Stim-ply Amazing Achievement

  • Stim-ply Amazing



    Heal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpaks.

    A much more reasonable achievement than the above Desert Survivalist, this is achieved either over time or in a fashion to the above given method. Visit a doctor to buy your stimpaks and wait when needed. A decent Medicine level and cash pile is suggested, and having Arcade as a companion can help speed this up. You can earn an infinite amount of Stimpaks if you follow the glitch mentioned in the "That Lucky Old Sun" level-glitch. See that achievement for more information.

  • I know that it's cheating, but there's always the option of exploiting the "That Lucky Old Sun" mission end glitch to get infinate stimpacks, and then do what the guy in the "heal via food" achievement said of drowning yourself down to a sliver and then boosting it back up. Otherwise be prepared for the long haul because this took me around 35 hours of just normal gameplay with a decent (70) medicine skill most of that time.
  • After finnishing the game if you still dont have the achievement you should just do as followed: 1. stack around 100 to 200 stimpack's 2. set em on hotkey 3. go drown in a lake and spam the button 4. ???? 5. Achievement
  • This ones easy, but time consuming. Buy a whole mess of Stimpaks, hurt youself, then heal with Stimpaks. A good way of lowering your health is to use a missile launcher at a wall your facing, this can cost a lot of caps but you can predict how much damage will be done with each firing. This is a good one to do tied with the Desert Survivalist Achievement. Make a Save after you have bought a whole load of food and Stimpaks, use your prefered method for hurting yourself, then use Stimpaks to heal yourself. Rince and repeat. Then, when the achievement pops, reload the save and then use Food (not Drink) instead.
  • #2 "Hey! Whats Phase 4!?" *Shrugs Shoulders* To be honest Ive already done the last mission and reloaded before it so I'm gonna go around pick up waht I've missed and get it like that. Already 'glitched' it for 10'000 Caps and Level 30 :s
  • *Easiest Way* Each stimpack, for me, heals 60 health. I need 10,000 damage to myself. 10,000/60 = 167 stimpacks needed. Buy 167 stimpacks, assign them to a D-Pad hotkey. Drown yourself. Whilst underwater and your health goes down, heal yourself. Rinse (no pun intended) and repeat ;)
  • love the achievement picture =D
  • I had 100 medicane and a couple perks that helped how much healing i recieved. I cant remember how much i was getting healed with each one but i went to cannibal jacks cave and kept walking into a bear trap then rearming the trap. Doing it this way for me took less than ten minutes,
  • one way in which i'm not sure it'll work but probably will is stack up on loads of stims then go fight a cazador or radscorpian let them poison you and heal yourself from the poisoning (heal yourself to much you will no longer be poisoned)
  • I had a Medicine skill of 95. And for one stimpak used I got 87 health back. Took me around 90 stimpaks to get this achievement. And since I mostly used food to heal myself when doing quests or roaming around the Mojave, I was able to stockpile over 220 stimpacks when reached level 30.
  • I got this in Dead Money on my level 34, so it took me a while (i had 100 Medicine).
  • To get your 100-200 stimpacks, go to the New Vegas Medical Clinic, buy out the stock, wait 48-72 hours, rinse and repeat. Then after you have whatever amount that you need, go find a lake and drown yourself, while keeping your stimpacks on a D-pad option to save time. This will save quite a bit of time.
  • theres a perk that increases the amount of health a stimpak heals by 10%
  • I found the New Vegas Medical Clinic and Jamestown to be good sources of stimpacks to purchase. I just got a bunch of them and went to The Fort. Just trying to kill the Praetorian guards that are in Caesar's tent made this achievement easy.
  • the easiest way to do this achiv. is when you go to mr. house - beacuse now you should be rich ;) - kill all robots, and leave just one, then strip off your clothes and make him shoot at you. 5 minutes and you have it. it make more time with food. beacuse he shoot at you, then you hide and again.
  • Got 8765 damage healed with stimpack but cant actually find any more stimpacks. Any suggestions
  • You could get it the easy way but chances are you can get this just through natural story progression.
  • If you still haven't got it, old world blues makes it really to make heaps of stimpaks, also helps if you have Arcade as a follower because he makes them heal more points.
  • The Sink in Old World Blues is useful, since you can get Empty Syringes from Muggy in exchange for mugs, and use the plant cloning machine to create Broc Flower and Xander Root. You can find mugs anywhere, though the bar where you first meet Cass has a decent number behind the counter, as for the raw materials to create the Broc Flower and Xander Root, you can steal crops from the NCR Sharecropper Farms just south of the Gun Runners; there usually aren't any NPCs in the actual Greenhouses, so they won't turn hostile toward you, you'll just suffer a little Karma loss for stealing; convert those into Soilent Green, and then use that to create the Cloned Broc Flower and Xander Root.

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