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    Install 20 weapon mods.

    Mods can be acquired from many traders in the waste, and then can be added to weapons via your Pip-Boy. Each gun can hold up to three mods. You can do this over time, but MUST be done in one playthrough. You can complete this immediately after completing The Courier Who Broke the Bank as then you'll be swimming in money. The Gun Runners have a good supply of mods to buy if you're searching.

  • How r these already out if the game hasnt been relesed or r these jus lik geusses?
  • the developers sent them to X360A
  • Anyone know how d'you attach mods to guns nothing seems to be able to attach to any weapons I have
  • Most of the shopkeepers around the desert has mods for weapons, you need the weapon the mod is assigned to. Forexample you need a plasma rifle for plasma rifle mods, you cant use a weapon with a special name for mods, which kinda sucks :( just buy the mods from vendors when you see them and apply them to a weapon when you find one, shouldnt be hard to get.
  • Easy, but time consuming. Just buy any and all weapon mods when you can (Duplicates count, you can get this with 20 9mm Pistol Clip Extentions on 20 9mm pistols) and the weapons they attach to. Press the Left Bumper and add the mod. Do this 20 times and the Achievement will pop.
  • Oh, Cap consuming too. The mods are cheap but the weapons they attach to... oh My.
  • If you are looking for mods go to the gun runners. buy all mods, wait 72 hours. rinse and repeat.
  • The guy from the T-Rex building also got a lot of mods.
  • Just keep going back every other day or so (in game time) and each shopkeeper has a chance to have a new mod or more mods.
  • I did a glitch where i have 2 Million Caps :D, so now i don't have to worry about money!
  • I like the hunting rifle and the laser RCW
  • A nice addition to the previous game
  • Make a save outside the gunrunners. Sell EVERYTHING you have, misc, ammo, everything, including armour and weapons (that you can't mod) because you wont need them for this achievement. * Just make sure you don't save over this save. Simply re-load when you're done. * Buy 3 mods and 3 corresponding weapons. Mod them. Sell them back to the vendor. Wait 24 Hours. Rinse, Repeat. If nothing decent is being sold, wait another 24 hours. By 4 or 5 days waiting, you should definitely have new mods/weapons available. If not, go to another weapon vendor and do the same. ALSO: If you don't have much money, this method will take longer but you can just keep waiting until the vendor sells a varmint rifle mod (he will also sell a varmint rifle too if this is the case and the combined weapon + mo
  • The gun runners is the best place to buy mods but you I also had luck at the Goodsprings General Store and the Crimson Caravan store.
  • If you preordered the game, try modding the pistol you got. Save beforehand, I warn you this.
  • If you want some good mods, go to Gun Runners, their Merchant at the 188 Trading Post, or at Crimson Caravan. Just get a lot of mod-ready weapons and some caps and you'll have the achievement in no time!
  • Can you mod a weapon twice? I put 2 mods on a Varmint Rifle. Does this count towards the 20 needed?
  • yes they do because its for each mod i got 9 just moded my hunting rifle, 10 mm pistol, 9mm too
  • Careful when selling things back to the bot at the gun runners, it bugs out and takes your stuff but doesnt actually give you any caps back. I suggest selling elsewhere and returning to buy.
  • Did this after getting kicked out of all the casinos. had about 40,000 caps to spend
  • had 10,000 caps and got 10 mods now. Only gt 5 caps left lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Actually pretty easy. In the general store in Goodsprings, There is a mod for the .357 magnum and the .357 magnum itself. Buy both, Mod the gun and attach the mod to it (1 down so far), then either sell the gun back or keep it. Eventually the store will respawn with another .357 and mod so just keep checking back every once in a while and repeat.
  • The gunrunner stand in New Vegas also has a ton of mods but chances are you will have to spend a lot to buy the guns as well (because you probably wont have them). The good thing is that you can install up to 3 mods on a gun. Its gonna take you a while but you will get it eventually.
  • to those of you that plan to play the add ons, the honest hearts dlc has mods that can be purchased dirt cheap(i would imagine that your barter affects the prices like it does in the mojave). i dont want to spoil if for those who have not played it, but one of the main characters has them, just check back with him after completing main quests or every day and buy them again.
  • Yeah I just got to 15 mods, and then got some implants from the New Vegas Clinic only 9000 of my 45000 caps left. Sad...
  • @ 6 not really. The mods are expensive you can find almost every mod at Gun Runners near the Strip. But be warned Gun Runners is Expensive. You can attacth more then 1 weapon mod to a single weapon most times. Such as a ammo cartridge and a silencer on a rifle like the ''Varmiant Rifle''. You can buy the same type mod over and over and it counts towards the achivement. Heres a tip. Have atleast 6000 caps then go to Gun Runners. Buy a weapon,if you dont already have it the a mod for it. Immediatley attach it then sell it back to the robot. DONT SAVE. Then Achivement pops after thhe 20th mod then load the game. Boom you still have all your caps. ;)
  • The varmint rifle and its corresponding mods are actually cheap, but it may take a while for them to respawn.

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