Hack the Mojave Achievement

  • Hack the Mojave



    Hack 25 terminals.

    When a terminal is locked, you must play a puzzle to unlock it (if you have the prerequisite science level). The puzzle works by you getting four guesses to choose the password from the given words. If you guess wrong, the terminal will tell you how many letters you got correct (but not where). Unless you are absolutely sure, always back out of the terminal instead of making a fourth guess to avoid getting locked out. You can try again on the terminal and will just have to wait through about 5 seconds of typing before starting over. As mentioned before, this can be done in conjunction with "No Tumbler Fumbler" by hacking the terminal next to a locked door but then picking the lock. Should you fail a little too often, the Computer Whiz (Int 7, Science 70) perk will let you try again a few more times.

  • glad to see they realized that 50 terminals was a load of bullshit(FO3- Data Miner)
  • I haven't Even found that many and Ive beaten the game 4 times
  • There are many terminals in REPCONN Headquarters, around 8. Allso 2 in Camp Golf. Dont miss them :) Allso helps to get Science 100 as soon as possible.
  • allso Vault 11. That has a few terminals.
  • There is enough terminals to do this, but they are so rare you have to do a lot of leg work to find them. This is a brief list and some require Science 100 to hack. Just remember to never pick up a computer password because as soon as you do, the terminal can no longer be hacked. Good places to look are REPCON HQ (I count 6 magshen, I may be wrong), Camp Golf (2), Searchlight (7, you need two special keys to access 2 of them), H&H Tools (1), Hidden Valley (4, need to have access into the bunker), Sunset Sasparilla HQ (3), Camp McCarren (2), Vault 3 (4), Weather Monitoring Station (2, At The Fort).
  • thanks as I have a 84 hr playthrough and lack just a few and a new play of 11 hrs that needs way too many, lol I am lacking this and caravan to be 1000
  • I did not get this achievement if anyone knows how hakear terminals comentai oh please!
  • there's definitely plenty of terminals to get this one just keep an eye out for active terminals & assuming you have the necessary science to hack em, this one's cake. another tip to make it easier: if you scroll through the random characters scattered between the words, usually a combination of one of these four; ( < { [, until a series of them highlights (something like this but highlighted & not necessarily that specifically) you can either get your attempts reset or remove dud words. the most i've been able to highlight on one terminal is 5, being 4 dud removals & 1 try replenish so you might wana try til you have 1 attempt left just incase you get the replenish thing. makes hacking loads easier but is a little time consuming & tedious. this trick also works on Fallout 3.
  • okay my example got mistaken for HTML so here's another example. [!..:_^]. again, it may not look specifically like that but it will always end with the same character it began with. also, you don't necessarily have to get it from the beginning, the ending also highlights the entire section. my suggestion for quicker results is scanning left to right then to the below line & right to left. fyi this works on every difficulty rated terminal from very easy to very hard.
  • http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Hack#Fallout:_New_Vegas_Terminals
  • DeadMoney DLC has alot of terminals hackable.
  • Has anyone got any decent science character builds,
  • I swear I've done more than this and no achievement. I wish there was a way to keep track.
  • Anyone know of a list of all 50 terminals?
  • the game keeps track of cpu hacks in the pip boy menu. STATS menu > scroll to General and hit (X) to view general stats. lots of achv related stats in there.
  • Theres one in the Thorn, red lucys chambers (very easy).
  • http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Hack_the_Mojave list of all hacks here :)
  • last achievement i had to get i got them all now :)
  • Don't forget to look for the bonuses with the brackets/parentheses: {...} Replenishes attempts (...) Removes a dud answer ??? Something advantageous I don't remember what each does exactly, but the message is clear. Utilize your on-screen bonuses to your advantage. Plus, a Science of 100 makes it tons easier. Just have to find terminals. Good luck.
  • This is one of the last ones i need to get. I need 10 more i think, but i figured since tomorrow's new dlc, Old World Blues, is like a giant research lab, then we'll get plenty of terminals to hack there
  • So far playing old world blues I have only found one hackable terminal. I'm maybe a quarter of the way through. Im hoping there are more though.
  • This one was irritating - it was hard to find a working terminal. I simply gave up and forgot about it, it wasn't until I went out of my way digging through every vault that I could find to get it.
  • Does hacking terminals in Old world blues count for this?
  • @ #19 that isn't true. each < >, [ ], { }, and ( ) does not have a set code. any of them will either give you a dud removal or replenish the attempts one time
  • didn't get this one until the DLC was added on
  • This achievement is obviously a reference to the 90's film "Hackers".
  • How so? The desert in the game is the Mojave, if you're hacking for an achievement, why not call it hack the Mojave? Where exactly does the movie "hackers" fit in anywhere?
  • ive noticed plenty in dead money, i havent purchased any other dlc yet
  • There's one in Ncr embassy, very easy to hack
  • dont forget the easy one in goodsprings in the saloon.
  • I hate this stupid game! It's such a letdown from FO3. I was looking forward to this so much, but its just a big, glitchy mess. A year later and nothing is still patched! It's still freezing and crashing like crazy!
  • I cant believe I dont have this one yet. As much time as Ive spent on this damn game.
  • Ugggh not looking forward to this. Data Miner was a pain to get once,let alone twice. But this is 25 which is half of 50. My guess. Level up the Science skill as soon as possible. Save before every hack,after each success save,after each failure load the game. ALso look up Wiki for New Vegas. For a free guide of every location of everything.
  • Ok this is my last achivement til' 1000 gs. I need 12 more to hack. Gonna be tough with NCR hating me and now Casers legion cause i was doin my evil playthrough and needed to get to lvl 20 for the explorerr perk so i sided with Legion first then Yes Man for the giant XP. Damn. I hate this achivement so much. I wrote down a bunch of the ones you guys posted,wish me luck.
  • i dont know how many times ive beaten this game and all the dlcs and i still dont have this
  • Lonesome road & Sierra madrae have plenty of terminals in them, only hack 3 terminals before do those dlc's but haven't finished this achievement/dlc's yet.

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