No Tumbler Fumbler Achievement

  • No Tumbler Fumbler



    Pick 25 locks.

    An achievement that simply must be done over time. Remember to take it slow, as each bobby pin has a 'health' bar such that if you guess wrong you can stop before it breaks. Should you fail often, you might want to invest in the Infiltrator (Perception 7, Lockpick 70) perk which lets you repick a broken lock one more time. This achievement can easily be done with "Hack the Mojave," as many locked doors have a terminal next to them that can unlock the door. If you do them simultaneously, access the terminal first, hack it, but then unlock the door manually instead of through the computer.

  • Think this tile is wrong for this achievement. This looks like "Stim-ply Amazing"
  • Easy, you should have at least 25 on lockpick on every save, simply open as many containers and doors as possible, should pop during the main quest if you open everything.
  • One of the best locations in the game to get this is Nipton, which has around 8 locks to pick, most of which are Very Easy or Easy. The 13th Floor in The Tops has around 5 Average skill locked doors you can pick.
  • You get this through natural progression anyways so its not like its a completely missable achievement. Keep your lockpicking high and when you come across a lock door, Save and have a go at it until it unlocks.
  • Good place is the thirteenth floor of the Gomorrah. I didn't count, but there has to be at least ten Average locks in that place. None are red, so karma is more than likely not an issue, and almost no one passes by that place (they probably don't care, anyway).
  • this was all a lot of help will post what i did after i get it done.

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