Globe Trotter Achievement

  • Globe Trotter



    Discover all snow globes.


    This achievement is unlocked by finding a total of seven snow globes around the world, and they are relatively easy to get provided you know where to look. Their locations are as follows:

    • Goodsprings: Located in Goodsprings cemetery at the back left corner of the area at the base of a grave marker.
    • Hoover Dam: Located in the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, on top of the welcome desk.
    • Old Mormon Fort: Located in the tower directly to the right as you enter, on a shelf on the second floor.
    • Jacobstown: Located on the reception desk directly inside the lodge.
    • Nellis AFB: Located in the boomer museum, on a table directly to the right of the door.
    • Lucky 38: Located in the Cocktail Lounge (this isn't the casino floor) on the counter behind the cash register with a green lamp next to it.
    • Vault 21: Located in Sarah's room; the door is locked, requires 50 Lockpicking or her key.
  • These best NOT be like the bobbleheads!
  • it appears to be......
  • At least there are only 7
  • when you find them you take them 2 Mr. House in Lucky 38 casino and the robot takes them and you get 2000 caps for each one ^_^
  • Goodsprings Cemetary - Next to a grave marker Lucky 38 - Cocktail lounge behind a cash register Hoover Dam - Visitor center on the reception desk Jacobstown - In the lodge on the desk ahead of you Nellis AFB - Boomer museum Vault 21 (The Strip) - Bedroom (average lock) Old Mormon Fort - Tower to your right and up the stairs
  • 2000caps is so gay, why not some s.p.e.c.i.a.l points etc...
  • Nope, you gotta pay for special points now. 4000 caps each, and you can only have one of each, and you can only have so many based on your endurance points.
  • Is it possible to get these damn things out of my inventory if I am allowed into the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite but I managed to destroy Mr. House and those two shrieking robots before I could hand them off. I notice there is a place for them similar to the bobblehead stand in Fallout 3 in the Suite but I can't activate it. 7 weight is a lot to be lugging around on hardcore.
  • Watch This If You want to know the locations of them all.
  • Uncle Cousin, I haven't found anyway to offload them myself. The stand for the snowglobes is just where you can view them after you've sold them back to Mr. House. Stupid, but the way it is.
  • If u got the DLC Dead Money do u have to find the Serria Madre snow globe to get the achievement?
  • no you do not have to worry about the seirra madre chip there are a total of 7 snowglobes and they are sooooo easy to find.. they have nothing todo with the dlc
  • Good to know if you sell them it will display them
  • Where is the one in the lucky 38 casino? Is it on the main floor or upstairs? I look3ed on the main floor but I don't know where.... I watched that video but honestly it didn't help if I can't find it...
  • Lucky 38 Casino. The Snowglobe is located in the cocktail lounge on the counter "behind" the middle cash register with a green lamp next to it. NOTE: you must first speak with Mr House and gaining access to the Presidential Suite. Take the elevator to the cocktail lounge, take an immediate left and follow the bar around until you see the cash register with a green lamp beside it. the snow globe is behind it.
  • this one is glitchable; not sure if selling some of them to Jane before finding all of them has anything to do with it, but DID NOT get the achie while having collected all but the dead money globe, which everyone i've read says is not necessary for the achie even though I do have it installed; will update after finding it as well, but frustrating none the less
  • is anyone else having alot of issues with this achievement? i've gotten all the snow globes even the DLC one and still no achievement. i even did it on another character and still nothing
  • this is so much better than finding all the bobbleheads...
  • really this is a pain in the ass achievemnt since the one located at nellis is hard tp get to since them boomer people trying to blow ya up
  • Where is the Old Mormon Fort? i got the rest but i cant find the loc :/ message me pl
  • PraiseTheBreadI.....the Old Mormoin Fort is in Freeside. Check your map, its right beside Freesides North Gate.
  • Anyone else think it's odd that Mr. House gives you 2,000 credits for retrieving a snow globe, but even after the barter check will give you only 1,250 for recovering the platinum chip that is the last best hope for humanity? His priorities are slightly skewed.
  • They added another one in the DLC at the Zion General Store. Be sure to grab it.
  • will never replace bobbleheads, easy cheevo though
  • if you sell them to mr house but then decide to kill mr house is the room still yours and you can still keep your snow globes there
  • anyone find (if any) the snowglobe in LR?
  • (to be more accurate as to where the globes actually are) Goodsprings Cemetary: Near the water tower is a grave and on the grave is a snow globe. In front of said grave is a fence so you cant miss it. Lucky 38: Head into the casino then go to the elevator and head to the cocktail lounge. Turn to the right and keep a look out at the counter against the wall. Continue on until the counter on your left breaks (it seperates and allows people to walk through it) and there will be a cash register to your immediately right. Behind the register is the snow globe. Vault 21: Have Sarah give you a tour and she will eventually make a comment about her bedroom (which is just down the hall on the left before you turn). Pickpocket her for her key and head to her room, The globe is on the stand nea
  • Old Mormon Fort - Once you enter, Go to your right and you will see (along the wall) is an enterance to a tower. Head up the stairs and look at the shelves, The globe is on one of them. Jacobstown: Once you enter it you will see a rather large building (which is the Jacobstown Lodge). Go into it and immediately head up to the counter (which you see upon entering) and the globe is on there. Nellis Airforce Base: Where the boomers are located (just to make it clearer). Go into the museum and turn right immediately upon entering, Its on the small stand in the corner.
  • Hoover Dam: Keep a look out on your right for a visitor's center early on during your process through the dam. Go through the main enterance and head up to the counter, The globe is there. Hope this made it easier for everyone who wanted to get this achievement.
  • its stupid that you cant get this cheevo if you kill mr house before talking to him. FUCK YOU OBSIDIAN!
  • This achievement really gave me a pain because I had to do a whole new save because I killed Mr. House and the Cocktail Lounge was not unlocked for me. -_-
  • i want boobleheads to come back
  • You have to find them all to get the achievement right? So If I gave 5 to the robot and kill mister house finding the next two will give me the Achievement?
  • In this games you should save a new save file before doing quests that u have to kill characters, this prevent u to lose something important in the future progress of the game.
  • Thanks for the tips guys ... I was worried that I wouldn't get the achievement, since I missed the Sierra Madre snowglobe.
  • You need to offload them all to Jane in the lucky 38 to get the Achievement, killing Jane results in no achievement even if you gather all globes. Which is annoying, but still manageable just do it while working on the house always wins.
  • @ 37, no you get the achivement immediatley after the last globe is found. You can keep them in the inventory if you want. The achivement is for FINDING all 7.
  • i cant get it because i cant get into the cocktail lounge
  • Just go and pick them up from the locations even if you did not side with mr house
  • Loved this achievement!
  • Any way to enter Vault 21 when the door in Bennys Suite is still locked? Benny has been crucified, so I think I messed it up. -.-

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