you have 100 speech, you can speech victory your way to more exp at the end.
  • Take all three ranks of the Swift Learner perk as well, as that will add precious extra EXP. Other than that, pour you skill points into science, lockpick, speech and and type of combat and make sure you do as much of it as possible. Complete side quests and challenges as much as you can, walk around as much as you can to discover all the locations (taking the Explorer perk will help) and as Agent CH said, try and find some ownable houses - everyone should get the Lucky 38, I've also got one in Novac, but I haven't found any others so far.
  • I didn't own any houses (didn't realise whoops), I just took Swift Learner and other EXP related perks when I could, and did a 72 playthrough. Discovered every location. Killed a lot of Feral Ghouls and Large Radscorpians. If you have the right weapons you can gain a lot of EXP fast from that I found, round Searchlight Airport and such. I did the No Gods ending and got to Level 30 just before I entered Legate's Camp.
  • The dialogue glitch that gives you 385xp, three stimpacks, and two doctor bags prior to completing "That Lucky Old Sun" is confirmed to still work as of 1/1/2011.
  • Tap x Slayer is was patched, as of like Mid-December? I recall them announcing It on Fallout Site. But so people know just delete the Cache, ignore update, Start "That Lucky Old Sun" and at the terminal choose the 1st option and then the 5th, talk to Ignacio and click the dialog that completes the quest over and over again, until you are level 30. >_>
  • Guys here is a glitch i forget where but in this one destroyed city you will see some super mutants around a corner and up on a building that you cant get in there is a super mutant with a Rock-it launcher dont kill him first shoot the weapon out of his hand then shoot some rocks at him and he should go flying and you can get some free missles from his dead body very helpful weapon later in the game.
  • 1st do this : (this will not delete/corrupt any games) you will get an update message when you enter the game, select cancel and it will bring to the main menu, start it up and do the glitch : After you have reached level 30, save, exit out of the game update it and go back into the game. You will still be level 30 (its the way i did it)
  • One word of caution -- since you only get a perk every other level, don't think you can level up from 28 to 29 and use Here and Now to jump to level 30 and pop the achievement. You could use H&N as your level 28 achievement to get to 29, and then play through to 30, though.
  • If you delete your cache, the counters for getting the 10,000 damage and healing achievements might get reset, just a word of caution, as this same thing happens in Dragon Age Origins.
  • why don't people just play the game
  • i agree. its not that hard and its fun to do all the side quests
  • Agreed. I'm all for achievements that gradually build up over time. When they pop its all the more satisfying.
  • Does this max out at level 30, like the previous game, or can you continue gaining XP points?
  • Max out
  • So if 30 is the max, and skill books are scarce, I guess that means it's pretty much impossible to creat a "perfect" character (with 100's accross the board), unlike Fallout 3.
  • im stuck at lvl 25, playing as a legion. i need to go to hoover dam and defeat NCR. i have discovered almost every town, and almost every town want to kill me, because im with the legion. any ideas?
  • Kill them all :D Good xp right there.
  • Unless you hack, getting to Lvl. 30 will take quite some time... Try to complete all the quests possible; and if you're stuck, just look up the quest guide on the Fallout Wiki.
  • All you need for this is kill massive swarms of groups like powder gangers in the ncr correctional facility and the legion if your not cool with them or the other way around, also ponder around the desert by the ncr outpost by the bottom left side of the map and quests and side quests are always good
  • As more DLC is put out then this will help getting to level 30 easier. I just completed the Dead Money DLC and went from 26 to 29 just from that.
  • This achievement is really easy if you don't just play for achievements.
  • I chose to "EXPLOIT" (it's not cheating) the repeating offer of XP in Vault 11 after you watch the video and robots attack. It's glitchy, so save before you sit to watch the video. It still works. Don't use "Here & Now" or any increase XP% Perk when you can use this exploit. Of course, don't accept any updates, and play the game offline. I'm fine doing this because: -I'm thoroughly playing the whole game for fun anyways, side quests and all. -and I hate when I get to a computer terminal, or speech/barter option, and I'm not a high enough level. -and I used the Perk to add +1 to any SPECIAL category 8 times.
  • I had another XP glitch in the Vault with rats and mantis. For every mantis you kill you get 10 xp then take their legs for 20 xp (?) Then you move the legs between your companion (ED-E for me) and yourself for 20 xp/move and you doesnt need to leave the inventory. And it work still and im updated and always live when i play. But it only works there for some reason.
  • @30 which vault?
  • I accepted the update, but when before i started playing i erased it, the glitch during "That Lucky Old Sun" isnt available to me though, did i do something wrong?
  • @32 Must've been patched along with the other games.
  • Hopefully I get this without cheating or getting bored of this game
  • Theres still a glitch in some of Mr House's dialogue. its when you talk to him about [Medicine] and say that he cant be that old. also im sure that theres a barter option to. you can rinse this over and over but its only worth 45xp
  • In the beginning get the perks that allow for bonus xp.
  • nice and easy achievement im lv 26 and almost 27 it isnt too hard just enjoy the game
  • I am just exploited this glitch at the very begining of the game to get all the Xp to reach level 30. I am still gonna play the game (as well as buy/play all the dlc), I simply want the game to be easier when I play it since its rather hard to get use to (Its my first Fallout game).
  • The game will take some time to get this,just play it like Fallout 3,screw the glitch guys EARN the achievement.
  • Guy's why are you trying to glitch to get this achievement? Trust me, once you get to level 50 you are going to wish you that you can keep on leveling up.
  • Played almost 10 hours and only lvl 11. it's gonna take a long time but you get loads of XP from completing quests
  • I got this quite easily. I just did alot of the side quests, got upto about level 27, then started the DLC's. These give you 1000's of XP points and i was lvl 30 by the end of the first one. Now im lvl 35 on the 3rd. Just don't concentrate on the cheevo's for this one. Do lots of side quests and kill loads of enemies and you will get this in no time.
  • The glitch does not work even if you delete the update, clear your system cache and disconnect from xbox live.
  • This glitch STILL WORKS. You have to delete the update, clear the system cache, disconnect from Xbox Live, AND DELETE YOUR INSTALL. The install of the game now contains the fix so you need to basically delete everything but your saved games.
  • Vault 11 worked perfectly for me! Especially when you have the Ultimate Edition with the Grenade Thrower :D
  • Anyone know if i can buy dlc, then delete updates and clear system cache n still be able to use the xp glitch from that lucky old sun to carry on leveling up, thanks
  • Easy achievement currently lvl 45 and rising.God I love this game so much
  • @ 47 I agree. Im almost to level 23 and almost at 30 hours (Im at 28 hours right now) not that hard just time consuming. Good thing this game is great I can spend hours and hours on this game and still have more things to do in the game. I'm like 1 more quest then im done for the day,oh wait i gotta restock time to make a few trips to Silver Rush,Crimson Caravan,and gun Runners,ok cool. Oh wow this quest looks fun,one more quest LOL. Plus I just unlocked ''Explorer'' perk,and have yet to even enter the casino cause im trying to get all the other quests out of the way lol. This game 9.5/10

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