Walker of the Mojave Achievement

  • Walker of the Mojave



    Discover 50 locations.

    'Discovering' a location is defined as walking there for the first time. You'll get a notification, 10/11exp, and a permanent marker will be added to your map. This achievement is best done over time, and will be acquired over the course of the main storyline.

  • Less work than the Master or the Mojave Achievement. See Master of the Mojave for info.
  • Here is a link with a map with all the locations. http://www.strengthgamer.com/Fallout__New_Vegas_Maps.html
  • This achievement should not be very hard. Especially if you take the "Explorer" perk at lvl. 20
  • Its not hard but its annoying traveling to 50 (eventually 125) places. While you may get most of them through natural story progression, Its still a pain.
  • Discovering places in the DLC counts for this, or at least I am 99% sure. This popped when I discovered a place in the Honest Hearts DLC.

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