Love the Bomb Achievement

  • Love the Bomb



    Cause 10,000 damage with Explosives.

    So this achievement is most likely the easiest of the group if you have the caps to pay for it. Grenades and mines will be your bread and butter, as missiles and fat men are in short supply. For an early game explosive stockpile, loot the NCRCF Powder Gangers for dynamite. Raider groups usually have 1-3 grenades on them, so they'll be a constant influx as well. Most traveling merchants will also have a few frag grenades on hand. If you're struggling to find targets, head to the nearest robot infested building. This is because robots move slow (so they're easy grenade targets) and have lots of health.

  • To get this achievement you must cause 10,000 damage in total with explosives (e.g Grenades, Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers and the Fatman) You may think you need to start a new playthrough, but you dont. I got every 10,000 damage achievement in one playthrough and this method works for them all. There are two things you can do... First is find a place called 'The Thorn' just outside of Westside near the South Gate and keep fighting Giant Rad Scorpions (This will also help with the 10,000 StimPack Achievement as you will get damaged) or... Get alot of Explosives (Missile Launcher is best) and lots of ammo, save beforehand if you dont want bad rep and stuff. Then go to Jacobstown, Goodsprings, The Strip, Camp McCarren, Caesers Fort and Hoover Damn and slaughter everyone
  • I think this is more easily accomplished by using dynamite, frag grenades, frag mines, grenade launchers, and missile launchers in towns since light-human targets are more susceptible to explosive damage. There are a lot of 'squishies' running around Freeside and New Vegas.
  • meet the requirments so you can get the splash damage perk helps,another tip if you are being chashed by an enemy walk backwards and keep tossing mines down, mines also helps out with deathclaws, cripple their legs so they can't run
  • what's the best explosive gun, most plentiful ammo? I'm not looking for most powerful, but easiest to resupply. My problem with explosives is never finding enough ammo.
  • I've got the same problem as Frostfire20, I can't get hold of any ammo for grenade launchers and the like. There's a rare rocket launcher at the top of Black Mountain being used by a Nightkin which I think I'm going to go and get my hands on, but where's the best place to find missiles?
  • Securitrons usually have missles when you search them. I just did the same thing you did SDHoneymonster, used Annebell (the rare rocket launcher) took out Deathclaws left and right. Got the achievement in no time. All I have left is melee and unarmed to earn.
  • You can find a very large supply of grenade launchers at Nellis AFB... but you first have to get through the boomer artillery... next step once you meet pearl you have to kill her (Save before hand if you intend on befriending the boomers at a later time). go around killing every single Boomer you find... Mess hall is full of them so lots of ammo but you must be prepared or they can easily kill you... also in the same building as the mess hall is a bunch of ammo for weapons at the back of the mess hall.. just search the bodies of the dead soldiers for grenades for grenade launchers. hope this helps for finding explosives.
  • also i dont think that securitrons have any missles unless you upgrade them
  • "First is find a place called 'The Thorn' just outside of Westside near the South Gate and keep fighting Giant Rad Scorpions (This will also help with the 10,000 StimPack Achievement as you will get damaged)" missle launcher just hurts all the retard npc's above. not recommended.
  • While going for this achievement, I came across 3 Deathclaws that WOULD NOT DIE, just northwest of Junction 15 Railway Station (on the road, northeast of Sloan). I must have done 5k damage to these things alone.
  • Yeah there seems to be a glitch or something. I unloaded on some Ants and wouldn't die either.
  • Every time im about to do this the game freezes on The Strip gonna try somewhere else...shit
  • There aren't enough Dr. Strangelove references in our society
  • This achievement only takes 10 minutes on the strip with a missle launcher.
  • ah yes. chaos with grenades, missles, and mines with a fat man to do the rest.
  • all i did was have bout 20 rockets n used annabelle wich is rare, yu cAN it near black mountain, a super mutant i think has it, kill him n get it, then simply go to the strip , save your game(optional-that is if you dont care bout karma cause what your bout to do is messy, the simply go in daytime n kill anyone yu see, i reccomend you to go in this builind to the right as soon as you go enter the strip ther more people there, then just blast away, if you run out just look for guides on ammo, also it can be eraned by just normal playthrough , i got it quite soon cause i killed quite alot of enemines previously so gud luck ;)
  • I am suprised that I have gotten the 10,000 damage for Guns to quickly (in only 4 hours) yet all the other 10,000 damage achievements are taking me forever. Best way to do this is simply save up a ton of dynamite, frag grendades, and so on, so forth, save your game, then go to a crowded place (new vegas casinos for example) just kill every one.
  • Does this achievement carry over playthroughs? It seems I got "New Vegas Samurai" unusually quickly. The achievement popped by the time I was leaving Primm.
  • Missile launcher is awesome since it does a crap load of damage compared to the others and is a lot easier to hit where you want it to. The Nellis Arrays have a small stock of explosive ammo and the Brotherhood of Steel armorer will sell a good amount of explosive ammo once you're liked. Explosives are expensive, so either save them up or scrounge around for them.
  • kill the 2 guards at Nellis and take their missile launcher and both their ammos, and rampage around the casinos. Nice and easy
  • I went on a rampage in the Strip and Casinos with Anabelle and frag grenades. I had upgraded the securitrons, but the only one to drop missiles was Victor, but for some reason after going around the lucky 38 killing off the robots when i came back outside he had spawned again, so i killed him again and got another 20 missiles :) I managed to get this just on the strip and in the casinos.
  • Does having the difficulty higher help with causing more damage points or does it not matter?
  • @ 22 I'm pretty sure a higher difficulty will make enemies more resistant to damage, but wont give them more HP, so you're better off playing with a lower difficulty for these.
  • I found that using the Red Glare from the DLC Lonesome Road was the best explosives weapon for this achievement
  • just run in a building blow them all up till you get achievement then reload last save

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