Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal Achievement

  • Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal



    Recruit any companion.

    The easiest companion to pick up is Boone. He will be found in Novac, and will join you after you complete his quest, One For My Baby. There will be no skill check if you had evidence in the quest, but you must pass a Speech 55 check if you had no evidence. Since you'll pass through Novac and the quest is extremely short, he's an easy choice. Also refer to The Whole Gang's Here for a full list.

  • First Easy recruit is Boone in Novac... Just complete the "One for My Baby" Quest...
  • my first was Raul defeat that bitch supermutant tabitha
  • The easyist companion I found was Veronica at the 188 Trading post, just talk to her. No Quest (Boone), no High Repair Skill (ED-E) and no Super Mutant assault (Raul).
  • This sounds helpful, TNX
  • Cass (Mojave Outpost) - Complete the You Can Depend On Me quest for McLafferty ED-E (Primm) - Pump some skill points into repair or science, or just find the parts required. Scrap electronics, sensor modules etc Boone (Novac) - Complete One For My Baby Veronica (188 Trading Post) - Just talk to her, I think it helps if you're on the good side of the Brotherhood or NCR Rex (Freeside) - Complete G.I. Blues and start Nothin' But A Hound Dog They're the ones I have so far, but I've also found Arcade Gannon in the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside. Can't get him though, you need 75 speech!
  • My first was Arcade Gannon.
  • boone ftw
  • I didnt get the chieve when I got boone :/

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