Artful Pocketer Achievement

  • Artful Pocketer



    Pick 50 pockets.

    For this achievement you must pick pocket 50 items. You can pick pocket by crouching down and then tapping when hidden from the target. To maximize results, do it at night (if outside) with a high stealth level, low / no armor, and a stealth boy active if desired.

    The best place to farm this achievement is within the Vault 21 reception area. The receptionist will have the item; "Bubblegum" on her person. If you pickpocket this item from her, the item will never go away, so you can continuously steal this from her. Having a high Stealth skill, using a StealthBoy makes this achievement go by much faster.

  • do these have to be successful undetected pickpockets?
  • What do you think, of course they have to be.
  • Suggestion, Wear Agility Bonus Apparel and Pickpocket sleeping soldiers at Camp Forlong Hope
  • A good way to do this is to have 2-4 stealth boys (depending whether you bring Lily as an companion or not.(recommended for the perk))Go to Vault 21 in the Strip and pickpocket Sarah. Just keep stealing bubblegum of her and it'll immediately re-spawn (dunno why bubblegum would re-spawn, but who cares!) save after you've taken 2-4(Entirely up to u) and reload if she catches you, much better than zoning in and out of the building.
  • Another good way to get this is change your difficulty to Hardcore and go to the top of the T-Rex in Novac. Just steal 1 bullet at a time from Manny Vargas until you get the 50 you need! Stealthboys would be helpful here. But there is a door there so you can autosave easily.
  • some recon armor will upgrade your sneak +4. i found mine at the crimson caravan company.
  • One of the best ways I've found is to go to Vault 3; you need NOT to kill the enemies in there. Go to the dorms (rely on your sneak skill or use a few stealth boys), cause there are plenty of enemies to pickpocket and as long as you don't attack the achievement is easy to get
  • Manny Vargas + Hardcore, Stealing 1bullet at time - Is best way i found. Saving every 3-4 bullets :) thanks for that tip Voytex
  • Praise to the Stealth Boy...makes this so much easier.
  • pftt stealth boys, you all sound like nightkin lol :P
  • Why does the difficulty have to be set to hardcore when stealing from Manny?
  • Wait, just found out :D
  • chinese stealh armor found in hoover dam helps
  • Everyone in vault 21 seems to have item respawns, or at least their food and drinks do. Tried a handful of times to check and it seems so. Maybe this is due to the update, idk but it counted towards my pickpocketing, untill I got caught.....had 49 and everyone just got mad...... -____- I guess they love their drinks.
  • Thanks hopefully this is going to help!
  • whos pockets do i have to pick in order to blow up the brother hood o steel? agged out with this!
  • I suck at pick pocketing and stealth 100 :(
  • Done from start to finish using hardcore manny method in between these two comments with only 4 before I started Manny hardcore good method i saved every 2 though :)
  • that stupid bitch sarah keeps on catching me. a bullet in between the eyes always teaches them a lesson or two.
  • I started this achievement after all the DLC's and even with the assassin suit and 100 sneak I keep getting bloody caught!!!! I'm only on 6 picked pockets and this is my last acheivement to get it's pissing the hell out of me!!!
  • I'm in the same boat as Nicmeister. I tried the Manny Vargas hardcore technique with 100 sneak and a Stealth Boy and i can't lift a single thing.
  • Another easy place to do this is the Ultra Luxe, most gamblers have 2-3 items on them. Just use a StealthBoy, pick one item, back out, pick another item, back out, etc. Took me less than 10 minutes to go from 11 to 50. Just remember to save every so often.
  • Actually everyone, there's a way easier way to get this achievement. There's a guy on the strip called Walter Phebus, He's outside the Ultra-Luxe with his wife, Ethel. I had about 27 pockets picked before I stumbled on this little gem, he's got a Brahmin Steak and Whiskey on him, but when you pickpocket him, they don't go away. I'm thinking that it may be because they don't way anything (playing the game on regular, already beat it on hardcore:P) the great thing about this is, you can pickpocket him over and over again! the best part is, you never ACTUALLY take anything, so you don't have to drop or sell a bunch of worthless whiskey! Hope this helps, I know I would've liked to know about this beforehand!
  • weigh* lol
  • Did as sareen said. Got behind this guy, put on a stealthboy (I have a 30 sneak), saved, picked the brahmin steak 2 times and saved. wash, rinse, repeat, reload when caught. took about 15 minutes.
  • Great information guys. It helped me bunches
  • The fail rate is incredible, and most of these guys overreact a little too much. Sarah: You can't take that! *takes back* NCR Ranger: *points gun*
  • The robots always kill me when I pickpocket Sarah
  • I had a 100 sneak and stealth boy but still found it hard to pickpocket without getting detected. Tried it with Sarah but failed. Went to Walter Phebus and sneaked up on him from behind with a stealth boy and that worked. Had to save every 3-4 times though. If he moves his head more than usual, he's on to you so back up, wait a few seconds and then approach him again.
  • #23 spot on, used 1 stealth boy and got all 50, saved every 3-4 picks
  • #23 has it right. Thank You! stealth boy, saving every 3-4 picks, AND going back and forth on the item i take each time. I only had to reload a few times. if he catches you, (after reloading) give it a second before you pick his pockets. The pause seemed to reset whatever limit he had before catching me.
  • @#3 thanks
  • Why on earth would it have to be hardcore for manny?
  • To anyone having trouble with stealing Bubblegums from Sarah, make sure that you're ALWAYS right behind her. She'll do a little bit of walking around but as long as you stay on her back she'll never notice.
  • EDIT: Well she caught me on my 48th pickpocket. So scratch that "she'll never notice" comment, lol. Just save every 4 or 5 and there's no worries. ^^;
  • This saved my arse big time. THANK CHUS ALL.~
  • @33 Because when you play on normal, you will loot every single bullet at once. When playing Hardcore, you take 1 bullet at a time I'm guessing.
  • I tried pickpocketing items that have 0 weight(keys for example) and it still says I have pickpocketed 0 items in my general stats. I'm guessing you have to steal items with atleast 0.0001 weight? lol. and le hardcore bullets have little weight. So stealing 1 bullet at a time must work. :D
  • i found an easy way to get it look for boxcar in the nipton general store hes crippeld so he cant run after you so pick pocket him if you fail just reload your save or just leave the building and return he will act like nothing happen and you can do it again and again
  • sorry but it turns out this way dosent count toword this achivement sorry for the waist of time
  • best is manny fargas, just make sure you do it at night like around 7/8 PM when it's dark. found out that works like a charm. i put away my clothes and didn't have a stealthboy on at all, (do have 100 sneak)
  • Thanks the Vault 21 at the Strip worked great for me.

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