Lead Dealer Achievement

  • Lead Dealer



    Cause 10,000 damage with Guns.

    This one is perhaps the most straightforward of the group. Simply take a gun that uses bullets and shoot enemies. For best results, you'll want to fight against lightly armored opponents like Raiders, Fiends, and Great Khans. Also remember that unless you want to wait for the Weapon Handling (Level 16, Strength under 10) perk you'll need a Strength of at least 3, though up to 5-8 if you want versatility in weapon choices.

  • Easy enough, start a new game and tag skills like repair and guns. Barter also helps too to get ammo cheaper. You should get this eventually. Time required depends on your taken route, completed quests etc.
  • I got this about 6 hours into the game, Pretty easy if you ask me.
  • Strength of 3? I got this easily with a strength of 1 and they were pretty damn accurate.
  • I got this after my courier got to level 15, didn't take too long.

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