Crafty Achievement

  • Crafty



    Craft 20 items.

    You craft items by using any workbench or campfire in the wasteland. To name a few, there is a workbench next to the tavern in Goodsprings, a campfire near the wells in Goodsprings, and a workbench in the Presidential Suite of Lucky 38 (the workbench must be bought). The easiest way to get this achievement is to either recycle or convert ammo.

  • first!
  • lol ur the only 1 (bar me now duh)
  • Third!! Super easy achievement just find a crafting station
  • Fourth! Easiest achievement ever, breakdown 20 rounds and you will pop this cheevy
  • Having Veronica craft the 20 items also works.
  • reloading station gets this quick
  • To easy.
  • Way too easy, just break down and make ammo several times. You should get this in a bout 5-7 minutes
  • All you need to do is breakdown ammo and then make it, the break it down and remake etc, really easy

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