Blast Mastery Achievement

  • Blast Mastery



    Cause 10,000 damage with Energy Weapons.

    To start, you will need an energy weapon, either Laser or Plasma based. Note that Plasma based explosives don't count. You can get a Laser pistol right at the start of the game from Doc Mitchel, but after that they are hard to find. Fiends have energy weaponry in large supply for some reason, so they're a good target, as do the Brotherhood of Steel. The Silver Rush sells energy weapons from its almost unlimited supply, but are quite pricey overall. Also don't forget that traveling merchants can repair any weapon for a price, even if you don't have a second weapon to cannibalize for parts.

  • Holy crap its a Master Blaster Vault Boy!
  • Where's the best place to find energy ammo for this?
  • Go to Silver Rush.Close to The Strip North Gate. There you can find everything that you can imagine for a energy weapon.
  • I found that an easy way to get this achievement in to go to Freeside to the Silver Rush and buy a recharger rifle/pistol with ammo because it doesn't use ammo it recharges quite quickly and it's classed as an energy weapon.
  • heres an easy way just go to freeside rob the weapons in silver rush kill every one in glglove society and kill a few people in freeside and you will get it
  • Also, if you ally yourself with the Brotherhood of Steel they will give you access to ammo in their bunker.
  • The laser RCWs cool
  • roughly how long does working for one of these 10,000 achievements take because i want to know if i can get two or three of them in one play though.
  • Big question I've got for this achievement...does the Flamethrower classify as a energy weapon?
  • Do you have to get this in one walk though?
  • @11 The flamer was not an energy weapon in fallout 3 but IT IS an energy weapon in fallout new vegas
  • Using the Gauss rifle and Gatling Laser is good for getting this. Also, for ammo, you should take the Scrounger perk to find more ammo in boxes then normal. Also, increase your energy weapons skill.
  • If you have a higher Energy Weapons skill, a good one to use is the YCS/186, which is a unique Gauss Rifle. It is located E of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch and is carried by a mercenary. It can do well over 100-150 per shot, and will kill almost anything with a critical hit or sneak crit. Just as a side note, I find it is much stronger as a sniper than the anti-material rifle.
  • The best way is to take the wild wasteland trait and get the alien blaster. I wiped out camp mccarren and westside in 10 minutes and got the achievement.
  • do I have to deal all 10,000damage in one playthrough, or does is it linked to my gamertag?
  • I never realised that I was so close to getting this achievement when I did because I'm used to using guns. Does ED-E's kills count towards it?
  • I think you can also use the Proton Axe that you get in the Think Tank DLC.
  • If you have enough ammo for any of these 10000 damage achievements, couldn't you just go and fight in the thorn?
  • As far as i am aware it has to be done in one play through. Easy way is to make an alternate save and just go on a rampage in town :) I found it easier to leave my companions at the lucky 38, so they did not kill steal from me.
  • What classifies as a energy weapon?

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