Master of the Mojave Achievement

  • Master of the Mojave



    Discover 125 locations.

    Another achievement that is simply done passively; you can most likely get it while doing quests and leveling to 30, but it's quite possible to need to actively search. Note that if you wish to power through the achievement follow this process:

    • Save just before leveling.
    • Level and take the 'Explorer' perk. Note the Explorer perk only reveals the location, it doesn't allow fast travel.
    • Methodically fast travel to the nearest discovered location to the desired undiscovered location and walk to said undiscovered location. Repeat until you reach 125 locations.
    • Reload the save before leveling.
    • Level and take a better perk.
  • I'm looking forward to completing this achievement.I loved wondering around DC and ill love wondering around the mojave wasteland!!!
  • I agree with #1 :)
  • Agreed
  • This is fun and easy to do if you're like me (and everyone else who posted here) and like the bits in between quests and locations. Just walk when told to go somewhere for a quest. If you see a hollow arrow on your compass, head for it and it will be added to your map. If you're stuck, take the Explorer perk at Lv. 20 for ease of location.
  • Here a link with a map with all the locations.
  • does taking the explorer perk get the achievement? or do i still have to go these places?
  • You still have to go to the places. the explorer perk only shows the the exact locations on your map
  • Fairly easy if you get the Explorer perk once you reach level 20.
  • There should have been an achievement for finding all locations. God knows it took me long enough!
  • 1. Get to level 20. (Just do side missions and main missions, plus killing lots of deathclaws, ceasers legion etc helps.) 2. Get The Explorer Perk. 3. It shows you every location on the map 4. Whilst moving to every location also doing many quests can take you to locations. Doing this you should get their in no time, by the time i had this perk i had around 50 locations, i have only had it half a day and i already have about 90 - 100 locations (have not checked recently.)
  • i agree with comments 1-4 i think the beauty if games like this is the exploring. most people don't like to take there time to walk around they usually use a fast travel feature and wonder how my characters on sgames like this are so much better then theres.
  • glitch it travel to freside from mojave wasteland and u get it
  • It's a bit trickier on this game I found, simply because of the Deathclaws only appearing in certain areas. Accidentally stumbling into Gypsum or near Dead Wind Cavern got me killed many a time! As long as you know where they are though, you should be fine - avoid Quarry Junction (near Sloan, north of Goodsprings), the Gypsum train yard (north of Bitter Springs, near the BoS safehouse) and Dead Wind Cavern (out east of Primm), unless of course you want to hunt some big game Deathclaws.
  • This seems to have glitched for me. I've found more than needed but it never unlocked. Is there anything I can do besides another playthru?
  • i would think that you should just keep finding more locations and if it doesnt give you the achievement then another play though is the way forward
  • The guide for this is horrible. If you pick up this perk keep it, don't reload the game. If you're exploring the wasteland, discovering locations, picking up quests,and earning a ton of experience, why would you want to reload and lose all of that for a better perk? It would be a ridiculous waste of time.
  • i got my achievment when i completed the challenge for finding 75 locations. Anyone else have this happen?
  • i discoved all the locations in zion for the DLC and my location thing didnt go up so does that mean that locations discoved in DLC's dont count towards the 125 locations achvment
  • @17 - that's because that challenge is the second "location finding" challenge; it doesn;t unlock until after you finish the other one, which requires you to find 50 locations. 75+50 = 2 achievements :)
  • Just walk around in the Mojave for a few hours. Go in the direction of the arrows that are not filled in. It is very fun just wandering around. I couldn't stop. I would just put the quests aside and go exploring. You can find a lot of cool stuff like collectibles, cool areas, giant irradiated animals, and some extra side quests.
  • This achievement was kind of tuff until the addons came along
  • The explorer perk will all locations on the map, after that just making the timetogo to each one.
  • The explorer perk works good because it shows all locations. You can get about 50-60 through natural exploration but the rest you sort of hunt out with the explorer perk. I also played the Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road DLC, They gave a ton of areas and you got them all just through progression through the DLC.
  • the dlc ands explorer perk helped me get this one
  • This is pretty easy once your a high level and have the explorer perk.

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