New Vegas Samurai Achievement

  • New Vegas Samurai



    Cause 10,000 damage with Melee Weapons.

    Though this damage type is not particularly complicated, the Strength it requires allows it to have a nice synergy with most of the other damage types. Just remember that melee damage is not the same thing as unarmed damage; melee weapons are considered any weapon that you "swing." So to make it clear, you must inflict the damage with a weapon that you swing (like a sledgehammer or sword), not your bare fists or a Fist/glove weapon.

  • I love the nod to Six String Samurai in this achievement tile.
  • As do I. I'm glad that they used him for the picture as well. Makes me proud to be a nerd.
  • Same.
  • Dumb question but melee usually means physical damage, so I'm curious does that mean unarmed will count towards this total or is it strictly melee weapons? Just wondering >_>
  • Nevermind...I totally didn't see the 10,000 unarmed cheeb. My bad...
  • What are some good melee weapons? (sorry, generally I only use guns and grenades, so I wouldn't know what the best ones are)
  • Can you get this achievement from constantly whacking a person that would just fall unconscious and get back up again? That would make the achievement far easier.
  • Can you use the Mysterious Stranger's guitar as a melee weapon?
  • I use the chainsaw.
  • if u get the oh baby (look on youtube) your all set
  • and rex in the game never dies so if I beat on him for a copl of hours will i get the achievement
  • To get this I started at the beginning of The Strip and just hacked my way through casinos. Obviously you'll want to create a different save if you won't be doing it in one sitting. This especially if you don't want all the bad karma you'll get. I took the Thermic Lance. The robots went down easy and all humans even easier. I also had the "Liberator" which did well on humans and so-so on robots. Keep in mind that I was level 35 and was wearing BoS armor (normal difficulty). It's made easier with a good supply of stimpaks.
  • The super-sledge is is good .. I steal the one in the Bos place its in the rooms next to the place were the Elder is
  • This achievement was fun ;)
  • I have to agree with you Paulos.
  • you can just keep hitting your companion ?
  • surprisingly enjoying this acheivement. i got my melee up to 100 and you can do some funny moves in VATS. with the REBAR CLUB you do a 360 whack, which is always fun to watch. And with the baseball bat u do a really cool grand slam shot which looks amazing.
  • i cant get this ach
  • anyone know of like a hint/glitch or something to get this done faster bc i have 12 unarmed bc i NEVER go unarmed so can i like just keep on unching my copanions or what is there someway to amke this achvmetn easier if not im just gonna say ta hell with it
  • throwing spears at helpless ghouls is a shitload of fun
  • This is real easy with the Proton Axe from old world blues, real good for destroying machines and guys in power armor
  • I keep reading what weapons your all using but can you also list where you are getting them from?
  • Should I do this at the beginning of the game or something? Based on my experience from FO3, some of the mobs have stronger versions of themselves (ghoul roamers vs. ghoul reavers, etc.)
  • O
  • Sorry about the o but of course you cant keep hitting the companions, otherwise what a pointless achievement. I use the ripper its a great melee weapon
  • Im using the fire axe right now. Like others, I am not a huge fan of melee and I prefer guns and explosives.
  • Made my way round the strip with a Ripper, working through the casinos. Not to hard really, just avoided the Securitrons, as the rockets chewed me up before I got to them. Did it in under 1 hour from scratch.
  • I used the Katana from the Gun Runners DLC, it was awesome, probably would never even tried it if it was for this achievement though.
  • @28 I was thinking about using that but I always forgot the price that I should save for it. What is the approximate price?
  • I got this one in Dead Money, because I never had any ammo. I deffinately suggest that.
  • I got this using the Thermic Lance which i found on a dead legionary Assassin but i think you can buy one of Blake in Crimson Caravan. Using the Rebar Club is also good, those can be found on Nightkins. The Thermic Lance is just an absolute beast as it just tears through everything and it's pretty durable as well.
  • I personally prefer the super ledge and playing wak a mole at the gourmand in the ultra lux.
  • I know i'm a bit late to the conversation but i got this and the unarmed achievement in the thorn arena in Westside. Used a fireaxe against 3 nightstalkers repeatedly, Its also a great way to get the Stimpak achievement as you get 200 caps every time you kill 3 nightstalkers which will provide for the cost of them if you have a low barter like myself ;)

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