You Run Barter Town Achievement

  • You Run Barter Town



    Sell 10,000 caps worth of goods.

    While this achievement can be acquired over time, it is obviously easier with a high barter level. If you want to power through this achievement, you can use the following method:

    • Find a merchant.
    • Sell the maximum amount of goods to a merchant (equal to his / her caps on hand).
    • Complete the transaction.
    • Buy back your own goods.
    • Repeat the last three bullets until you are out of caps / get the achievement.

    If you are having trouble finding high value goods, most unique weapons sell for a lot of caps. You can also sell Power Armor for a hefty profit (kill NCR Heavies or BoS members for it). Finding all the snow globes, and selling them to Janet in the Lucky 38, will net you 14k caps which would make it very easy to use the above method. Alternatively, you can simply wait until after "The Courier Who Broke the Bank" and get the achievement quite quickly using the above method.

    If you want to attain this achievement in a gradual fashion, then you can get this by simply looting everything you kill, combining the items by using your repair skill, and then selling all the goods when you get back to town. Remember that your influence with a faction determines the buy and sell prices of its merchants, so higher favor = less time and money!

  • Get a follower or two and go to the Silver Rush in Freeside and shoot the guard outside to start a fight with the Van Graffs (if you're going to do their missions you should finish those first because they don't come back after this). Kill all of them and you will be able to walk inside and kill Gloria and Jean-Baptiste and start taking their weapons (with a decent repair skill you can also make a couple good plasma rifles off of the guards you just massacred). Then just go to Gun Runners right outside of the Freeside east gate and sell all of that to the vendertron. That should net you an easy(ish) 7-9k depending on what you keep for yourself.
  • Don't know wether it's a glitch or not, but i HAVE NOT sold anything yet, i'm waiting to get my Barter level up pretty high first. But i was buying some weapons & alot of ammo at the Gun Runners when i unlocked this Achievement. It seems i unlocked this for buying 10,000 caps worth of goods...
  • i got this by selling mr house the snowglobes for 2000 caps each i got it real fast
  • I also achieved this by buying goods not selling.
  • This is an easy achievement to accomplish just by playing the game. Collect guns/ammo you find on mobs you kill, sell them, and unlock the achievement. Armor and high-quality weapons sell for large amounts of caps so if you collect your own arsenal, just save, sell it all to the Gun Runners (or across other merchants since they don't all have high cap amounts) and unlock it followed by loading your saved game and continuing on with your normal game.
  • I found a merchant with 4000 caps and sold all my gun then bought them all back over and over again. it cost me some caps thou.
  • You CAN get this by buying goods. I purchased 20 weapon mods for the other achievement and this one popped when I bought the last one.
  • Easy method to earn this achievement is to clear your system cache and use the cap glitch. Head over to Youtube to find a tutuorial.
  • I recommend doing 'The Courier that broke the bank', then heading to Gun Runners if you haven't already gotten the 'Mod Machine' achievement, as you will unlock all three in a row (save before buying all the mods if you'd rather keep the caps).
  • i got this by usually selling rare weapons i found like 'annabelle' or 'oh baby!' i never used them and from them i got 10,000 caps! there worth about 6,000 each.
  • best way i found to do this was get a stealth boy and go into the van graffs HQ use the stealth boy and rob everything off the table and shelves you will not get caught and the stealth boy stays on for ages. Once you have got everything sell some to mick and ralfs untill they can't off you any more caps and then go to the gun runners and sell the rest. Then you should have the achievement.
  • offer you any more caps because they gave used all their's to buy the stuff off you**
  • you can track this in your pip boy under misc under the 3rd button. after selling at least 2000 caps worth of things go to the gun runners, hold alot of items that would add up to 8000 caps, make a game save, and sell as much as you need to until you get the achievement. load the last gamesave and you will still have everything you did except you now have the achievement.
  • The achievement is technically to get or save 10,000 caps through the Barter skill. If you just buy and sell things a lot, you'll get it quite naturally; I got it with 8 Barter just as I got to the presidential suite on my first playthrough.
  • I did this by my experiance from Fallout 3. Try to scavenge stuff from old buildings that are worth alot of caps. Forget the Pencils and ruined books go for clothes off dead enimies,take their weapons,look for stuff worth atleast 10 caps a item etc. One of my first achivements in the game. Very easy.
  • Wasn't too difficult. Just hoard like hell and sell when you can, that's what I did.

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